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Tournament Archives / World Robotic League
« on: May 31, 2019, 09:25:50 PM »
Right so i did a personal tournament and hosted a few challenges so thought id try something a bit different then a normal tournament.

General idea is a league system split into 4 with each league having a maximum of 10 entrants.
There will be 1 round per week for each league Mondays will be league 1 and 3 and Thursdays will be 2 and 4.
At the end of the League season any new challengers may enter the lowest league, however they will need to face the lowest finisher in the league.
The 8th,9th and 10th finishers in the top 3 leagues will be automatically relegated.
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd finishers in the bottom 3 leagues will be automatically promoted.
The 4th place finisher will need to win a playoff with the 7th place finisher in the league directly above them to in order to be promoted.
All Playoffs are the first to win 2 matches with all active league arenas being used.

General rules will be as followed:

You may only enter 1 Bot and at the end of each season you may alter or replace it.
The arena will Rotate on each round of matches in order to try and use each bots strength and weakness.
The arenas used will be RW2016, Robogames and Ring arena.
All matches will be 3mins. Judging will be damage, control and aggression with 7 points shared between each bot for each category.
If you havoc more then 3 times you auto lose that match, if it is unclear who caused the havoc then it will be a judges decision.
As this is going to be a league system you will score 3 points for a knockout and 2 points for a judges decision.
All placements Ties will be decided by number of Knockouts followed by head to head record.
Once you submit a bot you are not allowed to change it for any reason until 5 rounds have been completed, you will then have 1 week to edit your original bot.
When editing opens chassis must stay same shape and drive must have same setup. (4wd must stay 4wd but motors can be changed)

Build Rules

DSL IRL HW (800KG) i will be strict on this.
No more then 300 Firing Power for a front hinge flipper. (bocuma style)
No more 360 Firing Power for a Rear hinge/top panel flipper. (gandora style)
No more then 2 large typhoon or 4 small typhoon for a Vert/Drum bot, 4 large 6 small for a horizontal/angled spinner. (no mixing)
Mech and Minion disks are outright banned.
No weapon spam this will be judged on a case by case basis.
No eternal flame however flame throwers are allowed.
Only cheatbot2 parts allowed are Flatmotors and overkill/razor motors.
BFE and OBJRA2 is allowed however if it crashes my laptop i will ask you to change bot the same applies to skinned components.
No clusters or configs of any sort and all jokebots or deliberately bad bots will be rejected.
No walkers of any sort and all bots must have 2 controlled wheels/tracks minimum, one one side of your drive is disabled you are KOed.
If you send AI or place smartzones those will be used even if they are bad.
If i am unable to AI your bot i will ask you do it or it will be rejected.
Custom .Py files are fine provided you can prove why you need them and they are not overpowered.
There will be a strict BFE rule in place if a component is removed then all logically attached components must be removed with it in battle. (if a bar/disk is destroyed the teeth must fall off with it)

Tournament Archives / AI and Host test
« on: April 28, 2019, 10:08:24 PM »
Just a personal tournament to learn to AI and host in future

Its a 8 bot Single Elimination with a 3rd place playoff  inside RW2017 arena. I will be using my own bots with random seeding and a variety of old and new bots.
I only used 2 of a single type of bot for a bit of variety 2 HS 2 Vert 2 Axe 2 Flipper. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any pointers to the AI or anything really, i already know the production value is really basic as i wanted to get it out from start to finish in 2 days.



Ironforge TC Showcases / NightravenShade Sucks at IF
« on: September 17, 2018, 02:36:43 PM »
So i thought i would take a look at IF and see what could make on it and heres first couple things.


This is a LW pretty much just a 4wd stick bot with a spinner and beater bar rammer


This is a HW 2wd angled HS it uses 4 ballast just to stop rolling over

DSL TC Showcases / Nightravens Showcase of badly built bots
« on: July 09, 2018, 12:11:59 PM »
I just thought id show first attempt at using the RA2 DSL no very clean but it is pretty simple heavyweight ill probably add color and tweak it a bit before being able to actually use it but i like the idea of a shovel bot with overhead as a lot of spinners out there.

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