Author Topic: Hobbyweight tips needed  (Read 221 times)

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Hobbyweight tips needed
« on: December 09, 2017, 07:30:41 AM »

So I've been thinking of building myself a robot IRL, and would like a few tips on the matter.

What I'm hoping the bot will be like:
-Hobbyweight, as per the title (biggest bot Western Allied Robotics - biggest-name bot competition near me - runs)
-Basic design I was thinking of is an Original Sin-style wedge... except really really fast (thinking 25-30+ MPH, or whatever qualifies as really fast for Hobbyweights). I was also thinking of enclosed wheels with the side panels curved outwards (with the threefold purpose of 1) Not having something flat for spinners to bite into. 2) Giving the wheels/internals some space in case the sides do buckle, and 3) Not having a flat surface on which to get immobilized.

Do you guys have any recommendations for what I should get to get this guys started? Would there possibly be any kits for what I'm thinking of?

P.S: This is another question I've been thinking of, which I may or may not implement into the above depending on the answer: I figure in this era of Hardox that static spikes are not gonna be any good... but what about a static bludgeon? Like, a big, blunt object on the front of the bot with which to ram into the other guy and hopefully cause internal damage?

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Re: Hobbyweight tips needed
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2017, 12:31:39 PM »
Thoughts from someone who's never built a hobby weight or a wedge, just feather and beetle spinners.

25-30 is gonna be rough to control, so practice will be needed. You may also need magnets to be able to get to speed quickly rather than just doing mad burnouts. Not sure of any kits but a 4wd brick shouldn't be hard to put together. As for a bludgeon, whatever you put together should be very very solid, so the front should effectively act like a bludgeon either way. Whether it is a wedge or a flat brick. Putting something on that is really solid just means you need a really really solid mount for it so it doesn't absorb all of the force of a spinner hit and just get blown off the robot.

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Re: Hobbyweight tips needed
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2017, 01:55:12 PM »
25mph is going to be nigh-uncontrollable, 20 is difficult enough without magnets in a heavyweight sized arena.

Realistically a rammer is never going to do internal damage to something that's built decently, especially in smaller weight classes. You're going to be looking largely for controlling fights to get wins via judges or using the arena hazards (if it has any).