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RA2 awards 2020 results


The results for the 2020 RA2 awards are in!

*General Awards:*
The RA2 Wizard Award (Most Knowledgeable):
 **1st Place**: ||geese ||, 2nd: Place: ||TheRoboteer||

Funniest User:
**1st Place**: ||Cringey||, 2nd Place: ||Hoppin||

Friendliest and Kindest:
**1st Place**: ||ThatDiscordGuy||, 2nd Place: ||Orc||

Most Bizarre:
**1st Place**: ||Rob||, 2nd Place: ||Jay||,|| BotBuster||, ||NH||

Most Helpful:
 **1st Place**: ||TheRoboteer||, 2nd Place: ||Nicky||

Most Enthusiastic:
 **1st Place**: ||ThatDiscordGuy||, 2nd Place : ||Autobot Jazz||, ||Nicky||

Most Improved Member
**1st Place**: ||hobo drew||, 2nd Place: ||Nicky||

Best Newcomer
**1st Place**: ||Autobot Jazz||, 2nd Place: ||kddestroyer||, SamFM

Best Advice
**1st Place**: ||TheRoboteer||, 2nd Place: ||geese||

Most Missed
**1st Place**: ||Plerco||, 2nd Place: ||Sevelant||

Best Emoji
**1st Place**: :kek:, 2nd Place: :juicer:

*RA2 Awards:*
Most Unique Bots
**1st Place**: ||Toaster||, 2nd Place: ||ThatDiscordGuy||, ||Neon Calypso||

Best Bot Skinner
**1st Place**: ||Redace||, 2nd Place: ||Neon Calpyso||

Best IRL Builder:
**1st Place**: ||TheRoboteer||, 2nd Place: ||hobo drew||

Best Released Mod/Innovation
**1st Place**: ||DSL 2.4/Crash Patch||, 2nd Place: None

Tournament Awards:
Best Tournament overall of 2020
**1st Place**: ||Deathmatch 6||, 2nd Place: ||OW4||

Best New Tournament Host
**1st Place**: ||Nicky||, 2nd Place: ||Nabi||

Best BOTM Winner
**1st Place**: ||Fallacy by drew||, 2nd Place: ||Blitz by Jazz||

Best Tournament based on editing
**1st Place**: ||Deathmatch 6||, 2nd Place: ||HangarGames||

**Best Tournament based on matches**
**1st Place**: ||Deathmatch 6||, 2nd Place: ||HangarGames||

*Hall of Fame:*
Current HOF Memebers

New Inductees:
1. ||geese, 87% of votes||
2. ||hobo drew, 33% of votes||

General Awards:
The RA2 Wizard Award: Geese(8) / TheRoboteer(5) / Cringe / Botbuster

Funniest User: Cringey(6) / HoboDrew(2) / Hoppin(3) / J / Rob / Robo

Friendliest and Kindest: ThatDiscordGuy(6) / Jazz / Drew / Neon / F1 / Bild / Orc(3)

Most Bizarre: Jay(2) / Draker / Nicky / Butbuster(2) / Rob(3) / ACE(2) / Rhys / NH(2) / Bloodys / Kdestroyer

Most Helpful: Robo(7) / Nicky (3) / geese

Most Enthusiastic: Autobot Jazz(2) / Cringey / TDG(4) / Nicky(2) / KDestry

Most Improved Member: TDG / Drew(10) / Nicky (2) / Doot / Kiddelta

Best Newcomer: Autobot Jazz(13) / Kdestroyer / SamFM

Best Advice: TheRoboteer (7) / Badnik / geese(2)

Most Missed: Plerco(14) / Sev / Somebody

Best Emoji: :juicer:(3) / :puke: / :kek:(4) / robotnik ones / :enforcer /:reallymakesyouthink:(2) / :heck:

RA2 Awards:

Most Unique Bots: Hard Bot / Neon(2) / TDG(2) / Toaster(6) / Arcane / 8bean / Orc

Best Bot Skinner: Neon(3) / Redace(5) / Superbomb / Bild(2)

Best IRL Builder: Drew(3) / Robo(5) / CodRed / geese(2) / Bild

Best Released Mod/Innovation: 2.4/CrashPatch(16) /

Tournament Awards:

Best Tournament overall of 2020: Deathmatch 6(8) / WWRA2 / OW4(2) / AT1 / Hangargames

Best New Tournament Host: Nabi(2) / Nicky(5) / ForceOfWill / Lilly / SamFM / Cringey

Best BOTM Winner: Blitz(3) / Fallacy by Drew (8) / Groudon(2)

Best Tournament based on editing: Deathmatch 6(10) / HangarGames(2) / Pathfinder II / OW4

Best Tournament based on matches: Deathmatch 6(5) / HangarGames(2) / WWRA2 / Shellshock / OW4 / AT2

Robot Arena 2 Hall of Fame: Total Votes 15
HoboDrew (5)
RedAce (4)


--- Quote from: 09090901 on December 27, 2020, 06:11:31 PM --- Best New Tournament Host: Nabi(2) / Nicky(5) / ForceOfWill / Lilly / SamFM / Cringey
--- End quote ---
Surprised that anyone would vote for me on that after extreme build rules.

evil toaster:
Blame Jay, not me


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