Author Topic: How to import AI bots into your Teams folder  (Read 2271 times)

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How to import AI bots into your Teams folder
« on: March 27, 2014, 01:09:40 PM »
So when I first started up RA2 I was NOT a good builder then again I'm not now and have no proof. Anyway i did the next best thing when i discovered my ineptitude. CHEAT! basically what I did was go into the AI bots folder and then into each of the teams. group by group i copy pasted every bot into the robot designs folder. making sure to keep the files with the same name. (Which admittedly will end up with things like "Bot 1 (1) Bot 1 (2)" etc.) So then when you next start the game you can click import bot and boom every single ai bot at your command. (Be sure to check the controls though it seems to vary from bot to bot) Not sure if this information is common or posted already. If it is im sorry if it's common knowledge this is for the newbies.
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This is pretty common knowledge, but like you said it's for newcomers.

It's probably a better idea just to improve your own building, however. Whether you go for making cool looking bots or making killing machines there is much more satisfaction to making your own robot than using someone else's.

That said it is a good idea to tell the new people that importing other peoples bots and seeing how they're built is a good way to improve. Just don't copy the bot exactly, people don't like having their work stolen ;)
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hardly cheating since stock ai sucks

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It's certainly a good tip if you're using an AI pack that's high difficulty - study what works and makes your own bots better