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New bleeding edge: SEPTEMBER15
IMPORTANT: Linux builds are now available! It is very WIP and may not work!

[Added] Added native Linux support (still needs some more testing)
[Added] Arm damager slider! disables or multiplies the damage done by hammers/flippers/arms
[Added] Trampa VESC 100/250
[Added] CAT X3330
[Added] CAT X1020
[Added] Trampa 60/120 (by Liam)
[Added] CAT 30100 (by Liam)
[Added] VEX BB (by Liam)
[Added] Green Brocc 200a (by Liam)
[Change] Adjusted friction values on many materials to be more realistic
[Bugfix] Fixed telemetry applying gear ratio twice to the torque value
[Bugfix] Fixed telemetry displaying half the actual bite depth
[Bugfix] Disabled CCD on some stock shapes
[Removed] Deleted some old damage code causing groups/wheels to break off at random
[Disabled] Disabled the wheel torque limiter since it is causing some issues and inconsistancies and is not really needed anymore (might cause some robots to bounce/float again maybe?)
Link to the builds:

It has been awhile, thanks for the patience, have fun with the new build!

Active Tournaments / Re: Robot Psycho
« on: August 14, 2022, 02:59:16 PM »
Is it tomorrow yet?

Tournament Archives / Re: Turf (SBV)
« on: August 10, 2022, 09:20:03 PM »
That fun to watch.  Good luck with the next tourney whenever that happens.

Robot Rumble 2.0 / Re: ESC's and Batteries won't attach.
« on: August 08, 2022, 05:00:14 PM »
If I had a guess, you're suffering from weld issues.  If you make internal framing that collides with the ESCs/Batteries, it should attach them.

Tournament Archives / Re: Turf (Discussion)
« on: June 16, 2022, 06:33:18 PM »
I am slightly confused.  Does one entry equal a full crew (so 16 crews?), or does one entry equal one member of a crew?
I'd also like to ask how many robots are in a crew.

Otherwise, I like the idea.

DSL TC Showcases / Re: Don_Cheto Does DSL
« on: June 13, 2022, 05:11:52 PM »
Neat.  Does the robot not have a bottom plate by default or was this screenshot taken without it?

Otherwise, a pretty good robot.

DSL TC Showcases / Re: TheRoboteer's Hit or Miss DSL Showcase
« on: May 25, 2022, 04:42:49 PM »
I always love front wheeled 2WD driven robots.  The tube-y chassis is also a great thing.

New bleeding edge: MAY21

[Added] Power output of a motor in telemetry
[Added] Added a static collider on spinners to reduce the distance that they can clip, substantially reducing clipping of spinners
[Added] Added some peculiar logic to Pause Function...
[Added] Robot unsticker! Hit "home" during a fight to reposition all bots back to their spawn location
[Added] Enabled rigidbody interpolation for slightly better motion blur (and something else)
[Added] Added the Slam Cam! a small camera that you can put on your robot, find it under "extra misc"
[Added] Added "totalStrucTuralIntegrity" to display the total weld integrity of a part in the editor
[Change] Tweaked some things in spinner collisions
[Change] Retuned damage output again. The "Anti clip" spinner collider seemed to limit damage output a fair bit
[Change] Added some logic to slightly reduce spinner spasticness
[Change] Changed 0.8,0.8,0.8 grey (slot 2) to 0.7,0.7,0.7 grey which matches many ingame parts
[Change] Made some "things" available  (From what it looks like, some sponsorship stickers and the ability to press F1 and F2 to enable slow-mo)
[Bugfix] Fixed some small issues in motorscript
[Bugfix] Fixed some small issues with telemetry
[Bugfix] Speeds no longer get messed up when one of the motors of a multimotor break
[Bugfix] Fixed some issues with the robot unsticker not working in a compiled build
[Bugfix] Fixed test mode not working
[Bugfix] Fixed Impulse Hazard being super weak
[Bugfix] Made Slam Cam not "Dev-only"
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug where the mesh combiner would fail and create massive lag
[Removed] CDC option, it caused more problems then it fixed

How 2 use the Slam Cam
Put it on a bot
Enter an arena fight
The Slam Cam will be activated by any of the unused arena cam slots (so if you have an arena with 6 cams, you CANNOT activate the Cam)


New bleeding edge: MAY16

[Added] Models of camera
[Added] Added "Test" matchtype that enables telemetry mid fight note:  this only works if you change the camera for some reason
[Added] Option for an "infinite time" match, the timer will count up instead of down
[Added] Dark chain!
[Change] Slightly rebalanced spinner damage output
[Change] Added a thing to improve reach verts
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug that caused single part hinged groups to not collide with the floor
[Bugfix] Fixed US style pneumatic system
[Bugfix] Fixed ESC current limit being WACK in 20 different ways
[Bugfix] Quad A28-400 is now centered.
[Bugfix] Arena hazard impulse script now fires more then once
[Bugfix] Fixed heating on LEM 170 and LEM200
[Bugfix] Fixed an issue where electrical components could not be directly disabled by spinners

[Additional] Game has a logfile system, when the game has a bug or something like that it records it in the log file. Please send that when telling about bugs



Likely in their builder's Recycle Bins.

Showcases / Re: Gulden's RR2 Showcase
« on: May 04, 2022, 01:15:33 PM »
Ah, I can finally post on the showcase again.
I will now use it to post another AI pack, this time suitable for the weld builds.

The theme here is all these robots are awful, and if you lose to them I hereby give you the right to call yourself "bad at the game."
If you or a loved one are having trouble defeating these robots, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Tournament Archives / Re: High Rollers (Signups Closed)
« on: May 01, 2022, 08:55:14 PM »
No problem here.  Flunking is stereotypically worse than a slow upload schedule.

I come from the future with a new build (It's still April 20th here)
New bleeding edge: APRIL 21
Fixed some ennoying issues in regards to ghost collisions and sniping. And some additional ease of life changes!
Enjoy and let me know what you think and report bugs!

Added logging:
I am not completely sure how this works yet, but the game should now generate a log file with all console entries!
This will be very nice for debugging stuff, especially on Mac!
For bug reports ill now often ask for this file!

The logfiles should be created in the following locations:
(idk why the name is different, I can maybe fix that later)

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Nerd Island Studios LLC\Robot Rumble 2.0\Player.log

~/Library/Logs/Nerd Island Studios LLC/Robot Rumble 2.0/Player.log

[Added] Added code to spinner collision scripts to much better filter "fake" collisions, this massivly improves sniping and ghost collisions!
[Added] Added code to hammer/arm collision scripts to much better filter "fake" collisions, this massivly improves sniping and ghost collisions!
[Change] Disabled "shock damage" since it didnt really make sense and was more ennoying then it was interesting
[Change] Enabled "sweeping" spinners again, spinners will now damage more then one component per collision
[Change] Tweaked spinner damage output to a more reasonable damage output
[Change] Modified some logic to somewhat improve bite on wedgeless verts
[Change] Reworked weld to break the root component off by its health when all welds to it are broken, now you dont need at least two components to prevent things from falling off! (was honestly super ennoying and dumb)
[Change] Enabled player logs (still testing how this works)
[Change] Upped "non weld" connection strength x3 (atm it doesnt make any sense but at least it will make wheels a little less garbage)
[Bugfix] Fixed an error when Combine meshes only had a single mesh to combine
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug that caused hammers/arms to almost never do damage
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug where chains/belts would collide with the simplified group meshes
[Bugfix] Fixed a broken camera reference in bot selection
[BugFix] Fixed and issue where IMPORANT physics numbers would be changed at random, causing differences between botlab and arena fights
[revert] rubber is now correct strength again

IMPORTANT: I tuned to 100% damage again!!


Downloading via mac is complicated, so I'll probably only quote this once.
1. Open terminal
2. Run each of these commands in order
3. Tell terminal to go to your downloads folder where you downloaded the game to cd Downloads
4. Make the game executable chmod +x " Rumble 2.0"
5.  Remove the quarantine flag that stops the game from running xattr -r -d
6. Close terminal and launch the game! :D

Skipped to April 14th, but will include the patch notes of April 13th as well.
New bleeding edge: APRIL 13
Allot of performance upgrades in this, let me know what improvements you see, enjoy!

Potential issues:
Spinners very "snipey"? doing damage to things they dont really hit?

[Bugfix] Motors will now not randomly spark when not overvolted
[Bugfix] Spinners are now allot less spastic
[Bugfix] Fixed motor "phantom noise" that continued playing after a match was restarted
[Change] Changed spinner damage output: spinners will now do "less" damage to "allot more" things, this likely has some funny effects but we will see (bewerkt)
[Change] Optimised Immobile script for better performance
[Change] Optimised Temperature script for (significantly) better performance
[Change] Optimised Editor COM marker script for better performance
[Change] Disabled component data stream to AIController for a SIGNIFICANT performance increase of all AI scripts
[Change] Added logic to remove all "reverse" meshes and renderers when not in the botlab for a SIGNIFICANT performance increase, especially on high part count robots during fights
[Change] Enabled spinners damaging themselves on static objects
[Change] Rebalanced gyro, drums should now gyro less bad
[Change] Buffed Rubber strength (doesnt really work)
[Change] Upped PSI limit to 2000

New bleeding edge: APRIL 14
Mostly a hotfix for April 13

[Revert] Re-enabled the spinner collision stop timer (so only one component takes damage on a spinner hit)
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug where unwired motors create lag

Nope.  You can try asking the host themselves, but seeing as that tournament was hosted several years ago, I doubt they still have it.

DSL TC Showcases / Re: Badger's Bots (DSL Showcase)
« on: March 21, 2022, 10:43:35 PM »
Pretty good, although I'm not sold on the skin being on the weapon tooth.

We never did get that Mac version.

New Bleeding edge: MAR5
(Pretty much a FEB24 hotfix)

[Change] modified higher rpm spinner hums, as well as some updated sounds (to make them less annoying)
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug where the chassis would be set to 0kg when a wheel is taken off (chassis spazzing outa here)
[Bugfix] Fixed broken off parts getting flipped in the botlab instead of the bot itself

Known issues:
Highlighting of weld is still not working correctly
Chassis parts stay transparant (this is a bug because of Cloud build being broken, the issue occurs because of me doing a local build)



Edit 3/9:  Mac is finally here.

DSL TC Showcases / Re: 090901's DSL showcase.
« on: March 01, 2022, 09:45:33 PM »
Good to see John the Robbut is still kicking.  I miss the Emergency wedges though.
My favorite is either the cluster or the bullbot.  Leaning towards the bullbot because Hitler still hurts me on the inside.

So, I've never entered a tournament before. How exactly do I sign up with my robot?
Throw your robot in the host's DMs.

New bleeding edge: FEB24

Hinged groups (arms, spinners, hammers, flippers) can now be broken off with weld damage.
When there is only one part attached to these hinged groups (= invincible root component) they will be broken off!
Belts and chains now respond to the weld system, when they fall off, add a static axle through the pullies!
We noticed gearboxes often dont show up unwelded and dont fall off, while their wheels/spinners randomly fall off: the gearbox is unwelded and needs to be attached to static frame!
There were A TON of bugs fixed creating this, there might be some more left, yet to be discovered...

Procedurally generated spinner hums are still very WIP, especially at higher frequencies they need some work, let us know what you think and how they could be improved!

The weld highlighting system is still not working correctly, sorry for the inconvenience!

We also went through a big project migration, there might be some unforeseen problems, but as far as we know it all works!

[Added] Tetrahedron, half cylinder, sixth cylinder. Attaching the parts is kinda broken atm, USE THESE AT OWN RISK they are WIP
[Added] Superheavyweight weight class
[Added] Spinner hums! still pretty WIP but getting interesting
[Added] Hardox textured variant, rn its paintable where it shouldnt be
[Added] The mighty TriCAT, as inspired by Pardon My French and Madcatter
[Added] Dual TP100 (Say goodbye to those filthy brushes)
[Added] Added motors locking when the maximum rpm/voltage is exceeded for more than 10 seconds: the motor will start to spark, then lock up and short, generally overheating the motor in the process! VOLTAGE LIMITS MATTER NOW!!!
[Added] Belts and chain collisions! (they now need to be "welded" with a static axle through them) (there might be visual bugs around this still)
[Added] Added logic to welding to break off hinged groups in a correct, weld based manner
[Change] Changed FX in botlab (Hello proper green screen...)
[Change] Changed Motor_Script to destroy a motor once Rotor_Max_Rpm is passed for 10 seconds (limits voltage)
[Change] Slightly upped drive motor torque limiter to let robots push better
[Change] Changed wheelmassratiocontroller to subtract the mass it adds, all robots are now physically the same weight, no matter the amount of wheels
[Change] Changed some texture normalmaps (better looking hardox)
[Change] Changed the bot selection menu to three rows
[Change] Set the electronic disable limit to a more realistic 10 joules (50cm drop). 2j was too little.
[Change] Made the armdamager speed threshold higher (10m/s tip) this might give problems for smaller weight classes but we will see about that
[Change] Made spinner hums a little louder
[Change] Updated all motor stats to have correct max_rotor_rpm and voltage values
[Change] Upped the "Flip robot upside down" strength
[Change] If the root component is the only component left in a group, it will break off (otherwise its invincible)
[Change] Some improvements to SpinnerHum sound (no longer plays on pause)
[Change] Tweaked wheel rpms to make them more stable
[Change] Cleaned up spinnerCollisionHandler, it does not aim for (unused) combined damageable objects anymore
[Bugfix] Fixed some collider errors on several motors
[Bugfix] solenoid is now single direction and ON/OFF again
[Bugfix] Both the TP100 and CAT are now inrunner motors as their IRL counterparts(the outside does not spin)
[Bugfix] Arena selection menu is now scrollable
[Bugfix] Fixed wrong tipforce calculation, the other calculations are also likely off
[Bugfix] Reduced sniping of Arm damagers
[Bugfix] Fixed motors being powered while the motor is clearly broken off
[Bugfix] Added logic to not break the game when a hinged group is broken off
[Bugfix] Reordered some damage code so that electronic parts are disabled when they are hit instead of breaking their welds before breaking themselves
[Bugfix] Wheels no longer take damage from the Arena (that took a while...)
[Bugfix] Added AIstate variable back, you guys are going to have to tell me if it works properly...


Mac:  Not working atm, will (hopefully) edit later

Edit:  Still no mac build, however this build is notably buggy.  Death hums have also been really irritating to some people.

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