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A brand new RA2 server for everyone has launched in an attempt to bridge robot communities!
If you've yet to check it out, Robot Rumble 2.0 is in development, with a Alpha Gamplay video being released!
Follow them on facebook or here on gametechmods to give feedback and receive updates:
Gametechmods Development Thread
Official Facebook Page

* Bot of the Month

Congratulations to NickyDustyOwl and Superbomb122! To check out the full poll results, take a look at the results threads.

* Tournaments

Deathmatch 5 - SBV by F1Krazy
[Today at 06:51:11 AM]

boomer brawl 3 by Squirrel_Monkey
[Today at 04:38:36 AM]

Orc's Wars Series 4 by TheOrcCorp
[Yesterday at 03:18:13 PM]

2020 Tournament Season by Nightraven Shade
[January 26, 2020, 06:02:01 PM]

Wheely Tag Tournament III - Sign-Ups by Squirrel_Monkey
[January 26, 2020, 02:25:57 AM]