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DSL TC Showcases / GIRTHQUAKE's DSL Showcase
« on: March 28, 2019, 04:07:37 AM »
I've been playing for about a year, but just kind of on the side, not trying very hard or getting very creative. I've grabbed some highlights from the last year of the bots I had the most success with or liked the most. Just to kind of show my progression a bit. The first robots I'm going to post are old ones, there's a lot of mistakes and stupid choices, feel free to make fun of them and me all you want. When I get the the robots I've been making recently (starting this last week and moving forward) also feel free to make fun of them and me, but I'll definitely appreciate suggestions and criticism. Thank you.

This is day one, the first robot I ever built. I had never played, and I thought battery output impacted weapon power.

Hold the Whyachese


After playing around for a while, rebuilding my first robot over and over and trying different weapons, I decided to try and make my first robot that wasn't a heavyweight. It ended being the most successful robot I had made up until that point.

GDM (Generic Drum Machine)


The first few months, I was basically making spinners over and over again, I decided I wanted to make a hammer robot but had 0 ideas because I lack creativity. This is what I ended up with. I had a lot of success with the robot and it was my favorite robot to fight for a long time, there were many versions I don't have before I got to this. So as depressing as it is, this is the "refined" version.

RC Hammer


I played off and on for a long time after RC Hammer, just here and there when I had time after work or watching a movie. I started trying a bit harder to make more efficient robots, or at least balanced/cleaner ones. I started discovering that some of the weapons were OP. This is the "refined" version of the first bot I made where I would just win over and over as long as nothing catastrophic happened. I kind of got bored and put the game down for a while again after this because I had no more ideas since I just kept ending up with designs similar to this because they were so successful.

Pizza Cutter


That brings me to the last few weeks where I have picked the game back up. Thank you for checking out my little robot history gallery, I get a bit of a laugh looking at these, hopefully someone else will as well.

Since the next robots are all current and reflect where I am at now, I'm going to make it a separate post.

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