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I decided that I'll run a series of RA2 tutorials in the form of youtube shorts alongside sakura sunrise 2.  These tutorials will mostly be around skinning and IRL building, but I may also sometimes do one about a different area of RA2.

Skinning tutorials

Building tutorials (no BFE)


Software and other stuff used in tutorials

Active Tournaments / Sakura Sunrise 2
« on: January 06, 2023, 07:09:10 AM »
sakura sunrise 2.png

Its time to go again.

Competition format
Three weightclasses: MW, CW and HW
24 MWs, 48 CWs, 48 HWs (4, 6 and 8 seeds respectively)
Elimination brackets w/ qualifiers: first fight for every bot is a 1v1 qualifier, the winner goes into the bracket, the loser goes into the last chance rumbles.  Winners of the last chance rumbles make up the lowest quarter seeds (13-16 in MW, 25-32 in CW and HW) in each weightclass’ bracket.
Brackets are single elimination
Each bracket will have a third place playoff, and possibly also a 5-8th place playoff
Two entries per person per weightclass plus any seeds you have

Battle rules
3 minute fights
Custom arena: the temple 2.0
I will be willing to take a fight up to 10 times in the event of a havok, crash or pin ending the fight.  If I’m unable to get a clean finish within 10 takes, the bot which caused the majority of the invalid finishes will lose the fight by DQ.
A havok ending a fight will be counted as one that either KOs a bot directly or causes the bot to be KO’d by its opponent (the opponent scores a KO hit that would not have happened at that exact point if it wasn’t for the havok)
A bot will be deemed instantly KOd if OOTAd
If a bot loses all of its wheels or all of one of the following are floating: control board, batteries, drive motors, weapon motors, weapons, a 10 second count out will start
A bot will be counted out if it fails to show controlled movement for 30 seconds (i.e. spikeballing, failure to self-right, crabwalking but not closing the distance on its opponent).  Self-righting attempts that are clearly interrupted by the opponent will not count towards the 30 seconds.
If a fight lasts all 3 minutes, then a judges decision will take place, splitting 5 points in each of three categories between all remaining bots: damage, aggression, control

Build rules:

AI rules
Providing your own AI is encouraged but not required and are banned
To use engage tactic, rammers must have smartzones for pushing their opponent, like what has
If your bot cannot be AId w/ any of the .py files included in the base DSL 2.6 install, you must AI the bot yourself and send me the .py you used.
If you use a .py not included in the base DSL 2.6 install to AI your bot, you must send me the .py you used.  The sole exception to this is, since I already have it from last time.

Bot types
If you enter two bots into the same weightclass, both of those bots must be of different types.  For example, you can’t enter two verts into the HWs, but you can enter one into each weightclass.  Seeded bots don’t affect this, so if you have a HS seeded, that won’t stop you from entering a HS unseeded into the same weightclass.  Bot types are listed below:
Vertical spinners (includes wedged drums), irl examples: Bite Force, Witch Doctor, Aftershock
Wedgeless drums (includes eggbeaters), irl examples: Minotaur, Concussion, Yeti
Horizontal spinners, irl examples: Tombstone, SOW, Gigabyte
Rear-hinged and 4-bar flippers/lifters, irl examples: Apollo, Bronco, Lucky
Front-hinged and top-hinged flippers/lifters, irl examples: Firestorm, P1, Push To Exit
Axes/hammers, irl examples: Beta, Thor, Shatter
Overhead saws/hammer saws, irl examples: Sawblaze, Skorpios, Starchild
Crushers/grabbers (clamps in general), irl examples: Razer, Quantum, Kraken
Rammers, both wedgebots and wedgeless, irl examples: Original Sin, Tornado, Road Block
Pokers, irl examples: Spawn of Scutter
Drills, irl examples: Rusty
Thwackbots, irl examples: Stinger, Gabriel, Overkill
If a bot has two active weapons that fall into different categories (i.e. Whiplash, Fusion), you will be asked which one is the primary weapon if you don’t state it when you send me the bot.  If a config bot’s configs fall into different categories based on their primary weapon (i.e. Bombshell, Tornado), you will be asked which one is the primary config if you don’t state it when you send me the bot.

Entry list:

Signups open 20 january.

Tournament Archives / Sakura Sunrise - in-season
« on: May 09, 2021, 10:30:15 AM »

Sakura Sunrise is a DSL IRL tournament featuring five weightclasses and a fight card format w/ a points scoring system similar to what I did in the round robins for War of the Weapons.

Competition format
Five weight classes (LW, MW, CW, HW and SHW)
Episodes will be fight cards consisting of a mix of each weight class
Each bot gets a set number of randomly drawn fights (the number of fights depends on how many bots are entered into its weight class) and points will be scored based on the result of the fight and added to a league table
Points per fight outcome are as follows: 3 for win by KO or DQ, 2 for win by JD, 1 for loss by JD, 0 for loss by KO or DQ
You are allowed to enter a maximum of one bot into each weightclass

Battle rules
3 minute fights
Custom arena: the temple
If a havok ends a fight or alters its course or the game crashes, I will retake the fight
I will retake the fight between 5 and 10 times (depending how long each take lasts before being cut short) before restarting w/ the time rounded to the nearest minute at the time of the havok/crash
I will not be retaking fights if nothing happens (i.e. 3mins of wedgelocking or both bots spinning in circles), in this case I will just speed up the footage
A bot will be deemed KOd if it is sent out of the arena, has its chassis destroyed, is counted out by the game, spikeballs or fails to self-right for 30 seconds (this will be extended if the opponent gets in the way), loses all its wheels (a 10 second count out will start when the last wheel is removed) or takes damage that will cause it to cease to function realistically (i.e. Oreo Hurricane against Black Hazard in HBBQ2 or Lindorm against Intergalactic in hangargames)
If a bot causes too many havoks that end or alter the course of a fight, it will be DQd from the match.

AI rules
Providing your own AI is encouraged, but not required is banned
Rammers are not allowed to use or w/ engage tactic
You are welcome to use a custom .py on your bot as long as you send it to me alongside the AI
If you do not AI your own bot, it must be possible to AI w/ a .py included in the base DSL 2.4 download
If I deem your custom .py to be too OP or game breaking, I will reject it

Build rules

Tech checks
The following tech checks will be carried out on all bots entered
Botfiles will be checked and any weapon/motor limits being exceeded or illegal components/BFE will be noted
Run through Silverfish’s bot scanner to confirm any cheating via use of cheatbot2 or BFE
Extenderbots will be put through the bot exporter to confirm if any components the scanner says were BFEd to be chassis mounted are chassis mounted
The bot will be checked in the botlab to make sure nothing clips illegally and everything is adequately supported
The bot’s entire weapon setup will be disassembled to check for stacking
The bot will be driven in the test arena to make sure everything is wired properly
OBJ bots will be tested in battle to make sure they don’t crash the game from taking a single hit (more than 200 faces on the chassis), but if it crashes from a control board hit (more than 86 faces), it will just be deemed KOd if this occurs in the competition

Signups are now open and have a deadline of 24 june.
Entries list:
Please send your entries either through pms on GTM or dms on discord @Lilleh__#0625

Tournament Archives / War of the Weapons - finished
« on: November 07, 2020, 07:02:38 AM »
I was gonna wait abit longer before announcing this, but I couldn't resist the urge anymore, so just gonna let it out now.

wotw logo.png

Competition format
20 bots, separated into five heats of four based on weapon types.
Heat A will be spinners, heat B will be flippers and lifters, heat C will be axes and hammers, heat D will be rammers, heat E will be everything else.
The heats will be round robin, at the end of which, the two bots w/ the most points will advance to the heat final, the winner of which advances to the grand final.
The grand final will see the five heat winners face off in a five-way round robin, at the end of which, the two bots w/ the most points will advance to a championship match, the winner of which will be declared the champion.

Signups for this tournament are not first come first serve.  Instead, any bots entered that are legal will be added into one of five pools of bots depending on their weapon type, which after signups close, four bots from each pool will be picked to take part in the main competition and fight in the corresponding heat.  Due to all bots of the same weapon type selected for the main competition fighting in the same heat, if a person enters two bots, they must fall into different pools based on their weapon type.
Each person is allowed to enter a maximum of two bots.
Any bots that are legal but not selected for the main competition will fight against other reserves in a rumble or 1v1 match at the end of the series (depending on how many reserves, maybe even a single elimination mini tournament to qualify for the next series’ main competition if there is one).
I will form a panel of two or three other ppl to select the bots for the main competition from each pool when signups are closed, we will be selecting bots to compete based on the following criteria:
Aesthetics - I want bots that look cool to be fighting for the championship
Prior tournament success - this is a good sign of a bot being able to compete well w/ others, so it can therefore help its chances of being picked
Effort - low effort or tryhard bots are less likely to be picked
Signups will close when all five pools contain four or more bots.

Build rules are in this doc:

Battle rules
I’m hoping for the competition to take place in a custom arena, modified from the 2016 RW arena in terms of starting positions, hazards (and maybe low walls removed depending on feedback).  However, if I’m unable to get this arena finished within a reasonable time frame, then I will use the standard 2016 RW arena instead.
Fights will have a 3 minute time limit, w/ JDs being marked on a score card to determine who wins.
The judging criteria are damage, aggression and control, for each of which 5pts will be split between the two bots.
A bot will be deemed KOd and the fight will end when a bot is flipped out of the arena, has its chassis destroyed, fails to show controlled movement for 20secs, has all of its wheels/tracks removed or takes damage that would cause it to fall apart irl.
I will allow the fight to continue after a havok if it is minor and doesn’t cause the fight to end or the bot which was on top prior to be on the back foot.
I will try to avoid including havok restarts as the final take of a fight as much as I can, but after 10 or so attempts if I still don’t have a take that doesn’t require a restart, I will choose the one that went the longest before requiring one to be included in the final cut and restart the fight rounded to the nearest minute remaining on the clock at the time of havok/crash.
I will also do retakes in the event of alot of nothing happening in a fight, bc nobody wants boring fights.

All legal bots that have been entered are logged in this spreadsheet:
Signups are now open.  Max of two entries per person, if you do enter two, both must fit into different categories in the spreadsheet.  I will only be taking entries through pms on GTM or dms on discord @Lilleh__#0625, so make sure to send your bots through one of those two.  I'm looking forward to seeing what gets entered.

Tournament Archives / Battlebots Simulator - new eps available
« on: June 25, 2020, 03:27:33 PM »
I came up w/ this idea when BB filming was postponed, and last week decided to go ahead w/ it.

The rules I set myself:
- The external appearance must be IRL, internal clipping doesn't matter as the reps in the pack itself have such clipping.
- Reps in the 2019 BB pack will be used, and if the bot isn't in that pack, I will port it over from the 2018 pack.  Any yet to appear on the discovery seasons or the reps of in the pack break the external IRL appearance I will build a rep of myself.
- Due to the reps in the pack don't seem to follow a hard weight limit, neither will my reps to even the playing field.
- cheatbot2 use is prevalent in the reps in the pack, so I haven't banned any components outright, but will use non-cb2 parts where I can get a reasonable degree of accuracy both aesthetically and functionally.
- I will only customise components for my reps where needed for aesthetic accuracy.

Match rules:
- 3 minute fights.
- in the event of a JD, the points will be the same as in proper BB; 3 for damage, 2 each for aggression and control.  Any form of aggression will count.
- If a bot is KOd by a havok, broken physics cause other weird stuff or the game crashes, the fight will be restarted rounded to the nearest minute.  Second time such a thing happens will be a JD.
- The arena used will be the robogames arena reskinned to the battlebox which is in the pack.

Bots which will be represented by a replica, 48 bots which have had their participation in the 2020 season publicly confirmed:

Ep 1 fight card:
ep 1 card.png

I'm currently working on the reps of bots that will be in ep 1.

UPDATE 10 SEPTEMBER: I am putting this tournament on hold until further notice.  This is due to me struggling for motivation to build the reps that are not already in the pack, and also w/ BB filming being announced for octomer, some bots that were originally planned to take part are no longer competing.  This might result in the competition only being w/ bots whose reps are already in the pack and are taking part in this years competition.

Site News and Feedback / Profile youtube links
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:15:15 AM »
Currently, the youtube link feature on profiles only works if your channel has a legacy username URL, as the link will always be*whatever's entered in the box*.  This makes it outdated, as only channels created before a certain point in time, I think that point in time is when google+ was integrated into the comments section in november 2013, as the channel I had before then had a legacy URL, but when I linked my account to google+ to keep the ability to post comments, I had a new channel created under my email display name, and that one didn't have a legacy URL automatically, so I had to make it as a custom one.  Sometime since then, legacy URLs have been made completely inaccessible to channels that didn't already have one it seems.

More info about channel URLs:

The channel I currently use was created in 2015, by then 500 subs was a requirement for getting a custom URL, which has since been lowered to 100 w/ other requirements.  If you get a custom URL, you will have two URLs or your channel, assuming you created it too late to get a legacy user URL: ID-based URL (*user ID*) and customised URL (*channel name + anything else you want to add).  It would be nice to have this updated, so those whose channels do not have a legacy URL can have their channels linked on their profiles w/o having to use their sig.

Challenge Board / Koi_YTP vs NH the Introvert (DQ: All)
« on: February 01, 2020, 12:45:42 PM »
I built a SHW called Tohru, so did NH, so he challenged me to see whose is better.

Robogames arena
ThatDiscordGuy hosting
RA2CF, BFE, and OBJRA2 allowed
DSC's IRL Packs, Badnik Recolors, Geese's NPC fixes, etc, are allowed
Cb2: Flatmotors, Overkill Motor, Hworf Blades, Judge Burst Motor

My bot:
tohru latest.png

NH's bot:

For months now, I've been thinking about hosting a tournament which is more lenient when it comes to what cb2 components it allows, along w/ other differences from other rulesets in component restrictions in order to be different from the rest.  As a result, EBR was conceived.

ebr logo new.png

Although they are legal, you are not required to use any cb2 components if you don't want to, and are allowed to enter bots that would be legal for other tournaments.  All events will follow the ruleset of the main competition, which is linked below this paragraph, w/ any variations mentioned in the description.  Arena used will be a reskinned RW reboot arena, unless otherwise stated.


Main competition
No limit to the number of overall entrants, but maximum two per person.  A format will be decided on when signups close.
Confirmed entries:

Signups are now closed.

List of non-cosmetic custom component packs approved for use:

Modifications / Lilly's Bedroom Robotics: custom things factory
« on: January 22, 2020, 03:23:50 PM »
I have created my first coloured component pack: Sir Killalot's claws and drills, coming in 23 different colours.


claws fixed.png


Next time one of my threads gets moved to a different forum I'd appreciate being notified about it.

I've tried getting this bot's AI to work in so many different ways, such as following instructions at told in discord servers, looking at other judge AI bots and how ppl made the AI work in other threads, but I can't get it to work.

Bot's AI:
Code: [Select]
    list.append(("Ice Pick","Judge",{'invertible':True,'nose':math.pi*1,'StartAngle':+math.pi/2,'MotorID':6,'reload':4,'range':99,'topspeed':100,'throttle':130,'turn':60,'turnspeed':3,'weapons':(13,)}))
Bot file: 
Skinned part: 

If anyone could help getting it to work that'd be appreciated.

DSL TC Showcases / Lilly's Bedroom Robotics: DSL
« on: October 21, 2019, 10:49:09 AM »
Kinda in a rush rn, so I won't go into much detail about the bots rn, but I can later if anyone wants to know more.  Can also make proper splashes if wanted.

 Deep Blood: vertical bar spinner

Heatwave: horizontal crusher/clamper/biter

Legendary Idol: vertical drisc spinner

Bunny Girl: rear-hinged flipper
mai bot.png

Discontinued Support: horizontal tribar spinner
no support.png

Outrage 2: horizontal spinner thwackbot
outrage 2.png

Outrage: horizontal spinner thwackbot

I have plans to make an IRL version of this.

Ice Pick: axe

Pitstop: top-hinged flipper

Wall Smasher: hammer
shunt smasher.png

Slem and Slam: hammer clusterbot


Totally a Thwackbot: rear-hinged flipper
tat completed.png

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