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Robot Rumble 2 is a 3D robot combat simulation game currently under development by Nerd Island Studios, LLC.  The game is a labor of love by several members of the GameTechMods community, and we are excited to announce our public Alpha release during the live filming of BuggleBots 2018.  We are shooting for a release date of fall, 2019.  Join the conversation here on GameTechMods, follow us on Twitter at @robot_rumble, and most importantly, sign up to join the closed beta at

Build in the BotLab: Create custom parts from scratch with our built-in 3D modeling tool, combine those parts with prebuilt components to build a robot, then use sensors and logic to design your robot's AI for battle!
Fight in the Arenas:  AI vs AI, AI vs Player, or Player vs Player in local multiplayer matches

But... Will it run on Vulkan API?
Actually, Awesome work. Hope to see this become next big robot figgting game.
Keep up the good work!

Very cool to see another person have a crack at this. Keep us posted, this is the kind of stuff that the majority of the forum would be super interested in!

Nice work there! Very impressed.

It's cool that you are trying to make it a simulator, rather than just a game.

I see that the wheels are very smooth, how did you achieved that? Did you use one of the standard colliders or something else?

Since we don't have gaming rigs at school, I am attempting to achieve as much detail as possible while maintaining 60 fps gameplay.  Here are some screenshots showing some models I am working on.

AmpFlow A28-400 gearmotor (modeled in Blender, textured in Substance Painter):

Welded 3/4" square tubular steel frame showing 5/16" hex bolts and 1/8" steel plate (modeled in Blender):


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