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RR2 Stars vs Legends Tournament (Pilot Season)

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After a failed attempt at making a 40 team AI tournament, I've decided to scale it down a lot. This time, I'm doing a pilot tournament so I can get my bearings and hopefully have even more in the future. I am not accepting any submissions for this tournament, as I know it is a non-issue. My main goal for this is to work on making good content and to not turn it into a job. Hopefully, my "test run" will be successful and I can host a new tournament in which you guys will be able to enter.

The robots in this tourney are listed by seed# as follows
1- Speed Demon 2- Rad Pole 3- Grave Mistake 4- Clank Requiem 5- Hell Spawn 6- DIEmond 7- X-Factor 8- Caffeine Machine

I have finished editing the video, and it will be premiering in about 2 hours. It is the first round, and I hope all of you like it!

First video is now out!

Here is the second half of the tournament. Premiering in 30 minutes!

[cringey name goes here]:
well done! i cant wait to see where this goes in the future!


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