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Attachment Image System Tutorial

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It's recommended for newbies. well alternatively, you can use imgur (or any kind of image host site) to post image, just put [IMG] tag between the image link and you are set!

UPDATE: what doomworld tf is that

So first thing first, do you see the "Attachments and other options" below the Text box? Click on that and you will see this:


You will see some options and an Attach Feature, Ignore other options and go ahead choose a file.
After you did that, make sure to click on (Insert Attachment #) (# is a number).


Now in the Text Box, you will see this:


Now go ahead type anything (but don't touch the "attachment id=# msg=#) and post it.
Now you learnt how to attach an image into a Text Box, Now go ahead and enjoy posting some IRL Bot!


Hope this helps! (probably) btw I used this system alot since it was introduced.


Click on "Attachments and other options". If you cannot find it, It it located under the text box.
Click on it and locate "Attach".

Click on "Choose File" and choose which file you want to upload (Image, Bot, Mona etc.) and click "Insert Attachment #"

You're done, enjoy posting bot in your showcase.
So Apanx decied to replace image uploader with Attachment now, I decided to make this tutorial. Hi! Welcome to Attachment Image System Tutorial! This is where you learn how to insert image from Attachment System. If you don't want to use attachment system, um... Just use imgur or something familiar. If you are looking for this, this is a right place!

Some are you don't know how to do that but I show you. Ok.

To insert Image form attachment:

Step One:

Open Attachments and other options

Step Two:

Choose a File

Step Three:

Click (Insert Attachment #) (# are the number 0-99)


(This is my gran turismo 6 GTR lol)
You're done


--- Quote from: WenXiangLee on September 21, 2017, 07:46:04 PM ---You're done

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Omae wa mou shinderu?

Nice tutorial, the new attachment system isn’t exactly intuitive.


based wen help us all

Thank you based wen


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