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Copying Components Tutorial
« on: March 04, 2015, 03:57:32 PM »
Before you do anything, download these:;sa=view;down=91

Copying normal components IE Extenders, Batteries, Weapons and Extras:

Drag and drop the uncfl into the main directory and drag the components.cfz onto the uncfl file.
First, open up the bot in notepad++. Look down the file and it'll display all components used in the robot, and list them in the order they were placed. If the plate was placed last, it'll be the last Component listed. Look at the line that starts with Components. It'll have a / next to it, From there, if Styles/ doesn't follow components then look in the comonents folder. You will be looking for the txt file with the name of whatever follows Components/ in the bot file. Open it and look at the line with dir in it. Go into the folder that it says and then look at the model line in the txt. In the folder, it will have the gmf the txt file says it uses. Download the thing I've put in and Decompile it (It's simple, just click the top button and find the gmf, then do it again for the bottom button). Open the decompiled gmf with notepad++then scroll down to find this line:
  (It'll normally be a bmp). Now look in the maps folder. Find the picture it says in the gmf file. There you can reskin the map. If its a tga file, open it with
If the code says Styles after Components, use the same method but look in the Styles folder for the txt file.

Wheels - and anything the Compiler doesn't accept:
Copy the desired gmf file and txt file for a wheel to somewhere you know you can find it. Like any other component. Open it with Notepad++ and find the line that ends with. bmp or tga. On some gmf files it's at the front of the file but in other's you'll have to scan along the top line for it. Note - it files like that usually have "(stuff)bitmap - example.bmp" so if you look for the "bitmap" line you know you're close. Take note of how many character's the line has; IE Let's say the original is called "boompow.bmp" notice it has 7 characters not including. bmp, so name you're custom one to something like "bombpow.bmp" so the thing doesn't crash the game. Now after you've found the bitmap line replace it with your own custom name, noting what I just said and move everything back to the component's folder. Note you DO NOT decompile the file as the component doesn't have a mesh/leaves only an attachment point.

Making a drop down menu:
First, make sure you've done the above before you do this for copying components and put the bmp's and gmf's in the right places but keep the txt files separate. Once you're sure, label everything is the same "type". If you're unsure, go into the txt file and look under "type = x". It's an optional choice what you want it to be but make sure it's labelled the same (no matter if it's a motor, or a weapon etc it'll have the original values only it's in a different place). Choose which component you'd like to be the one holding all the others in it's txt file and do the following:
Copy the text file names of all the files included in the drop down menu except the one holding the others including the. txt part and paste them individually in a clean txt file (it's optional, but it helps). Go into the txt files (except the holder) and delete the "styles" line.Now, drop all the txt files that will be included in the drop down menu into the "styles" folder. Go into the holder file and look under "styles". Delete the "Default" part and instead, after the "= ", put the name of what your holder component is (it can be anything you want) and a comma. Now after the comma go into that txt file and copy one of the txt file names and put a comma and what you'd like that to be called. Do this for all the rest of the components. So what it should look like in the end is something like this (as an example):
styles = da sheet, example.txt, the motor, comp.txt, even more, so_on.txt, last part
Save the file and drop it into the main "Components" folder.

Anyway, hope you found that useful, and good luck with your new skill!

P.S. If you don't have Notepad++, you're screwed but there is a download link on the "Downloads" Section.