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Good lord, this still exists!

I have the first 4 weeks recorded completely and will be uploading on a consistent 2 day per week (at minimum) schedule.

A couple of small notes as to my setbacks: My experimental version of the RG2 arena is providing me with more errors than anticipated, so I won't use it this season; hoping to work out the problems asap. And voice recording/syncing continues to be a massive problem. Hopefully solved in time for next season since I'll be getting a new apartment & with it, new equipment come April.

The light is officially green for Season 3 recordings & airings! Stay tuned for the first week of fights in a long, long season.

A spreadsheet listing every robot & their fight schedule (to the right of their name) and an Imgur album of every competing robot has been added to the OP. Here are the links in this post as well:

Our first set of fights should be the following; for now, I tabbed over the ones that may be highlighted. Keep in mind, I will highlight certain fights in each "episode"; however, each and every fight will be posted individually in-full to the channel.

The Linings v. Tipping Point
Twisted Fate 2 v. Twisted Fate Reborn
Top Cat v. Jaguar
   Smashtacean v. Azure
Claymore v. Deadgn4ws
Frog Man Frog v. FPF 2.0
   Hangover v. Astatine
   ReVoltage v. Touka-chan
   Zayzo v. Craplectic
Midnight v. Lights Out
   Reptilium v. Super Jalapeno Ant
   Tracked-On v. Spearmint
Ring Ring Evo v. Tribe Called Quest
   Relictus v. Vivacious C
   Waaaghboss v. Bot Shooter
Razor v. Ephemera
   Shadehunter v. Darkrai II
Flatline 3 v. Lidar
Shredder 2 v. Astronaut 13^2

Active Tournaments / Re: Mech Madness Season 3 - SIGNUPS END OCTOBER 31st!
« on: November 01, 2019, 10:33:52 AM »
Koi, I think yours should be ok!

I'm running a bit behind in reviewing everything, I came down with strep early this week and had no medical help here on vacation; so it's been rough. I will work as fast as I can!

Just a few days more until signups close, wanted to make sure everyone interested has time to message me!

Active Tournaments / Re: Mech Madness Season 3 - SIGNUPS END OCTOBER 31st!
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:48:23 AM »
Just checking but are you using damaging wedgelets or the non-damaging ones?

The ol' damage dealing ones  :puke:

I don't mind them too much though. The only time they get obnoxious is static-wedgelet-on-chassis push til KO fights, which are fortunately getting rarer and rarer.

Just posting an update here to confirm that the final date of signups is October 31st! Every robot must be submitted before 11:59 EST. Obviously, if I need you to correct something that would otherwise make your entry violate the rules or lead to it not functioning, I can give a little leeway there.

Additionally, I've spoiler-tagged a list of the 110 Season 3 entries I've received thus far in the OP. If you don't see yours at first glance, don't worry! Expect even more to be confirmed in the coming weeks. :)

when do you know if you got accepted?

Just PMed you. Even if something isn't acceptable as of yet, plenty of time to rework it.

Also, I'm kinda getting to these as I can. Mondays & Tuesdays are probably the days you won't hear from me until Tuesday night, because I'm quite busy with IRL work all day. :)

It's great to see everyone interested in entering, especially newer faces! :)

I have read over the new rule changes multiple times and think that MM3 is now ready to begin accepting robot applications! I'm hoping to fix some issues I had with the RoboGames arena last time and turn the trenches into actual OotA zones during the next 2 weeks. When that happens, I'll set an end date for signups. Tentatively looking at the middle of October, though possibly later.

Mech Madness is now looking for new applicants for Season 3! After a wild Season 2 successfully wrapped up under a new format, I made the announcement that entries will be accepted for next season right up until a TBA due-date. I am currently making some technical changes to how the MM edit of the RoboGames arena functions with OotAs and multibots; once this is complete, an end date for signups will officially be announced. But definitely start sending your robot design files & any AI to me as soon as you please!




I'll record fights first, then cut them as necessary, then add in commentary & post-graphics.

Bracket and Album of Season 1 Competitors:

Album of Season 2 Competitors:

Ongoing Spreadsheet of Season 2 Fight Records:

Season 2 World Championship Tournament Bracket:

A major thank you and credit to the following builders for their contributions!:

^Totally understood.
But yeah, I'll be stepping up entry restrictions for Season 3.

Anyways, here's the concluding episode, every fight from the Round of 16 right through to the final match!

Hope you all had a great time watching! I'm so grateful to you all.

In other news, deadline for Season 3 entries is open-ended as of now, and contingent on when I am able to make the edits to the RG arena I'm trying to make (creating KO zone registration in the OotA trenches), but I will accept entries anytime starting now, with unlimited revisions! Just PM me or review the thread I'll be creating later for build rule updates. :)


To be concise and not put too much of my personal opinion into the subject, elements of this season that have failed my own expectations are actively being addressed for next season.

At a little quicker pace than I've been used to for the rest of the season, here's the Round of 32 in it's entirety!

Part 2 of Round 1  :popcorn  :

(Double post for premiere link!)


It was very, very close to being included in the field. I really thought it would make it in after it's conference performance, but dropping 2 chances to get wins out-of-conference made the difference.

For everyone:

Tonight's episode is going to premiere live on the Youtube channel shortly! Hope you all enjoy the first half of this round!

The field has been chosen and starting soon (likely next Tuesday), 64 robots will fight to the death for a World Championship crown!.

Here's the bracket:

And as a double-upload tonight, here's the final array of non-conference fights!:

The time has come for our final Conference episode. The Pacific Islands Conference crowns our last conference champion for the season now!:

Non-Conference Special #8 is up! 11 fights, 10 more Non-Con matchups & a Conference to go before the grand tournament!

Almost through the regular season! Here's the Pacific Coast Conference:

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