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General Rules
-DSL 2.5 IRL
-BBEANS V2 Arena
-16 Entrants
-Double Elim
-Weightclass depends on winnings

-Everyone participates in 5 rounds of minigames
-Every entrant gets 400kg's to start with
-Entrants gamble part of this weight on each of the minigames
-All gambled kg's go into a pot which is distributed to the winners
-Each player's final weight after all minigames is the weight limit for their bot

Building Rules
-I retain the right to reject any bot for any reason
-Robots that use servos or motorized hammers must be AI'd beforehand.
-One bot per person
-Multibots and walkers/shufflers are banned
-Bots with multiple configs must only use one for the whole tournament.
Weapon Limits:
- VERTS: 2 large teeth (15+kgs) ex: Large Typhoon, Ripping Teeth, etc OR 4 small teeth (7-14kgs) ex: Small Typhoons, Large Nightmare, Cutting Teeth, Heavy DS Teeth, etc OR 8 Small/6 /Med/Large Beaters. Everything else will be a case by case basis
- HORIZONTALS: Can have either a max of 3 large teeth, or 4 small teeth.
- WEDGELESS DRUMS ONLY: Can use up to 12 Small, 10 Medium or 8 Large Beaters. Other teeth types would not be allowed on these bots.
- Use basic common sense if mixing weapons (ex: 4 small typhoons and 2 larges is not allowed on VS)
- TO CLARIFY A WEDGELESS DRUM: robots like DID and Roka are wedgeless drums(eggbeater in Roka’s case) whereas something like Phantom is wedged drum
- Just don't be dumb and use 3 frenzy hammers or something
- Front/Rear hinges are allowed up to 1 Beta Burst/Motor or 2 VDMA R/P Bursts/VDMA Front Hinged/Storm Burst/Mag Snappers
- Top Hinges are allowed 2 Mag Snapper maximum. Pneumatics are banned
- ALL flipper types must have a flipping arc of 90 degrees _| <- like that.
- Overkill motors are the ONLY other CB2 part allowed
- Spikes are the only damaging weapons allowed on the front of rammers, wammers are banned
- All DSL 2.5 IRL edition armors allowed
- Skirts only allowed on dustpans with proper support
- Mechavore and Minion Discs are banned for all bot types.
- Configbots are banned
- Bots that are too unstable will be rejected
-1 havok reset allowed per match
-3 min fight
-Judges Decision will be based on Damage Aggression and Control
-If a robot has all of its wheels removed then it will be considered knocked out
-A manual countdown will be initiated if a bot cannot show controlled movement for more than 20 seconds

Plz only enter this if you can build. All bots must be in by the 4th of March or else I won't be able to finish this tournament.
Also if there is significant interest i'll open more slots but if it gets up too high I might have to go single elim.

1. Nicky
2. Skewed
3. Swin
4. Lilly
5. Neon
6. Botbuster
7. Nika 2.0 ~Dropped Out
8. Nabi
9. Toaster
10. Force of Will
11. Gulden
12. Skeptic
13. TDG
14. 090901

Green: Accepted and AI'ed
Purple: Accepted
Red: Rejected

Are popups legal or illegal?


--- Quote from: Nika2.0 on February 05, 2022, 05:19:59 AM ---Are popups legal or illegal?

--- End quote ---
Its IRL, so they'd be illegal, since they deal damage in an unrealistic way.

how do i submit my robot into this tornament?


--- Quote from: Nika2.0 on February 05, 2022, 06:40:23 AM ---how do i submit my robot into this tornament?

--- End quote ---

If you choose to enter you have to gamble in the minigames first. Then you can send in a bot with the weight limit being what your winnings were in the gambling phase.


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