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 Quick update on the progress of the AMT as I keep forgetting to keep you guys updated!

We have the beginnings of Active Hazard support in the ways of "Button" (Pit Release) and "Trigger" (Flipper) style hazards. These use the inbuilt Unity Animation Controller Component which opens up a lot of possibilities for the user without having to resort to complex coding. Multiple animations can be triggered (As seen with the Pit Release also modifying the lighting) at the same time and I'll also be adding in support to play sounds when triggered (so you can have an alarm when the pit is released or a violent thud with your hammer). As you can also see from the video the Countdown Timer is now working as expected.

The final step to bring the new arena system up to the same level as the old system is to get the FreeCam working and then it's just a bit of polishing work.

EDIT: I apparently don't know how to use the attachment system so have a YouTube vid instead

With Kupa's addition of the extended Arena Selector screen, there may be some new Arena's popping up soon....

Watch this space ;)
Trust me, you guys are in for a treat! As a little extra to this: Custom Arenas now support preview images so now they can stand out with even more customisation!

Where can I download the arena builder and CMT?
The CMT is going to be tackled after the ArenaModTool. Neither are available yet, but once the documentation is in a place where it is user friendly, and the framework for the AMT is done I think the plan is to create a GitHub project for it as that will allow for easy maintenance and updating as well as allowing you guys to potentially collaborate with the creation of new features and such.

Just a quick update from me on the first pass of the new Arena handling system.
The very basic framework for all the systems are in place now so soon enough you should
be seeing all new arenas using the new system!

As I said before I am expecting the first internal release to be ready for February and have
started on the documentation to help even Unity Novices get the most out of the tool, so
hopefully the first public release won't be too far away (no promises though).

Alongside all this I've updated the UI for the arena selection in order to add in the ability to
scroll through the list in preparation for the no doubt countless stages you guys will come up with!

Hey all!

So for the past couple weeks or so I've been working on bringing the previously discussed ArenaModTool to reality. cjbruce was kind enough to invite me to join the dev team in order to bring the idea to life so I thought it best to keep you guys updated on the progress!

At the moment most of the work has been done on the backend framework, so we have full export/import support for modded arenas. Next I need to work on updating the UI in the BattleBotSelection screen in order to dynamically add the new arena(s) to the menu and then work will commence on adding in extra features for the created arena(s) to bring them up to the same spec as the current built in arenas.

Here is a quick example of an arena I threw together in a couple of minutes with the bear minimum for it to be playable just to test things in the ModTool:

And here is the same arena running in game:

Just because the Arena I'm using to test interactions and get everything running is simple don't think that is the limit! Thanks to Unity's excellent support for 3D models and advanced lighting you can pretty much make anything you can think of! If you guys have any questions, suggestions, or want to know anything about the project just drop me a message here or on the Discord.

1# From what ive heard, noone likes the blur at all
2# I need more explanations as atm i dont see it too useful
3# Is impulse really necessary
4# Im sure you could do it easily, what counts as bite?
1) the blur could do with being a bit toned down imo, but I personally like it
2) the blur circle creates a single large, non-rotating, collider object. This is a lot easier to track; is more accurate; and less resource intensive than tracking the colliders of each individual part of a spinner. This solves the issue that comes with rapid rotation (or translation) of an object within the game engine in that it never actually travels between point A and B in between frames and just teleports instantly between them. Without the cylinder anything between A and B wouldn't count as being hit and thus could "phase" through the weapon in an unrealistic fashion
3) impulse is what makes the bots fly apart on hit, essentially the simulation of force/physics
4) "bite" in this instance would be the depth of the impact on the other bot, I believe

Showcases / Re: Powerrave's whatever
« on: December 28, 2019, 12:50:11 PM »
Oh I love the shape and the little details. I may give AI'ing it a go. Amazing work yet again, my dude.

New build is building right now.  While we wait:

[Changed] When a motor breaks off, the whole assembly comes as a single rigid object.  This eliminates some weird behavior where the motor is inside the chassis connected via a hinge joint to everything else outside the chassis.  The whole mess would just bounce around bizarrely.

[Changed] When a component is broken off, it is given a random velocity.  This should help eliminate the weird floating that is occurring for broken components.

[Bug Fix] Broken off objects no longer spin when you press a control button.

[Bug Fix] Eliminated the second copy of the chassis armor plates that weren't being scaled correctly when chassis was scaled.

[Bug Fix] Fixed problem with the heading slider always snapping back to zero when you came back to the Robot Workshop.

[Bug Fix] Added Steel physics material to flywheel to prevent it from sliding all over the place when it breaks off.

[Bug Fix] If a motor has limits, the blur cylinder is no longer added.

NOTE - The above is making physics run faster for lots of robots.

The motor breaking change, alongside the blur cylinder fix is amazing. Great work!. Now go and enjoy the holidays, you madman

Also, on the topic of modding: 

1.We still have the RR2 Component Modding Tool project on the back burner.  The idea is to make all of the in-game components using the tool.

2. We also could really use an open source arena builder tool.

Both of these have languished in the vaporware stage because we are down just @tashic and me for development.  Would you be interested in picking up one (or both) of these projects?  I would like to put them up on github when they are ready.

I mean if you have the start of the projects and can put up with me asking technical questions/asking for access to parts of the source of RR2 I'd be more than happy to take on these in my spare time.

Funnily enough my next question was going to be about implementing arenas as dynamically loaded AssetBundles so this is exactly what I had in mind for the future.

Over the past week or so I've been working on integrating an open source mod api in to Robot Rumble that allows non-destructive mod injection using the Harmony Library. I just have a couple of technical questions to help with mod development in the future. I'll start for now with this one:

Do you know if there is a method that is called on each scene load outside of the default sceneLoaded event? I'm working on a roundabout fix for the resolution issue and it seems that a method that triggers (potentially on Awake()) on scene load is causing the resolution to be set incorrectly but I haven't been successful in finding it. Also its just occurred to me as I'm writing that such a global hook would be very useful for modding if it did exist.

The main thing is that you can hit an opponent with a wheel, and the part may fall off. Everything that is not a weapon prolly shouldnt deal damage.
As for the damage multiplier, i think you should also add 5% and 10% because 25 might still be too high

I have built a "Fire Pit Fix" for the current version and now at 50% and even 100% damage slider it feels right for my bots at least. Something about the way the fire pit was dealing damage (mostly a lot of it every frame) was causing issues with durability. I think that is what was causing the problems with the lighter parts health being seemingly out of scale also.

    I'm not too sure the damage slider is working when set to 0% as parts still seem to fall off but again that could be down to the flame pit mentioned earlier
Okay, after a bit of testing I can say the damage slider is working apart from the fire pit issue, however it seems that even on 200% that bot chassis are now immune to damage completely. House robots still take damage correctly but custom bots cannot be killed now, is this expected behaviour?

Following that train of logic, what if component destructibility isn't possible at all.  Is the game better if the entire robot is just one big bag of hit points?  Everything works perfectly until the robot is dead?
I think component destructibility is a major feature that needs to stay in the game, however the current handling could use tweaks. One thought I had is to have each tree of components form a bag of HP and once that is depleted then the entire tree falls off? Somewhat similar to the previous updates handling, but using the total tree health instead of just the weakest parts.

Would it always be optimal to just make the entire robot one group so that nothing ever falls off?
Unfortunately there are always going to be people that optimise the fun out of any system, but I don't personally think that should be a reason not to do something.

3. for the damage. Maybe you could make an option to couple up few smaller parts to turn it into a bigger part. this way you could avoid losing a fair bit of parts because one small part that was holding the weapon together reached 0hp

This is a genius idea, the ability to combine multiple custom shapes into one composite component would make a huge difference to building and styling.

The new build is live!  It is dated 12December2019, and includes the features and fixes in the preceding post.  Yay alliteration!

First impressions on the damage system are great, however I have noticed a couple of bugs.
  • Bots need to be saved in the new build (this is as simple as adding then removing a component) or they are weak as hell
  • The flame pit in Test Arena causes smaller pieces to be removed instantly, even at 0% damage
  • If a component breaks off of a spinner it no longer calculates the Weapon_Blur_Cylinder
  • I'm not too sure the damage slider is working when set to 0% as parts still seem to fall off but again that could be down to the flame pit mentioned earlier

Mirroring works great, alongside the changes to the rubber material. All in all a great update!

It's great to see that custom wheels should be working a lot better now, and that damage multiplier slider is going to come in incredibly handy!

What other saving isn't working?
As Kix mentioned the video settings seem to bounce back to default on every scene change so it seems the current resolution isn't being stored/read correctly.

At the moment, I'm using a hacky fix by injecting a script that sets the window size on awake() 😅

While we are on the subject of hacky fixes I'm working on; is there any plans for the ability to toggle the UI in a match? I, personally, would love to be able to disable it (especially the massive amount of screen space the free look camera panel takes up) for recording matches.

There isn't a toggle switch in the settings right now.  My thought is that the entire damage system will be based on parts falling off.
Yeah, I was thinking as a sort of debug option while the damage system is being worked on, so we don't need to utilise things such as the "wheelfix" if things aren't working as planned.

That being said, I consider people modifying the game to be the greatest possible form of flattery.  I just want to feel like people are getting their money's worth when it finally does go on sale.
That's good to hear, I was a little worried about toeing the line when it came to making modifications. Glad to see a Dev that embraces the possibilities of mods!

PS - How are your Unity/art skills? :)
Well I studied Digital Graphic/Motion Design along with Software Development in college and have used Unity a bit over the years for little hobby projects. So not a pro, but not a complete noob either really.

Glad to see you are back bruce! The new damage handling is looking very nice, cannot wait to play around with it. Would it be possible to add a toggle in the settings to disable parts breaking off in future versions?

As Kix mentioned we have been poking around in the assembled code and I have made a modification to disable the parts falling off for the current version (as it is a bit dodgy as you know). I just wanted to ask what your opinion is on people potentially modifying the game?

Showcases / Re: KupaTec RR2 Showcase
« on: December 12, 2019, 12:16:08 PM »
That looks pretty neat. But does it also taste like peppermint?
So far it just tastes of steel and pain 😂
Aight sign me up for it.

Also Hermit seems pretty cool. Are you entering that in SvL too?

Thanks, and yes; Hermit is my third entry for SvL 2, just trying to throw some diversity in to the mix with a flipper/lifter despite the fact it'll get destroyed haha

Showcases / Re: KupaTec RR2 Showcase
« on: December 12, 2019, 06:23:53 AM »
That looks pretty neat. But does it also taste like peppermint?
So far it just tastes of steel and pain 😂

Hermit is a pretty basic front hinged flipper with incredible speed and durability.
Powered by 4 A40-300s geared for speed with a fifth geared down to 10:0.2 for the flipper.
While it doesn't really have the power to throw bots it can easily flip them over and push them
around the arena, holding them against walls and hazards, or even ramming them straight to the pit.
Hard to out-manoeuvre and even harder to dodge don't let Hermit get the drop on you.

Hermit utilises my HAMMER AI so it can be entered in to AI tourneys with full functionality.

Showcases / Re: Minthemad's RR2 Showcase
« on: December 10, 2019, 08:06:46 AM »
These all look absolutely incredible, especially love the detailing on Last Stand. Can't wait to see more

Robot Rumble 2.0 / Re: Robot Rumble 2.0 AI Thread
« on: December 07, 2019, 06:40:54 PM »
Just now went to try again either way, despite saying in my own showcase I didn't want to. Seemed to work fine now. May have been a 1 time thing. Still, has to have come from somewhere.

Oh man I'm glad to see you got it working. Hopefully we will see your beaut in SvL? I'll keep seeing if I can replicate it but it's good to know it may have been a one off thing.

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