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Since this is a thing now...

I'll start with Fait Accompli. I finally got round to giving it the proper toothed scoop that the original RA2 build had, and it's still just barely within the unofficial 110kg weight limit (it weighs 109.96kg). Armour is now 3mm steel all round, save the weapon bulkheads, which are 5mm aluminium. It also only has one battery, so it's screwed as soon as battery life is implemented. Looks good, though!


With the new update adding Etek motors, weapon belts, and a green-screen feature, I'm gonna go through and gradually update my bots one at a time. First up is Spitfire.


Same 37kg disc, now Etek-powered. Takes a few seconds to spin up, and it can't drive forward and turn at the same time, but from what I'm seeing and hearing from other players, 81kJ is a serious amount of power. It's actually geared down slightly just so it spins up at a reasonable rate.

I love how the dimensions are listed on the new Overview screen, it's a neat touch.


--- Quote from: F1Krazy on August 03, 2019, 06:01:09 PM ---from what I'm seeing and hearing from other players, 81kJ is a serious amount of power.

--- End quote ---

You are like little baby. Watch this.


...I'm gonna need to gear this thing down. Every time I hit something it spins helplessly in circles for a few seconds while the weapon spins back up.

CodeSliver's tourney reminded me to finish updating Absolute Zero, so here it is:


It may have half the power of Spitfire, but it's still enough to send heavyweights flying into the air and across the Test Arena. Which is very satisfying to do, might I add. The front wedge is a separate component made of 4mm steel, and the wedgelets are 5mm steel.

I've spent several hours refining my drisc bot, given it a lick of paint, and a new name:


The armour is overkill and the weapon is pathetic, so I might see if I can drop it down to a middleweight (54kg). But I've poured enough time into it for now, so that can wait for another day.


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