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RR2 Stars vs Legends Season 1 (SIGNUPS OPEN!!!)

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After a successful Pilot Season, I have decided to go ahead and open signups for Season 1 of Stars versus Legends.

Here are the following build rules:
- There is a max weight limit of 110 kg.
- There is no minimum weight limit, but you'd be an id10t if you entered an underweight robot.
- There isn't a specific size limit, only that your bot has to fit within the pit.
- No clusterbots.
- No hammers or flippers unless you magically figured out how to AI them, and would like to share it with the world.
-Control boards and batteries are not required, but are recommended in case there are too many entries, in which it could be rejected.
- Submit your bots via GTM messaging.
Here are the following tournament rules:
- It is a 36-bot field.
- There are 6 heats, all of which contain 6 robots.
- The Heat setup is similar to that of RA2 Deathmatch, starting with two 3-bot rumbles. The two winners get a bye, and the four losers get a chance at redemption. And... bla bla bla, you get the idea.
- All heat winners get auto-bids into the tournament. There will also be two wildcards added. Those wildcards will be decided on based off of a poll that will be posted shortly all heats are finished.
- The tournament will be a standard 8-bot tournament, with the winner being the champion.
- After the tournament is over, I will be accepting requests for whiteboard matches.
- There will also be awards for best design, most destructive, unluckiest robot, etc.
Accepted entries posted here:

1- Goldeye [Sickle Robotics]
2- Mettatronus [Sickle Robotics]
3- XIS [Sickle Robotics]
4- Radpole [Plerco]
5- Space Jam [Plerco]
6- Obama Gaming 3 [Plerco]
7- Speed Demon [TheRoboteer]
8- Maximum Toxicity [Cringey]
9- Gridlock [CodeSilver]
10- Grave Mistake [CodeSilver]
11- Hell Spawn [CodeSilver]
12- Caffeine Machine [CodeSilver]
13- Dark Wolf [Kix]
14- Craplectric [Kix]
15- Drone 2 [BadWolf]
16- Destroyer of Dreams 2 [BadWolf]
17- Great Wall of Thump [BadWolf]
18- Fluffy [Wham]
19- Supernova [Wham]
20- Nuclear Nelly [Wham]
21- F3 [Hoppin]
22- Knob Shock [Hard Bot]
23- OWO Bot [TCCR]
24- 8wot [TCCR]
25- Reaper [Hobo Droo]
26- Deep Six [Hobo Droo]
27- Infrared [Hobo Droo]
28- Spitfire [F1Krazy]
29- Absolute Zero [F1Krazy]
30- Impulse [Chris]
31- Impact [Wambo]
32- Flash [Wambo]
33- Nightmare [UberPyro]
34- Chromium [Chris]
35- Black Hole [CommanderCluck]
36- HUGE [Kix]

Ok there go most of my enteries down the drain

Sickle is accepted.

I sent my stuff thru discord, gtm uploader is not working for me

Both of Sickle's are accepted


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