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The tournament section has been simplified to better fit with the wider hosting community, and also make it far less of a hassle to use

- Tournamenta no longer require polls or mod approval to enter sign-ups. Sign-ups will start and end at the host's discretion 

- Discussion, sign-ups, and SBV's will now take place in a single tournament thread

- In-progress tournaments, discord, and all other off-site tournaments are welcomed and are fine to post here

- After a tournament has been completed, contact a mod to have the thread moved to the tournament archive section

We hope that this will encourage people to start posting their off-site tournaments on gtm, and also make it easier for new potential hosts to get a start with hosting

Grrrrr! I'm a boomer and don't like change! this SUCKS!

so do i have to an award voting in the same thread?


--- Quote from: CodeSilver23 on November 11, 2019, 10:20:44 PM ---so do i have to an award voting in the same thread?

--- End quote ---
Yup.   It's actually always been that way, with a few one off cases.

Oh. I guess I never noticed it.


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