Author Topic: My evil plan...  (Read 20792 times)

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Re: My evil plan...
« Reply #160 on: August 05, 2021, 04:35:21 AM »
11 years and he's finally done it
Well, back in 2010 I was still quite new to 3D but that's also when the idea sparked into a fire to recreate the house robots. In the very beginning (2006) I started out with 3ds Max. When I found out about Blender in 2015, being a free program, I started using that instead. By 2018, I started the creation process of the new house robots. The project file of the new Matilda went lost, and so I restarted that project in late 2019, and finished all the new one's in 2020 along with the old one's.

Next I will try to put better procedurally-made materials on them. And who knows... maybe a proper introduction to the old and new one's is in place as well (maybe for YouTube :smile:).
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