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Having gotten to doing stuff in this game, might as well make one of these.

So here's my first RR2 bot, Sentinal. Been long since I've build anything in any game.

Been having just 1 issue now with him. When driving, with or without weapon, it seems to hop up with the front from time to time. Anyone got any ideas on what causes such behavior?

That’s a really cool design. The most likely reason for your bot bouncing around would probably be because friction isn’t fully accurate yet.

Accurate on what part and how to fix it? I'm a little confused.

Annoyingly the hopping around also causes the disk to just slow down a lot.

Sorry. Screwed up my sentence. Should be updated now

Oh, right then. So this is more in part with what's yet to be fixed, I take it.
I still want to enter this bot, but I do wonder if AI knows how to self-right. I haven't looked at the AI adding stuff yet myself.


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