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Help me keep GTM site up (PAID TILL 3/19)

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OK,  I told you guys last year I am tired of paying ..... The bill is due 190.80

Those that can help can send anything to my paypal and I will keep the site going.

If I get enough to cover the bill I will post here that it is payed and we will be good to go for 2 more years.

Send what you can to paypal and I will keep it up till next bill is due.

I am RETIRED and not gonna support you guys any longer ...... going fishing!

Ever considered selling the site to one of the members?

As much as I would like to pay the bill.. i'm not old enough to have a credit card.. or to have a job.. But in 2019.. call me..

I can take over hosting the site. Then you won't have to pay in the future.

Bloody hell, we could be coming up to the end...

We need a charity pool here.


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