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Site News and Feedback / forum wouldn't have died if i was admin
« on: September 27, 2022, 07:44:19 PM »
i'm right heck

Real Robotics Discussion / cool robot i found on the inter net
« on: February 13, 2022, 12:33:38 AM »

can you believe it guys??

Discussion / 2019... I am... forgotten...
« on: August 03, 2019, 10:50:05 PM »

What went wrong?

(aside from "game sux lol" which we all hopefully know by now)

Off-Topic Discussion / me quit
« on: December 10, 2018, 03:07:09 PM »
ra2 gay

shmoney :gunz: :gunz: :gunz:

Existing Games / ultimate gamer challenge
« on: April 16, 2018, 08:02:13 PM »
if anyone can beat me in puyo puyo tetris i'll make dsl 3

who's down

« on: March 05, 2018, 04:54:19 PM »

 :gunz: :gunz: :gunz:

Modifications / DSL 3? Maybe?
« on: August 24, 2017, 03:26:49 AM »
Recently, I've been getting into component-making using a combination of Rhino3D and a tool of apanx's that converts .obj files into .gmf files usable for RA2. Here's a few examples:

Remember that rake I posted in my custom showcase? I scaled it down so it wouldn't be obnoxious to work with, and gave it some new skins:

It now comes in Authentic Hypershock Greentm along with 3 other colors. Since it's just the head, you can slap this onto whatever length extender you want, or make a rake spinner like in the picture.

Another one I went ahead and made was something I feel a lot of people have been itching for, a truly one-tooth disc:

Using the power of mathematics (read: rhino's AreaCentroid command), I was able to place the attachment points in such a place where the disc was perfectly balanced. They're marked by the white rubber texture in the center of the disc.
Unlike the homebrew single-toothed discs that you see using a ballast on one end and a tooth on the other, this one won't wobble at all when spun. It's also a single component, so you can effectively use it just like the replica discs. :mrgreen:

And here's the latest component I made:

(ignore the weight in the picture, it's going to be 40kg when I'm finished with it's burst motor counterpart)
It's like the beta motor, except it doesn't take up half your chassis. I made it just small enough to fit within the lowest height you can have your chassis be without using BFE/OBJRA2, and also gave them side APs and the ability to attach outside the chassis for additional flexibility.
Since geared betas aren't exactly the best in 2.2, I buffed the mini motor to have about the same torque (as in acceleration, NOT max speed) as the 2.2 geared beta, and gave the larger version twice the torque as the miniature:

Being able to do this on the fly opens up the possibility of the next DSL version. Is this something you would like to see? Here are some various tidbits on what I plan to do, should I go ahead with this.

The only problem here is that I have no way of contacting Clickbeetle to see what he thinks of this. I still haven't gotten any sort of reply from a PM I sent him back in May 2016 as to whether or not I could use his thruster components in... Retooled, of all things. If I can't get a reply there, no way would I get one by sending him a message now. I also sent him an email a couple of days ago, to which I haven't gotten a reply from yet.
On the other hand, I've successfully contacted both Goose and Starcore (two of DSL's previous directors) about this. The latter simply stated that he "was not against it" and the former is trying to get a hold of Clickbeetle, but I'm not sure if Click's gone completely off the grid or what. We'll see what happens with him.

Off-Topic Discussion / ITT we discuss why USA > UK
« on: July 04, 2017, 12:00:20 AM »
Reason 1: freedom
Reason 2: guns

Feel free to add more reasons, GTM. All Britbong apologists and GODDAMN COMMIES* will be REPORTED and subsequently DEPORTED for treading on me.

 :gunz: :gunz: :gunz:

*p.s. the part about communists is only half-joking. if you're unironically a so-called "socialist" or, dare I say it, a full-blown Stalinist/AnCom please gb2 venezuela kthx

edit: Which one of you YELLOW-TOOTHED CRUMPET HUMPER mods warned me for this? :mad1:

After finishing the last few grudge matches of LvD2, I'll begin on hosting these two tournaments at the same time:

Should be interesting.

Note to tournament mods: signups for both tournaments will occur in this thread, with each getting their own SBV thread.

Challenge Board / jdg37 vs Guldenflame (jdg37 Wins)
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:00:15 PM »
Anybody up for:

- MW
- ring arena
- Bo3
- CF, Objra2, bfeing all allowed. CB2 not allowed (unless an entertaining argument can be made or money changes hands)
- assume anything not previously stated is ok.
Both robots have been sent, I will AI and post the fight here either tonight or tomorrow.

Tournament Archives / Light vs Dark 2 - SBV
« on: June 14, 2017, 01:00:29 AM »

Discussion / RPM Analysis of Various Motors
« on: June 08, 2017, 11:15:31 PM »
Or: "To Chain Or Not To Chain?"

We all know that both chained motors and bursted motors improve speed quite a bit, but by just how much? In this post, I'll be comparing RPMs of a few chained setups.
To answer this, I threw about 290kg of weight onto 4 different chained setups:

Bot of the month of all months coming through
(note: I would have used the standard 9-mace weapon arrangement that most actual stock bots used, but the problem there is that RA2 only runs at 30FPS I record at 30 FPS (whoops). If a single rotation is made in less than a frame, than measuring it's RPM is effectively impossible. Increased weight should weigh down each setup equally, anyway.)

From top, clockwise:
A standard set of chained motors, 2 chained HPZ (shortened as "HPZ+HPZ")
A weaker motor to compare how motor speed affects overall RPM, HPZ chained to Redbird (shortened as "Redbird+HPZ")
A base statistic to compare to, Standard HPZ chained to nothing (shortened as "HPZ")
A random chaining idea that popped into my head while doing this, HPZ chained to servo (shortened as "Servo+HPZ")

To calculate the RPM, I recorded about 30 seconds of spinning 2 sets of motors up:

I then took the raw footage and counted how many frames were required for the red extender (recolored white for aesthetic purposes) to make 1 and 3 rotations. The framecounts were taken after 25 seconds of spinning so that they were measured at their maximum speed.
The average RPM was found by taking the number of frames in a 30FPS minute (1800) and dividing it by the frames needed for 3 rotations, dividing it again by 3 so that the single-rotations-per-minute is displayed rather than the triple-rotations-per-minute.
Weight cost and how much RPM you get for each KG spent on each setup are also listed in the table, as I feel it's useful information in determining if chaining is really worth it or not.

Here's a table with all the info in it:

Observations of Note:
-Chaining seems to enhance overall RPM exponentially, rather than incrementally.
-Chaining is more than worth the weight required to do so, at roughly 5-6 RPM for every KG spent compared to the HPZ's 1.8. This means a standard HPZ+HPZ is 320% as efficient than a single HPZ.
-As demonstrated by comparing Redbird+HPZ to HPZ+HPZ, using faster motors seems to increase overall speed, but not spinup time.
-Trying to chain HPZ to servos to be fancy and cool isn't very effective at all. The increased RPM is likely just from the fact that attaching spin motors to any kind of axle will increase their speed.
-For 290kg of weight, it took the Redbird+HPZ and HPZ+HPZ 10-13 seconds to spin up, the Servo+HPZ took 7-8 seconds, and the regular ztek was almost instant. These would decrease with less weapon radius and weight, however.

TL;DR: Chained motors are a lot better than you thought, even if RO7 makes them situational.

Up next: axle mount/snapper/servo boosting. Feel free to suggest other things to cover ITT as well.

Off-Topic Discussion / Gametechmods Super Duper Literature Contest
« on: April 30, 2017, 03:36:06 PM »
A couple of weeks ago, I opened entries to an unofficial literature contest in the discord, with the only rules being that it had to be related to GTM in some form. The final results were interesting, to say the least. I'm gonna have GTM decide which one was the most interesting.

GTM Saves The World by Thrackerzod

TR2 x LRA2 by Enigma

John Wiki 3: Keyboard Warrior by Shield

You may vote twice, but you cannot change your vote after sending it in and won't see the results until after the poll ends.

These weren't included in the poll for various reasons, but here's a few more anyway:

Kill x Enigma 2 by Enigma (again)

JOHN CENA GTM by WenXiangLee

Wen, the Savior by TGM

Off-Topic Discussion / mlp thread three: the third one
« on: March 25, 2017, 10:38:50 PM »
hello GTM whos want to discuss MY LITTLE PONY  :gunz:

post your OCs: here is mine:


Tournament Archives / [DSL-IRL MW] Light vs Dark 2 - SIGNUPS
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:09:47 PM »

-DSL IRL MW. I will be very strict on what is "IRL" or not. Extreme vetting, folks.
-I will be using the DSL 2.2 Weapon Rebalance Patch for this tournament. Any weapons that are removed from CB2 by this patch are 100% fair game.
   -Otherwise, robots using cheatbot2 will be accepted/rejected on a case-by-case basis.
   -Generally, as long as you're not just abusing stronger CB2 variants of existing non-CB2 components, you should be fine.
-You may either enter 2 robots to form your own pair, or enter 1 robot to make a pair with another person. No total limit on how many people can enter.
-Any sort of glitch or outside editing of your robot is fair game, so long as it's IRL.
   -This includes (but is not limited to) BFE, OBJRA2 and CF
-Due to the nature of the tournament, multibots are not allowed.
-No custom components, with the exception of strictly aesthetic edits, such as DSC's color pack.
-Your bot must show some sort of controlled movement. I will be testing for this, but I am generally lenient about it.
-Failing the controlled movement test will result in any infringing entries being rejected, you must replace your entry with something more stable/controlled.
-Smartzones do not count as weight if it pushes your robot above the weight limit. I will be using smartzones that weigh 0.1kg.
-Once accepted, you are allowed to update/change your bot(s) once and only once.
   -Updates can be anything from changing a weapon to sending a different bot entirely.
-Of course, sending a second bot, or replacing an invalid bot doesn't count as an update. If you explicitly say that you want a sent bot to replace another valid bot you sent, that IS a update.
-Any obvious attempts to counteract or otherwise exploit a loophole in the rules will be automatically DQ'd.
-I reserve the right to reject extremely low effort robots. Example.
-I will enter only if there's an odd number of pairs. My entries will be:

-While you are not required to AI your bots, I highly recommend it to speed up the pre-SBV process on my end. I would really appreciate it!

-All of the people who entered will be inserted into a poll, and it will be voted on to determine the captains of 2 teams.
   -I will not be in the poll, to prevent any conflict-of-interest from arising.
-The poll will last for about a week at most. I may extend the poll if it's close, or cut it off early if it's a complete landslide.
-The teams of each captain will fight, and the winner will get first pick for drafting their team. Two pairs are chosen at a time by each captain taking turns until all the bots are allocated onto a team.
-Before each round, the captains will take turns choosing which pairs of bots they want fighting, in order from least wanted to most wanted.
   -Captain A chooses half of their roster, captain B chooses their entire roster, and then captain A chooses the second half of their roster.
-Arena will be this:
-No time limit whatsoever, this ensures that every match ends in either a knockout or immobility.
-During each match, once a robot is defeated, it's out of the tournament. If one robot on a team is defeated and the other isn't, the surviving robot will fight by itself.

-Occasional, minor havok is counted as controlled movement as long as it is not constant (i.e. you cannot turn without going airborne).
-If your bot is suspected of causing a game-altering havok, the match will be restarted once. If it happens again during the match, the offending bot will forfeit the match, no exceptions.

1   -   TheRoboteer & TheRoboteer, Spectrum & Vimto
2   -   Guldenflame & Guldenflame, Beater & Robo-1
3   -   TGM & TGM, Lil Mash Up Wings & Mini Flip
4   -   jdg & jdg, The Mole & Xtremely Average
5   -   Redace & Redace, Lawbreaker & The Sherrif
6   -   Thrackerzod & Thrackerzod, Hornblue Fury & Hornbob Fury
7   -   DemonOfTomorrow & DemonOfTomorrow, Hellfire & Kremvhs Fang
8   -   Badger & Badger, Jungle Gook & **** (host note: yes, that's actually what he named it)
9   -   Enigma & Jamied666, 「Cream」 & Don't Steal Kids Its Bad
10   -   Kurt Wylde & Kurt Wylde, Dominotrix & Babyhammer
11   -   Pwnator & Pwnator, Shadowy Shredder & Shady Shaver
12   -   Shield & Shield, Bandit & Outlaw
13   -   ty4er & ty4er, Cadet & Grimm
14   -   090901 & Geice, Scavenger: London Edition Crowd Dozer & Charcoal
15   -   Neoncalypso & Neoncalypso, Dolphin & Porpoise
16   -   Playzooki & Playzooki, boring irl hs & Mr. AS wouldn't let me enter a robot with six bursts and I don't have time to build a robot with five bursts so I entered this.
17   -   Badnik96 & Badnik96, Chopping Block & Interrogator
18   -   Mr. AS & Mr. AS, Blatant Bisector Clone & SUPER EDGY DEATH BOT 666
19   -   
20   -   
21   -   
22   -   
23   -   
24   -   
25   -   
26   -   
27   -   
28   -   
29   -   
30   -   
31   -   
32   -   

If your name's on the list, that means your robot was accepted.

Site News and Feedback / Trov: It's Time To Stop
« on: October 02, 2016, 03:24:26 PM »
Trovaner. My dude. We know how busy you've been over the past few months, but I'm not entirely sure if GTM is going to be well off with an admin that's almost as inactive as ACAMS was around the time that he called it quits. It's gotten to the point where you're not even around enough to host BOTM, which if I had to guess, probably takes, what, about 15-30 minutes at the most? Meganerdbomb's been hosting it for the past 3 or 4 months now. This concerns me. You even said it yourself:
I'm around but I'm trying to offload some of the work that I do since the work distribution is ridiculous.
While you have every right to focus on your "work distribution" (assuming this just means real-life responsibilities), GTM is at a turning point right now. We've got 3 big league tournaments with big league amounts of entrants going on right now, with one even having forum titles (aka something that requires admin intervention) as a prize for winning. It would be awkward for someone to win, only to not get thier prize that they were promised until months later.

There's also /r/battlebot's redditbots going on right now, which is bringing in extra members. The moderators are doing a good job of keeping people in line, but who will be there if one of them turns out to be a HurricaneAndrew/Noodle/Sparkey-like situation and floods the forum with pictures of jews and porn and Russian /mu/ copypastas? Certainly not one of the other several admins we have. Mods can only mute people and hope they go away, and not smack people with the ban hammer, and the only semi-active admins on GTM are you, and ACAMS (who just sh**posts in politics).

What I would recommend, is upgrading one of your existing moderators to admins. Namely either Craaig or Kill343gs. While they both have thier pros and cons (craig being more consistently active, but doesn't have as much moderation experience, kill being basically the opposite), I feel that either one of them would be the best for the job. Another boon to having these two in particular be admin, is the fact that the Discord chat offers a direct line of real-time contact to them, as opposed to waiting for them to log on to GTM and respond to a PM you send them. The link to the discord chat has been sitting on the forum for about 2 months, is available to anyone to join, and has amassed roughly 50 members.

edit: Just an FYI, I'm not telling you to step down ACAMS style Trov, just saying that it would be a good idea to upgrade one of the more active mods to admin so that some of the ridiculous work load is at least partially offset to someone else.

tl;dr - make me admin read the post please

Off-Topic Discussion / Youtube did it again!
« on: September 21, 2016, 11:48:36 PM »
So google told them to ruin thier website, and they actually did it the absolute madmen!

TL;DW, "Keep your hate speech out of this website!"

1,355 Likes  49,731 Dislikes

Off-Topic Discussion / Gabriel Interactive.
« on: September 05, 2016, 02:30:29 PM »
If you post ITT, this will show up when you google "Gabriel Interactive":

Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive Gabriel Interactive

Site News and Feedback / GTM is reclining
« on: August 12, 2016, 03:28:44 AM »
Not gonna lie, GTM's gotten pretty stagnant over the past few months/years, and this is coming from a guy who's been trying to stay positive about the state of the forum, as opposed to pessimists (not naming names here) who would always say that "oh gee wow, the forum's dying, I bet GTM won't even last until 20XX". While they've been mostly wrong, I still feel like GTM has definitely been in a state of decline for a while now. Even if I haven't been really vocal about it until now.

So, what's the problem with GTM ATM? The members? The admins? RA3? Could it be the Illuminati??? Right now, there's several problems with both GTM and RA2. Firstly, I'll be starting off with GTM, and how we can Make GTM Great Againtm. The first step being to build a wall and make Advanced Robot Combat pay for it, of course.

GTM has so much random clutter and bloat. You have all of these forums and features, yet only 3/4ths of it gets used, if that. Let's go over a few examples:
  • Reputation: Was largely unmoderated and only really served as a meme circlejerk to get people's e-peen up for nonreasons such as "he's cool". There was a reason why people dismissed guys like Goldenfox who complained about rep, since it was always "just a number bro calm down". This was until one day Trovaner decided that he has way too much time on his hands and manually deleted a fraction of the spam upvotes, and now hardly anybody uses it. Could this be because circlejerkers were the only people actually using it? Possibly. I do know one thing though, reputation distribution has slowed down to a crawl. Seriously, the first page goes all the way back to mid-May. From here, you could either reinstate reputation for every member (if only to get people using it again), or get rid of the system entirely (since reputation is basically just e-peen, regardless of if there's a circlejerk or not).
  • RA2wiki: Almost completely abandoned. The past month of "editing" has resulted in a few meta-pages being edited, mainly member pages and forum stuff. Wiki editing really sped up while the Wiki Trivia contest was going on. Would love to see that be a weekly thing with an ongoing leaderboard, or at least for it to become more common.
  • Member websites on the front page: Why are these still a thing? Beetlebros website I can understand, as it has a few tutorials and all the BBEANS stuff on it. Meanwhile the Starcore and Darkrat sites are just glorified download links, and the actual webpages themselves look like they crawled out of some Angelfire hellhole. The files for these can honestly just be thrown into the downloads section, if they aren't already in there.
  • Just as an aside, Madiaba, Darkrat, Clickbeetle, ACAMS, and Starcore are admins, yet 2 of them aren't active, Clickbeetle only pops up once every year to drop a hot load of new stuff onto GTM, Starcore only shows up when his name is called, and ACAMS only shows up when Obama's name is called. I feel like these members would be more appropriate as Veterans. Even Trovaner himself has had some activity issues lately, but I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt for now considering he's the most active out of any of the admins.
  • RA3 section: I understand this was all set up before the game was released. But come on dude, RA3 sucked. Everyone got salty, and I'm pretty sure all the guys that were showing up because of RA3 left a week after it was dropped, if not sooner. These boards can be condensed into one universal RA3 section. I don't see discussion blooming any time soon, especially when it doesn't seem that RA3 is getting updated any time soon.
  • Game Development: lol this assumes any GTM member's gamedev projects have gotten past the tech demo phase. Subforum itself is also dead AF.
  • Politics: Almost the entire front page of this is just ACAMS, MNB, and I sh**posting. The front page also goes all the way back to last year. This can just be part of chatterbox.

There's also the problem with the forum being flat out boring. There's no drama or huge forum reactions for the most part anymore, it's usually just "oh that's nice" and then you move on with your day. Last bit of drama I remember was RA3's release, and even then it was more so criticism of GI and the RA3 subforum rapidly fizzling out rather than forum drama. Remember DSL 2.2? The forum's reaction to that was nothing compared to DSL 3's release, and that was a beta! You didn't have an onslaught of people tripping over each other trying out the new components in DSL 2.2 like you did with DSL 3.
Right now GTM is that leftover flat soda at the party that nobody drank. There is a reason why you see older members rejoin the forum, only to leave again soon after. I've seen so many people do this over the past 5 years that I've been here. Usually they only stay for a month, 6 months at the very most. Vets drop like flies because there really isn't much to do once you've reached the top. Only guys I've seen actually come back for real is Redace, Geice and maybe Reier. 3 guys out of the something like 30 or 40 "hey guise remembah ME??" reintroductions we've had.

Another issue is just the game itself. When you think about it, RA2 is literally just rock-paper-scissors with robots. Imagine pokemon with only something like 10 pocket monsters, and half of them aren't even viable. There's a few pretty set-in-stone archetypes when it comes to Stock and DSL (although DSL is slightly more forgiving), and anything you can build in DSL is usually applicable to Ironforge as well. Metagame's not gonna change by adding more shapes to put on your robot, bro. You can argue that hybrids add more variety to RA2, but those are the worst of both worlds in most cases. Hybrids are what you enter when you don't want to look like a tryhard. People who actually want to win enter popups or SnS, sometimes HS if we're talking stock here. Not to toot my own horn or anything here, but the whole point of me making Retooled is to introduce new variables to the metagame that weren't previously available because of strict rules regarding certain components, like making car steering actually viable, or attempting to balance the cheatbot2 components. Beta release coming soon, lots of new stuff and bugfixes, promise.

Lastly, tournaments. People have actually been fairly vocal about the state of tournaments, and I keep hearing rumors of a league-based regularly-occurring tournament crop up ever since BBEANS, Battlebots and Clash Cubes fell out of grace (note: there has not been a BBEANS or CC tournament for over 5 years), what's the current state of this league/tourney series? Surely the mod team has talked it over quite a bit? I remember Kill bringing up a league a few months ago (maybe in late 2015), only for the idea to go unacted upon, and now apparently Yugitom is hosting it? I also remember Click tossing around the idea of a BBEANS 7 a few times over the years, but you know for a fact that BBEANS 7 is not happening any time soon.

tl;dr This isn't some "THIS WEBSITE STINKS, I FUKKIN HATE THESE PEOPLE" saltpost, just putting my 3AM largely insomnia-induced thoughts on the current state of affairs out there. Yes, this could have gone into FOTEPX's thread... but this way it's more likely to spark a conversation, and for you to actually notice it instead of just going "oh that's nice".

and yes, the title is intentional.

edit: thanks for nothing

Trov plz

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