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This was a rather fast update.  I appreciate it.
[Added] Hobbyweight weightclass at 5.4kg/12lbs
[Added] The well known sizes of pneumatic tanks as always in game, but with their correct physical volumes and weight! Smaller, lighter, more powerful! 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 4.0 liters!
[Added] Prototype for damage decals, currently commented out in spinnerCollisionHandler (this is not active yet)

[Change] Recalculated all weights from the pneumatic cylinders, they all got lighter! (except for the straight cylinder HAHAHA)
[Change] Corrected all stats for pneumatic cylinders, they all have correct diameters now.
[Change] Camera now has a deadzone before moving
[Change] Camera now tracks bots origin instead of Bounds (should fix the headache inducing jittering with HUGE likes)
[Change] Changed existing pneumatic storage AND buffer tanks to stay the same volume but with higher capacity and less weight! They are perfectly inline with the new tanks but allow full backwards compatibility. Old bots stay the same physically but get more capacity! 1.2 1.8 2.6 5.5 liters!
[Change] Pneumatic storage tanks had their pressure increased from 3000 to 4500 PSI, inline with comercial high pressure vessels used in combat robots.
[Bugfix] BrocSC 200A HV no longer scalable
[Bugfix] Fixed telemetry and AI aditor being able to be active at the same time
[Bugfix] Fixed spinner components not having their collision restored once broken off
[Bugfix] Belts are now properly removed when their parent motor is destroyed
[Bugfix] Broken off motors now behave properly when broken off and no longer have their axles rotate with the original bot
[Bugfix] All high speed spinner colliders and spinners scripts are now properly removed when a spinner is broken off, removing ghost spinners and a whole bunch of glitchy side effects
[Bugfix] Fixed spinner destroy spinners colliders being called from the wrong script, preventing them from being destroyed every frame
[Bugfix] Removed the "reverse" mesh from initiated bot parts, this should give a massive performance increase to loading/decimating/simplifying/rendering and combining meshes since everything was done twice per part!
[Bugfix] Fixed a UI issue where double pneumatics displayed only half their volume

I have yet to play this yet, so it might not work.
[Added] Botlab Panning can now also be done with right mouse button
[Added] PrimalPower E105-10 and E105-20: more outrunners in the 5000-9000w range!
[Added] "P1 Telemetry" Toggle to bot select screen (formerly Test Match mode)
[Added] 3x new PrimalPower NM motors based on the Neumotor 8000 Series and 1x 12000 series motor!
[Added] By popular demand: 3 dumb, disgustingly powerful brushless motors in the PrimalPower X series... 80KW, 100KW and 200KW peaks...
[Added] 90 degree fillet
[Added] 45 degree fillet
[Added] Filleted box
[Added] Box with hexagon hole
[Added] Filleted hollow hexagon
[Added] Filleted hexagon hole box
[Added] Hollow corner 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4
[Added] Hollow corner 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, 4/10 and 6/10
[Added] Hollow box witt internal fillet
[Added] Round hollow box
[Added] Tetrahedon
[Added] Box with filleted triangle hole
[Added] Seperate catagories for brushed and brushless motors! should make finding things at least a little easier for now
[Added] Seperate catagories for brushed and brushless ESC's
[Buff] Upped Motenergy to 500a Cont, which is more then its irl rating but should hopefully make it last for an entire fight with a solenoid
[Changed] New Manipulation Gizmos in BotLab (What's that? You wanted to be able to see the object you're manipulating?)
[Bugfix] Fixed NPC T64 designed voltage to be 24v
[Bugfix] CoM indicator not indicating CoM
[Bugfix] Fixed camera smoothing not working properly in match
[Bugfix] Fixed camera zoom not working properly when switching cameras in match
[Bugfix] Fixed some issues on small scale PrimalPower outrunner models
[Bugfix] Set PP X240150 Dual to be brushless
[Bugfix] Commented "UnityEditor.Experimental.GraphView" in CameraController to allow compilation to work


Mac: Suffer

Linux: Suffer

Only been half a year.

[Added] Goose MAD TORQ brushless motor, as a slightly smaller outrunner compared to the PP
[Added] Added the spinner impulse slider back. Yall wanted to engage in more dumb hits.
[Added] Options to adjust Rotation, Movement Tracking, and Zoom for Cameras.
[Added] Option to disable Immobility Countouts.
[Added] Option to hide Timer in matches.
[Added] Ability to change countdown and timeout text and sounds.
[Added] New animation trigger that is triggered when the countdown starts. (Intro sequences, anyone?)
[Added] New utility script that allows a GameObject to track a players bot position. If the player slot is empty, the GameObject will disable.
[Added] New utility script that allows a GameObject to rotate to face a players bot. If the player slot is empty, the GameObject will disable.
[Added] New utility scripts that allows a GameObject to track and/or face the midpoint between all bots.
[Added] New sound triggers for Timer, Zone, and Countdown. Now you can have custom sounds play whenever, wherever! (Pit button release klaxon. mayhaps)
[Added] Centre of Mass indicator in BotLab, accesible from the sliding options menu.
[Added] Added functionality to increase the directnesOfHit with high bite distance and increase the impact angle, this makes run-up hits much more satisfying
[Added] Telemetry now highlights red when: a motor current more then the continous current is drawn, when a motors max rpm is exceeded and when it overheats!
[Added] Added a blow out effect on gas tanks when they are hit
[Added] Small boi flamethrower for beetles
[Added] Tungsten Carbide material! Tungsten carbides in a Cobalt matrix to be very exact: super heavy, super hard, super brittle!
[Added] Magnesium Alloy! Not entirly the stuff that wants to explode in water: its like lightweight Aluminium, but a little less strong.
[Added] S7 Steel! The famed, the infamous, the wanted, the controversial: Hardened till 54 Rockwell C, as holied by Ray Billings: harder then AR/Hardox, but more brittle.
[Added] TPU! the new surge in lower weightclasses: 3D printed TPU 95A, very flexible and wear resistant, minorly grippy.
[Added] Carbonfiber Nylon/NylonX! Some call it black aluminium...! Perhaps in toughness, but the strongest plastic available!
[Added] Polyurethane Rubber! For those who like casting their own tires! Extremely grippy, but slightly less reliable as classic rubber!
[Added] PLA! The absolute giant of 3D printing, a surprisingly high tensile strength... but we know what happens when it is hit...
[Added] Different looks for each material, if peoples have opinions about these please let me know!
[Added] BroccSC 200A HV! this boi going up to 50v
[Added] Nine new PrimalPower outrunners! Ranging from 370W to 3770W they provide allot of spin for Beetles, Feathers and anything in between!

[Change] Twitter icon to X (blegh)
[Change] Enabled incremental garbage collection, which spreads garbage collection accross several frames, reducing frame spikes
[Change] Nerfed the 300A brushless ESC to 500A peak, its 1000A limit made the Veggmaster obsolute
[Change] Moved Countouts Visible option to Battle Select Screen instead of Settings.
[Change] Match Time, Timer Visibility, Countouts Active, and Countout Visibility now save their state between sessions.
[Change] Complete rewrite of Camera Controller.
[Change] Trigger Zones can now have a delay before they become triggerable.
[Change] Made the Press Start to Begin "button" fit in with the rest of the battle UI.
[Change] Tweaked some logic to improve bite for overhang/exposed weapons
[Change] Sligthly increased the bite of the losing weapon in a spinner to spinner collisions to improve horizontal vs vertical hits
[Change] Blueprint material is now a physicial material that welds and has collisions. its as strong as cardboard and as heavy as aluminium
[Change] Reworked ALL motor smoke particle systems to be less obnoxious, glitchy and more subtle and make them derive from one source
[Change] Reworked ALL ESC and CO particle systems to be less obnoxious, glitchy and more subtle and make them derive from one source
[Change] Reworked ALL Battery particle systems to be less obnoxious, glitchy and more subtle and make them derive from one source
[Change] Changed all component particle systems to the new versions (this was so much more work then expected lmao)
[Change] Reworked the spark effects from spinners to let sparks fly faster and further, makes spinners look more impressive on glancing hits
[Change] Renamed several materials to be more technically specific or more generic (Hardox is now AR500, Titanium is now Titanium Gr. 5, Steel is Mild Steel etc.)
[Change] Reordered the material list: low tier/weaker/lightweight materials working up to exotic/heavy/strong materials and ending with the "specials"
[Change] Minor changes to some material stats: in the back im adding more functionality for said stats, these will come slowly in play!
[Change] Once again a new take on the spinner system using unity's animation curves to tune bite which comes with benefits: very precise control of bite response and much faster to calculate then intricate calculations
[Change] Rebalanced bite with the new curve control: more grinding and less spasm at very low engagement speeds, much better bite for mid range bite and reach weapons, less likely haymakers
[Change] Spark effect speeds are now tied to weapon tip speed
[Change] Fixed stats on many BroccSC's since I had some wrong weights (several became a little lighter!)
[Change] Increased flat spinner impulse efficiency to reduce the amount of "slacking" hits, this should improve the bite balance between bars and discs as well
[Change] Reduced the maximum impulse cap to reduce the impulse of gigantic spinner impacts to 6 times the robot mass (was 7.5)
[Change] Tweaked some impulse modifiers to make better spinners impacts with the arena and glancing impacts

[Bugfix] Dual CAT x1020 collider is now correct
[Bugfix] The build text works again!
[Bugfix] Broken Parts now properly despawn in BotLab on Bot Reset or when leaving a Test Area.
[Bugfix] Weird jump when switching cameras.
[Bugfix] Black cylinders missing from left and right gears in Main Menu.
[Bugfix] Animation Trigger Zones and Timers not working in game.
[Bugfix] Arena Previews not loading in Arena Select screen.
[Bugfix] Fixed some impact reduction values being applied twice causing an excessive reduction of spinner impulse compared to the damage output
[Bugfix] Fixed another bug in spinner vs arena hits, now they are pretty good
[Bugfix] Fixed material names in spinner scripts so that correct spark effects are triggered


DSL TC Showcases / Re: TheRoboteer's Hit or Miss DSL Showcase
« on: October 04, 2023, 10:15:20 PM »
I like the butt spikes.  Best part of the robot, easily.

DSL TC Showcases / Re: 8bean's DSL Showcase!
« on: August 12, 2023, 07:35:57 PM »
I like the pun.

DSL TC Showcases / Re: dootIRL
« on: July 12, 2023, 01:52:30 PM »
Loving the texture-work.
I hope it does a good.

Small hotfix.  Mostly to stop lag.

[Bugfix] Dual CAT x1020 no longer floats when placed
[Bugfix] parts attached to the Dual CAT 30100 are no longer .002 off center
[Bugfix] TP4070 is no longer scalable and should have correct weight
[Changed] Googly Eye no longer moves
[Bugfix] Dual A28-150 is now classified as a multi-motor and has 2 esc inputs
[Revert] Reverted arena damage to not calculate the mass of the entire bot for every contact point, needs more thought or an integral sulution
[Optimisation] tiny optimisation to combinemeshes to not set layers every frame for every component
[Bugfix] Fixed spinners biting super hard on loose parts


DSL TC Showcases / Re: 8bean's DSL Showcase!
« on: July 06, 2023, 12:38:30 AM »
Not a bad addiction to have.

New update.  Time to nuke your botlabs folks.

[Added] Goose Mini battery splitter
[Added] Fillet shape (might need a positioning fix)
[Added] Perf Round quarter hollow cylinder (might need a positioning fix)
[Added] Countout timers can now be hidden with Video Settings
[Added] Epilepsy warning in opening splashes
[Added] Octo A28-150 motor
[Added] Goose S2838 motor
[Added] Goose HK3536 outrunner motor, 3000watt cont and good looking...
[Added] Goose HK7050 outrunner motor: Minotaur runs two of these for the drum, make of that what you will...
[Added] A ball bearing! make things spin!
[Added] Goose 4S 14.8v 850mAh battery (NOT PLACABLE YET)
[Added] Many new basic shapes (NOT ALL OF THEM ARE PLACABLE YET, expect update later this week)
[Added] moar Saw!
[Added] New model for the PrimalPower X238/50!
[Added] TP 4070 brushless motor, small but long... very capable!
[Added] By popular demand: Dual A28-150, as found in Skorpios and Defender!
[Added] A smoll RC receiver! only six channels but it will actually fit in your Beetle... It was a beetle right? Wait a 150gram? Bruh... It will fit tho...
[Added] More things that can be made into bot parts by other dear devs that have much better internet then me at this moment in time
[Added] PrimalPower X238/100! An even thiccker and more powerfull version of that flat pancake brushless motor
[Added] Added Super 5Ah Batteries! from 1S till 13S
[Added] Dual CAT X1020[Change] Arena damage is now calculated based on entire robot weight instead of the piece
[Change] Default Arm Damage and Arena Damage are set to 0%
[Change] Increased/reworked the metallic effects on metal materials
[Change] Changes some material textures to make them more realistic
[Change] slightly altered the looks of chains
[Change] Tweaked metallic effects on some motors
[Change] Rebalanced the peak power of TP100, CAT 30010, Motenergy
[Change] Rebalanced spinner bite
[Change] Changes to make wide and medium to big sized beaters and drums bite better
[Change] Shortened axle on beetje brushless gearbox
[Change] Nerfed the Motenergy to 500a continous, but it burns out too fast on solenoid so needs more fix
[Change] Small code tweaks to improve performance
[Change] Optimised AI scripts for better performance when using player only bots
[Change] Optimised velocity limiter to improve performance
[Change] Excluded some code in ComponentWelder that might not be required but massivly reduced performance
[Change] Reworked Spinner bite to be more satisfying and responsive
[Change] Made the outwards impulse on spinners much more sophisticated: HS glance and ping off angled surfaces and verts shoot things backwards instead of always up
[Change] Spinner to spinner collisions now sway more towards the spinner with the higher tip speed, still WIP till it feels right
[Change] Removed some unused calculations fro spinners to slightly increase performance
[Change] Improved edge detection on spinners
[Change] Reworked damage output on spinners to give more damage on a good hit
[Change] Both stock arenas now have roofs
[Change] RR2 UK has Bigger floor zone
[Change] RR2 UK now has one OOTA at the far end of arena and one by the entry gate
[Change] RR2 UK Pit and flipper much smaller
[Change] RR2 UK now has better lighting and camera angles
[Change] RR2 UK flipper and pit are now swapped so the pit is near the OOTA
[Change] RR2 UK flipper activates 2 seconds if you stay on it
***Note: If the arenas don't update, go to your arena folder (not the one in the game files) and delete the rr2 and rr2uk arenas so the game can put the new ones in.***
[Bugfix] Open Game Folder and Open User Robots Folder should now work on Mac
[Bugfix] The WeldHelp setting now toggles in all settings menus
[Bugfix] Parts from spinners and arms now have the correct friction again
[Bugfix] Broken parts from actuated groups nopw have the correct friction again
[Bugfix] Thin custom shapes now get a correct material thickness equal to the one in the UI
[Bugfix] Motors now correctly mute when the game is paused
[Bugfix] Spinners will always make a collision sound instead of sometimes
[Bugfix] CAT 30100 is now rated for 285a continouos to bring it to its realistic cont power of 17kw
[Bugfix] Fixed some bugs with spinners suddenly triggering a huge recoil on very light objects
[Bugfix] Fixed the edge detector sometimes getting stuck in the opponent
[Bugfix] Fixed rpm limit on 3-inch brushless
[Bugfix] Fixed weight from Goose insect weight splitter
[Bugfix] Fixed stats and weight on Goose S2838 motor
[Bugfix] Fixed sizes on some Pro Batteries (10S till 13S are now slightly smaller)
[Bugfix] Fixed a small error in the LEM 130 stats
[Bugfix] Fixed the resistance of the TP100, it needs some tweaking to have its correct peak current
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug that created allot of lag on bots with many basic shapes
[Bugfix] Spinners now properly trigger a collision sound (perhaps a bit spammy sometimes)


Tournament Archives / Re: Alamo - SBV
« on: February 24, 2023, 11:19:40 PM »
Don't worry, I believe in you.

Discussion / Re: RA2'S 20th Anniversary
« on: February 18, 2023, 09:38:31 PM »
It's nice to see this game survive this long.
It wasn't a game I grew up with or anything, but it's definitely a game I highly respect.

Even though some of you leave me irritated, I'm glad to be a part of this community.

Happy Halloween

[Removed] Wreckbots arena due to it being built in an outdated version of AMT
[Changed] The default arenas are now copied to the Arenas folder instead of being loaded from StreamingAssets.  ⚠️ If you use the October Builds after this update, you will need to remove the arenas folder from the October build StreamingAssets ⚠️
[Added] UserRobots is now created when the game first launches. You no longer need to export a robot to have it created.
[Changed] Stock Robots are now copied to the UserRobots folder instead of being loaded for battling.
[Added] Damage and tickrate sliders now have textboxes that let you change the value without having to use the slider
[Bugfix] Damage and tickrate can now be changed mid-fight (for real this time)
[Updated] Concave Collider generator has been updated to version 1.30
[Updated] Rewired has been updated to the latest version
[Change] Rebalanced spinner bite
[Change] Improved edge detection of spinners
[Removed] Some laggy debug statements
[Bugfix] Fixed N20 rpm/volt limit
[Bugfix] 1.8A ESC colliders now matches the model
[Added] New botlab icons by @Mellowed Rose☕
[Updated] Credits now include all developers as well as outside contributors
[Added] The RR2 UK default arena designed by @LiamHaddev!
[Bugfix] Credits scrollview now shows the entire credits
[Bugix] Clicking in the Credits window no longer hides it
[Change] Changed the material slider to properly round and accept decimals more easily
[Bugfix] The New Shape button is no longer off-center
[Changed] RR2 Arena is now 0.5x larger
[Changed] The cameras in the RR2 arena have been adjusted to better positions
[Added] Dual CAT 30100 motor due to popular demand (not added by Doyle ;p)
[Bugfix] Transparent Shape and Chassis now works on Hardox and other textured materials.


Tournament Archives / Re: Robot Psycho
« on: December 21, 2022, 08:06:28 AM »
Some very good editing in this.  I look forward to seeing more.

Discussion / Re: Question about repairs in events.
« on: November 22, 2022, 07:52:12 PM »
Nope, there is not.

[Bugfix] The controls button in the settings menu now brings up the controls settings during a battle.
[Bugfix] TP5680, CAT TrackTail 1/8, and CAT TrackTail 1/10 should no longer burn at their max voltage
[Bugfix] Lowered PrimalPower X23850 max RPM to proper stats
[Bugfix] PrimalPower X23850 now weighs its proper weight
[Bugfix] Updated comp_info of PrimalPower motor
[Bugfix] VeggieMaster 800A is no longer scalable
[Bugfix] Weld Help Button should now show up by default for new users
[Bugfix] Fixed ESC current limits resetting at random
[Bugfix] Fixed spinners on arms generating way too big HS collider
[Change] Slight update to LEM texture (LEM2x200 showing mesh centre instead of what looked like 3 motors stacked)
[Change] Updated Visual of Broccsc 200a
[Added] Broccsc 100a, 70a, 40a and 30a ESC's!
[Added] The godly TP100XL
[Change] went over all motors to fix all specs and limits
[Bugfix] Fixed spinner edge detector being way too big on spinners on arms or hinged groups
[Remove] Removed combined_damage_object since it was obsolute and broke spinners off in the test area
[Removed] removed several unused script
[Bugfix] BW with spinners will no longer gyro when their spinners are not spinning
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug where the edge detector would not work and spinners would grind excessively
[Added] Goose! a small brushless motor for beetleweight drive!
[Added] A fitting small gearbox for the 18xx brushless motors
[Change] Minor updates to some motors
[Bugfix] Fixed Goose motor
[Bugfix] Fixed beetle gearbox size
[Changed] Arena add help button is now a question mark instead of a plus sign
[Added] New official RR2 default arena by @LiamHaddev! (edited)
[Bugfix] Game Folder and Open Robot Folder buttons should now work on Mac
[Added] Arena damage! All arenas now apply damage when you ram/fall/slam into them
[Added] Arena Damage is now added to AMT arenas upon instantiation
[Added] Arena Damage Slider
[Bugfix] Damage values can now be adjusted mid-fight
[Change] Fixed values from GOOSE motor
[Bugfix] Fixed some components not having damage applied to their welds
[Remove] Some old scripts that still ran but didnt do anything useful
[Changed] The botlab camera can now be zoomed in more
[Bugfix] Arena damage slider no longer affects arm damage
[Changed] Set default arena damage to 25%


Some bug fixes, a new default arena, and an arena-damage slider.  Look forward to seeing what bugs are littering this build.

Discussion / Re: Does anyone still have the Banter Wars Megapack?
« on: October 19, 2022, 02:49:24 PM »
I'd say it's not likely.  Banter wars happened quite a while ago, and was not a tournament that was shown in the RA2Central.

AHOG has an account here, but he likely isn't active enough to see a dm.

Perhaps the best option to bother him is in the comments section of a video of his.

October 17th

Our revitalized dev team's first game update! It's been great working with the rest of the team, and I think Doyle is happy that he isn't carrying on is own anymore.

[Added] A Workshop button that opens the UserRobots folder in a native file explorer.
[Added] There is now a button next to the Components Attached counter that explains the basics of weld.
[Added] Added a toggle option in Display settings to hide the weld help button.
[Removed] Test Arena from Arena Select menu
[Added] Wreckbots Arena as built-in arena
[Change] The Championship button on the main menu has been changed to an Open Game Folder button that opens the appdata/ApplicationSupport folder in the user's file explorer.
[Added] Main Menu buttons now have small icons (made by @MellowedRose☕)
[Added] Arena Select now has a guide that explains how to add arenas in addition to linking the Discord server, AMT download, AMT tutorial, and the arenas folder

[Change] New spinner mechanics! More precise impacts and more realistic!
        This includes:
        New static and dynamic high speed colliders that detect collisions much more precise
        New damage and impact calculations
        New impact spinner speed reduction
        New Impact filters (No sniping possible in combination with the new HS colliders!)
        New grind mechanic
        New absolute bite calculations that takes in account the speed and direction of the opponent as well
        A basic implementation of ablative and springy bite/impulse reduction
        Improved spark emission
        Improved performance by deleting old, unused calculations

[Change] Motors now actually reach their break even continuous work point
[Change] Motors now heat up and cool down more realistic (slower then earlier)
[Change] All motors now have correct stats (Moto, Ampflow and TP100 are less powerfull, LEM's, NPC's are more powerfull)
[Change] Increased gyro for wide and big diameter spinners
[Change] Different material components now use adapted welding that simulates a bolted connection
[Bugfix] Hinged groups break off correctly without bugs now
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug where spinners could not damage some components including other spinners
[Bugfix] Pause now stops all sounds
[Bugfix] Motors now display their continuous current
[Bugfix] Gas splitter now has as many inputs as it visually has (4x input)
[Added] More TP power motors! The TP2030, TP2930, TP3650, TP5680. From BW to HW!
[Added] CAT TrackTail motors! 1:10th and 1:8th scale RC motors for BW and FW!
[Added] PrimalPower X23850! A GIANT flat outrunner that can deliver a whopping amount of power!
[Added] The Green BroccSC VeggieMaster 800A ESC! A ridiculous ESC for the most stupid Brushless setups you can imagine (Temporary model)
[Added] Lynch LEM 200x2. This is litterely two LEM 200's slapped together...
[Added] A range of small brushless outrunners!
[Added] A fixed version of the 3 inch brushless! (the old one is hidden, since completely unrealistic but it wont break old bots now)
[Added] Screws! Bolts! Hex heads! Flat heads! Philips heads! All to make things pretty with.
[Removed] Removed more old damage code that fused broken parts together mid air
[Bugfix] Fixed weight of connected flipper systems
[Bugfix] Debug spinner options are no longer visible in settings mid-fight

Linux: Can be built upon request

The major thing that this build reworks is spinner bite.  Verts no longer throw themselves backwards as much and reach verts actually hit things.

New bleeding edge: SEPTEMBER15
IMPORTANT: Linux builds are now available! It is very WIP and may not work!

[Added] Added native Linux support (still needs some more testing)
[Added] Arm damager slider! disables or multiplies the damage done by hammers/flippers/arms
[Added] Trampa VESC 100/250
[Added] CAT X3330
[Added] CAT X1020
[Added] Trampa 60/120 (by Liam)
[Added] CAT 30100 (by Liam)
[Added] VEX BB (by Liam)
[Added] Green Brocc 200a (by Liam)
[Change] Adjusted friction values on many materials to be more realistic
[Bugfix] Fixed telemetry applying gear ratio twice to the torque value
[Bugfix] Fixed telemetry displaying half the actual bite depth
[Bugfix] Disabled CCD on some stock shapes
[Removed] Deleted some old damage code causing groups/wheels to break off at random
[Disabled] Disabled the wheel torque limiter since it is causing some issues and inconsistancies and is not really needed anymore (might cause some robots to bounce/float again maybe?)
Link to the builds:

It has been awhile, thanks for the patience, have fun with the new build!

Tournament Archives / Re: Robot Psycho
« on: August 14, 2022, 02:59:16 PM »
Is it tomorrow yet?

Tournament Archives / Re: Turf (SBV)
« on: August 10, 2022, 09:20:03 PM »
That fun to watch.  Good luck with the next tourney whenever that happens.

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