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DSL TC Showcases / Re: superbot's bots
« Last post by superbot13 on Today at 04:33:50 PM »
Hey, isn't that Geese's robot?
No he steals all of my bots
DSL TC Showcases / Re: superbot's bots
« Last post by botbuster on Today at 03:04:09 PM »
Hey, isn't that Geese's robot?
DSL TC Showcases / Re: superbot's bots
« Last post by superbot13 on Today at 02:53:16 PM »
I am back
Active Tournaments / Annihilation Nation 2 - Signups Phase (28/64)
« Last post by doot on Today at 01:27:09 PM »
Couple more 'bots have arrived!

Entry ready to go: RedAce (Second Entry)
Entry Accepted: Probably Rob (First Entry)

And as of now (or at least as of 1 hour ago), all builders can now send in their third entries! This will be the cap for all builders, so enter the 'bots you're most interested in competing with! ^_^
DSL TC Showcases / Re: 8bean's DSL Showcase!
« Last post by 8bean on Today at 01:04:56 PM »

my entries into Triple Threat. Upgrades include:
Purple Nurple M2.5 was edited to use the beltless perm instead of the tmwr2 it used to have. should probably bfe the triangles on the sides too
Purple Nurple C was intended to be a totally new bot but I didn't have very much time today so I just used the V5 chassis and downgraded the internals and disc size
The 23rd September Build is up!

Here is a "short" list of added stuff, for the full changelog list from previous Bleeding Edge builds, join the discord group:
- UI has been revamped.
- Botlab look has been overhauled
- Turntable has been added! now you can do a full 360 of your bot and gif it
- Test Arena has been revamped. OOTA zones are added
- Pneumatics have been added, ranging from pistons themselves (with a rather nice variety), to Gas tanks and Buffer tanks, as shown few posts up
- Gas usage has been implemented.
- Fixed an issue where the spinner would grind the floor instead of properly hitting it
- Servo has been overhauled
- Thermals have been overhauled
- The dreaded resolution issue has been fixed
- FPS lock has been added, based on your monitor's refresh rates
- MANY more additions and performance improvements


If you are struggling to get your motor electronics working, please head on over to Discord.  We have an active community there with a channel dedicated to #rr2-support:

This build is now "physics complete".  You should be able to model most combat robots you see in real life in the game: bar spinners, drum spinners, pneumatic flippers, servo-driven lifters and grabbers, wedges, and rambots. 
NOTE - The game doesn't support things like tank treads, omnidirectional wheels, or 4-bar linkages.  We might consider adding them later, but our priority is to finish the game first.  You can simulate many of these motions by combining existing mechanisms in the game.
Damage System - The damage system is disabled.  Damage and component breakage will be the focus of the next stable build.
AI - Still mostly broken.  For the most part all the AI does is turn on its weapon at the beginning of the match and keep driving at the nearest opponent.  Once the new damage system has been straightened out we will redesign AI around the new approach to damage.
Once the game is mature enough we will be replacing all of the house robots with ones built in the robot workshop.  Any bugs that exist in the current robots will be completely replaced by entirely new bugs at that time.
Active Tournaments / Re: Orc's Wars Series 5
« Last post by Koi_YTP on Yesterday at 01:24:18 PM »
You havent updated in forever
Orc has a life outside of OW, you know that, right?
That's news to me.
Active Tournaments / Re: Double or Nothing - Signups
« Last post by [cringey name goes here] on Yesterday at 01:13:26 PM »
3 spots yet
Active Tournaments / Annihilation Nation 2 - Signups Phase (26/64)
« Last post by doot on Yesterday at 12:52:35 PM »
A few new 'bots have come into the tournament!

Entries Accepted: F1Krazy (First and Second Entries) and Probably Rob (Second Entry)
Entry Rejected: Probably Rob (First Entry, Uses beaters on a non-spinner and is too lightweight)

Up to 26 'bots now! Only 23-ish hours remain until third entries can be sent forth!
Active Tournaments / Triple Threat - Signups (5/16)
« Last post by KDestroyer9 on Yesterday at 12:37:47 AM »

A new face on the tournament scene emerges...

Basic Rules:
16 players
Double Elimination
Rw2016 Arena

How it works:
Each player sends in three bots, one MW, one CW, and one HW.
For each match, it will be MW vs MW, CW vs CW, or HW vs HW. However, whichever one of those three it is is random.

Building Rules:

1. Nicky - Team Taco Hell (Snowflake, Mini Rage 2, and Carbon)
2. Nabi - TBD (TBD, Kirin 2020, and Burnout 66) Need team name, MW, and AI for MW and Kirin.
3. Botbuster - Team Botbusters (Bullbot, Cowbot, and Bullbot HW) Need AI for Bullbot and Cowbot.
4. 8bean - Team Mean Bean Machine (Purple Nurple M2.5, Purple Nurple C, and Purple Nurple v5.5)
5. DylanTRM - Team TRM (Grey Bot Testing, Spongebob Steelpants, and Bloodshot) Need AI for all three bots.

Accepted and AI'd... wait

Note: If you're wondering why I'm doing sign-ups before I've had a discussion, I've already done that on the discord server.
Edit: I've decided to allow modifications until sign-ups close.
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