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Tutorials and Tips / Axle-loading a Servo (Servo Loading)
« on: April 18, 2019, 12:38:41 PM »
Okay, this may seem pointless, but it needs to be discussed.

I've found a working method to axle-loading a Servo motor in Stock, DSL, and IronForge, called "Servo Loading."

You basically do the same setup as you do for snapper loading.

However, this is VERY difficult, especially if you're using the thin body servo, and you have to try multiple times to actually get the servo axle to fly clean off.

I recommend you use the RAD for this glitch. It's easy to fit, and also easy to axle-load.

Once you get the servo axle up and away from the body (or chassis in that matter) go ahead and attach the components as you would when doing the Snapper loading glitch.

Personal Tournaments / AI WARZ 2.0- ANTWEIGHT DIVISION
« on: April 18, 2019, 09:52:57 AM »

Which Antweight is the best in 2.0?
Let's find out...
In this first round of my 2.0 AI tournaments, all the Antweights go head-to-head for the place as chamion, and as "the best Antweight" in the AI pack.

Meet the 2.0 Antweights

>AW-Baby Bear (Team Artemis)


>AW-Critical (The Remains)

>AW-Drone (Team Flying Robots)

>AW-Frost (Team Mononoke)

>AW-Gyser (Betrayal)

>AW-Hardrive (BL4CK T3CH)

>AW-Little Pain (CODE: RED)



>AW-Pike (X!)

>AW-Ranger (Rejected Designs)

>AW-Saw Knaw (The Warning)

>AW-Spitfire (Team 79)


>AW-Water Spout (Team Coral)

>AW-WTS (E.C.H.O.)

The matches
>First up, Rumbles. Selected Antweights will participate in assigned rumbles. This is just an intro
>Second- Double ellimination round. Since there are 17 Antweights, there will be a 3-way free for all, to narrow it down to 8 when it comes to the quarter finalists.
>Third-Single ellimination rounds.
>Fourth-Bonus Rumble. Just for fun. Allows time for preparation for final
>Fifth- Final. Winner is crowned champion, and the best NW of 2.0!
>Sixth- there is no sixth.

The Arenas
Arenas will vary.

The Votes
Vote 3 times, and choose who you think will win!

For those of you, who don't have a working .rar file extractor for RA2 v1.4, here's an alternative. It's in the form of a zip

As I know, many of you can probably extract RA2 v1.4 without a problem, so I posted this for only those who have trouble extracting the .rar file.

I already encountered a couple of bad rar extractors, so I know this type of situation happens with a few people.

Modifications / Redalert Ai v2.0- extended edition (untested)
« on: April 08, 2019, 10:21:54 AM »
I've been hearing some bad comments about my 1.0 AI pack having bad UI.
I wanted to change that, so I made an extended edition to my 2.0 AI pack, now with UI. I'd like your input here.

I haven't had time to look at the UI myself, but I'd like it if you guys tried it out. Please tell me how it looks, and please post a pic of the main menu!
download it here.

Discussion / Difference between a Clamp bot and a Snare bot.
« on: April 08, 2019, 10:12:30 AM »
This may seem unnecessary, but it needs to be discussed.

There appears to be a struggle when it comes to identifying the difference between a Snare and a Clamp.

First off- A Clamp grabs and holds, a Snare bites, and releases. There is NO grabbing and holding action in a Snare.
A Clamp will grab and hold an opponent for a short period of time before releasing it.
A Snare will "snap" down on an opponent and then immediately release the opponent.

Third- You can think of a Snare as a hybrid of a Hammer and a Clamp, that attacks like a snake- striking and biting an opponent, and then letting go.
A Clamp will bite an opponent for about 10-15 times in a match, or 5-10 times if it's a crusher.
A Snare will repeatedly fire its jaw mechanism for up to 30 times in a match, like a hammer.

An IRL Snare can be identified by how it attacks- it will repeatedly raise and lower its claw, jaw, or whatever at a rapid rate, without actually grabbing opponents.

An Unrealistic Snare is basically a combination of a true popup and a hammer.

Snares also have a small "arm" or flipper concept that throws an opponent into the air before slamming it with the hammer-like weapon (jaw, claw, whatever.)

Any more questions or opposing thoughts, please post here

Public Tournament Discussion / MULTIWARZ
« on: April 05, 2019, 10:01:01 AM »

Ever get tired of fighting 1 bot on 1 bot?

Multiwarz is an alternative.
In Multiwarz, multibot clusters go head-to-head in the combat arena (re-skinned) in order to win a place in the "Jeopardy Showdown" part of the tournament, then the "Ellimination rounds 2"  and then, in the "Final Battle."
There will be a "Challenge Gang-up" after the tournament as well.
>each participant can submit up to 2 multibots.
>maximum of 32 competitors. (that means up to 64 multibots can compete.)
> Your multibot must be Stock Unrealistic.
>your multibot cluster can weigh no more than 389 kg. (that's 199.0 kg. for each multibot.)
>use only the components found in the original RA2 game no custom components or cheatbot components.
>Use this binding with your multibot.
       list.append(("MULTIBOT SEGMENT","Omni",{'radius':0.1,'range':99,'topspeed':99,'throttle':130,'turn':50,'turnspeed':2.5,'weapons':(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14)}))
This binding works best with multibots.
>You may have one of your cluster bots be a Wandering Spinner or crawler, but not both. One of your bots must have controlled movement to be accepted.
>no CF
>all glitches are allowed.

The setup.
The first round
>3 min. matches in the Combat Arena.
>only causes of restarts are havok explosions.
>losers will be elliminated.
>only 1/2 of the competitors will escape this round.

Jeopardy Showdown
> Each multibot will be pitted against Cuts and Bruises (below) for 3 min. in a multibot-vs-bot tournament.
>This is not unfair, because I've beaten Cuts and Bruises with an AIed multibot, so it's possible to beat Cuts and Bruises.

>This round will end once 16 multibots remain.

Elimination rounds 2
>3 min. fights
>multibot vs. multibot.
>only 2 bots will make it out.

Final Battle
>3 min. match in the Nitro Robot Wars Arena.
>winner is champion, loser is runner-up.

Bonus- Challenge Gang-up
>4 chosen multibots will fight Mononoke 7.
>the winner is the multibot that scores the most HP. if all 4 multibots are destroyed, the bot that lasts the longest is the winner.

>I will post vids
>I will also post screenshots.

>best offense- name says it all. Most offensive and destructive multibot wins this award
>best design- this goes to the Multibot that does best all-round.
>most reliable- this award goes to the multibot that moves and attacks without problems (not havoking, no lack of control, etc.)
>coolest appearance- this award goes to the most attractive multibot.
>most unique- this award goes to the multibot that looks the most unique, and unlike the other multibots.

Good luck, and I can't wait to see what multibots you guys come up with!

Off-Topic Discussion / My big apology
« on: April 04, 2019, 06:10:58 PM »
Hey, guys, I just wanted to apoligize about my behavior in the past few months.

I wasn’t intending to act like a know-it-all, but I realized that my actions really did show it- I was getting hostile every time I was proven wrong, and this led into many riots that broke out in topics.
I also realized that I was questioning the authority of members who knew a lot more about ra2 than I do. I said that I respected them, but now that I realized how much of a big jerk I was, and not giving them the respect they deserved, I want to fix that.

Another thing I wanted to apologize for is my crappy advice.
I handled being corrected too critically, and I need to realize that the members with more experience in ra2 should be the ones giving advice, not me.

I thought I was being a good member, but after all the bad things I appeared to have caused, I want to stop, and become a better member.

I need to start giving you guys more respect instead of treating you like crap, and underestimating you.

With all this, I sincerely apologize, and hope I can finally start actually doing good in the forums, and help make GTM great again.

Personal Tournaments / No Mind Devastation 1
« on: February 01, 2019, 09:07:00 AM »
Okay, guys. Here it comes- NMD1!!!!!!!!

Introducing the house robot- IT'S JEOPARDY!!!!

Here are the profiles for each bot, so you can decide which one you think will win.
EXCEPTION- IcEd is not mentioned, and thus will be a surprise robot.















Creativity Showcase / Redalert’s rare Lego builds 2
« on: January 21, 2019, 10:05:25 AM »
Okay, since Kill never unlocked my other lego topic, here’s a new one.

First bot. It’s a drum spinner.
Gear trains that power drum had to be doubled to prevent fracturing. Trust me- when this bot hits another object, that’s 12 oz. of spinning legos hitting that object at around 1000rpm.

Drum actually spins, thanks to a ratchet and 2 large gear reductions, connected to the right wheel.

Discussion / RA2's generally unfair matches
« on: January 19, 2019, 04:49:34 PM »
Here's a fun topic for discussion- ever have a math in RA2, where it's all one-sided? Post a pic or vid of it here!

To start off, I though i'd bring up a stunning one-sided match...
I teamed up with Sweet Revenge against PrIOritY and Smart Bomb. I was using my LW popup Tanya, as I expected Sweet Revenge to beat up PrIOritY and destroy it. I obliterated Smart bomb, but a few seconds after, PrIOritY had deliberately and unceremoniously flattened Sweet Revenge. It was my tiny 248.7 kg. popup Tanya vs. big 799.7 kg. PrIOritY. 
I tried to run from PrIOritY. It worked... but I lost because I only had 1256 hitpoints, and PrIOritY had 13,509 hitpoints.

Lesson I took from this match, pick on someone your own size!

Personal Tournaments / No Mind Devastation- INTROS
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:45:57 AM »

Well, I guess since most of you don't find the No Mind Devastation tournament to be one you don't want to compete in, I'll host it myself, and post results here.

> all WS are built in Stock Unrealistic, DSL IRL, or Ironforge IRL.
> No cheat components are used.
> The WS are from ALL weight classes.

> Interested in joining? PM me so I can host a public WS tournament again.

> I will use different arenas, but mainly the  Robot Wars, combat, and DSL tournament arenas.
> There will be rumbles, team-ups, and deathmatches.
> I will post updates on how the fights wind up.

Discussion / AI pack entrants
« on: January 14, 2019, 10:27:17 AM »
Attention, Stock builders!

I am accepting teams from all members who build stock for my 2.0. AI pack. This is for all people interested in doing so.

> your team must have 6 complete bots.
> your team must be arranged as shown.
> antweights and beetleweights are recommended.
> I will be using the omni and rammer bindings for your bots.
> all your bots must be using the default forward heading.
> Superheavyweights are allowed.
> no cheating components. Use only the components that come with 1.4.
> no bfe allowed.
> no n00b bots.
> submit your team's motto and name in a TXT file.
> your team's pic must be 256x256 pixels.

>compile this all in a .zip file and PM it to me.

I look forward to seeing your designs.

Discussion / Someone's crap-rating my AI packs.
« on: January 07, 2019, 12:04:52 PM »
Okay, for some reason, a certain member is going around crap-rating all my downloads, mostly my AI packs, and I can tell you this-
To ensure that they all work, I tested them in RA2 games on a variety of PCs in my school, library, and house. They all work.
I can also tell you this- I developed a custom Stock RA2 game, featuring files from all versions of RA2, so that may be part of it.

Guys, it's like the boy who cried "wolf"- This crap-rating things makes me not believe you when you mean something like "it doesn't work."

There's your proof. Whoever is doing this crap-rating gag, please stop.

Public Tournament Discussion / No Mind Devastation
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:02:13 AM »

Thought I'd develop a rather unusual tournament series- No Mind Devastation. A WS tournament where direction doesn't matter.
Here are the rules, setup, and guidelines.
> Ironforge IRL
> minimum of 16 entries.
> you may submit up to 2 Wandering Spinners.
Your Wandering Spinner
> your bot must be an Ironforge IRL Wandering Spinner, weighing anywhere from 50 to 200 kg.
> no cheating components are allowed.
> your WS must be COMPLETELY activated with a single switch and button. Label your button "Spin" and your switch "Activate."
> your WS must be able to tolerate abuse from bouncing off the arena walls for 3 min. WITHOUT BREAKING DOWN.
> I will be AIing your bot with a custom omni. Don't worry about forward heading.
the matches
> Each match will take place in the ring arena.
> each match will be 3 min. long.
> there will be both deathmatches and rumbles depending on how many entrants I receive.
> Havok explosions are the only causes of restarts in matches. Too many havoks, and I will disqualify your WS.
> I may not take vids of the matches, but I will take multiple screenshots!
> I will post results once the competition starts.

Here's an interesting tip- how to visibly see a SZ before placing it. Here's how.
1. select your SZ.
2. tap the f12 key.
3. if you see a red box floating in the air, that's your smartzone. This makes it much easier to place it.

4. tap f12 again after placing sz.
5. DONE!

Creativity Showcase / Redalert's rare LEGO builds
« on: December 18, 2018, 04:34:39 PM »
I thought I'd share some of the bots I build out of lego- one point- I like to build BIG!
I got fancy with backdrops and effects as you can tell...

Flipper. It was built to run on power functions.


Vertical Spinner. Also ran on power functions.


This lifter can actually lift other bots of its size off the ground. The lifter is operated with only one motor.

DSL TC Showcases / Redalert's rare DSL builds and WS
« on: December 17, 2018, 08:17:40 AM »
First bot- BW thwacker I threw together in under 3 minutes.

3 mm. Steel, but I could add 1 mm. Plastic, and add more irons if I had more time...

Off-Topic Discussion / No more announcements about leaving GTM.
« on: December 11, 2018, 03:48:37 PM »
I'm tired of members saying "I'm leaving." This is really annoying, and it just makes GTM look bad. If you're actually leaving forever, put that. Otherwise, please stop posting "I'm leaving" statements. This is Drama, you know, and it's a bad impact on your profile.

Existing Games / ReCharge RC
« on: December 11, 2018, 09:18:04 AM »
Here's a good time-killer for the builder fanatic- ReCharge RC.
I play this little game on my Ipad, whenever RA2 isn't available. You build your own race tracks and customize your own RC car! (BattleBots and RC car racing are my two main hobbies.)


These are examples of the game in action. It's compatible on smart devices of all kinds.

Ironforge TC Showcases / Redalert's Wandering Spinner IronTech
« on: November 27, 2018, 11:32:35 AM »
FIRST ironforge bot- meet RP1
LW, 6 pole spikes, 10 mm aluminum, STRONG drive.


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