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League Of Robotic Destruction New Blood
« on: August 28, 2021, 03:30:19 AM »
Hello and after a name change my tournament is back. The League of Robotic Destruction era begins now with the New Blood Championship.

So what is this tournament. Well there will be a more detailed ruleset in a link at the bottom of this however I thought I’d go through some of the basic rules and regulations. The foundation of the rules is based on Geese’s 2.5 ruleset with some rules transferred over from the Robotic Destruction League Series 2 ruleset to cover some of the areas and weapons not covered in those rules
This is a tournament for heavyweight bots. So 600.1kg to 800kg. Generic DSL IRL ruleset will apply but there will be a link to the full ruleset which will explain everything in more detail. 1 bot per builder. The battle format is going to be similar to the first series of the Robotic Destruction League. 24 bots will face each other in 1v1 qualifying matches. Win and you are in the top 16 knockout bracket. The 12 losers will be placed into 3 4 way rumbles with the winner of each rumble gaining a wildcard spot in the knockout bracket. After that it is then single elimination till we have our champion.
Bot submissions will be done by DMing me on discord. Please send me your bot with any skinned component folders needed to make the robot work. AI lines are encouraged but not 100% mandatory. Do be aware though I am not the greatest AI line writer so it would be preferable to have AI lines written by yourself. When signups are open I will have them open for 1 week. If we have not got 24 entries by then they will close once 24 entries are received. If more than 24 are received in that 1-week period, I will choose the 24 machines. Any robots that miss out will be given a guaranteed spot in the qualifying rounds for the League of Robotic Destruction Series 3 for a chance to qualify for the main competition.
So what is the point of the New Blood Championship? What are the bots fighting for? Well, the winner of the New Blood Championship will be given the 16th seed and an automatic place in the League of Robotic Destruction Series 3. However, there are some small restrictions on what bots you can enter into the New Blood Championship.
•   The bot or its predecessor (if it is a sequel to another bot) can’t have competed in any of the first 2 series of the Robotic Destruction League or the World Championship.
•   The bot must have been made in 2021. If it is a sequel to a bot and the sequel was made in 2021 that is allowed.
•   The bot can’t have won a main competition in AI or in PARSEC. Side events and Team events such as WWRA2 do not count towards this.
Hopefully you guys will sign up for this and I will do my best to make the community proud with this tournament.
Link to ruleset -