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Active Tournaments / Subway Savagery - RW2004 Tournament
« on: January 23, 2024, 01:26:01 PM »
Time to get some proper use out of the RW2004 mod!

Inspired by playing a lot of Extreme Destruction as of late, I have taken one of the tournaments from the game, bringing it to RA2.

24 slots available (2 per person) in this 36 robot tournament as the other 12 robots will be Robot Wars All-Stars. How will you fair against the best of the best from the show? The robots entered will be robots that were in the Extreme Destruction game.

All rules are on the sheets, however I'll copy over the important information here too on how this is different to standard tournaments:

EXTENDERBOTS AREN'T ALLOWED, to match the RW2004 build style all robots must be chassis bots, whether it's in-game chassis or OBJ
Classic style entries only, if I feel the robot is too 'modern' then it will be rejected, if it's up for debate I'll ask the community to help decide
Most DSL 2.6 entries should also be compatible within the game so they can be built within that, however RW2004 has more components

Hopefully this tournament allows people to get creative with custom components and make amazing stuff out of the norm. See you there!

Rules and Entries:

Tournament Archives / Retro Arena - Extreme
« on: January 22, 2020, 08:53:37 PM »

Following the announcement of the 2020 official tournament ruleset, I'm going to work on something I've been wanting to do for a while, a classic Robot Wars themed tournament.

The first thing I will do is create a 'Robot Wars Extreme' style series, having a variety of events within a single episode, from qualifier events such as World Championship qualifiers and Mayhems for the Annihilator, to side events such as grudge matches.

The build rules will follow the official rules as stated previously, (shown below). You are allowed one robot per event. All robots have to be heavyweights (between 600kg and 800kg) although if you want to enter Cruiserweights that will also be accepted but not advised as it will make you have a weight disadvantage.

Building rules:

The arena will be a version of the original Robot Wars arena (I believe created by Wham) which is basically a cross between the DSL RW Arena and the RWRA2 mod arena. The walls are in between the height of the two so they aren't really high but not really low and the texturing is a lot better, so this arena seems best fit.

If an event exceeds the number of entries, unedited qualifier matches will be upload to see who qualifies for the event.
The events are as followed and the rules will be explained for each:

Mayhem/Annihilator - The mayhem format will be the same as Robot Wars Extreme. Six three-way melees will take place and one robot will qualify from each. However, as RA2 limits 4 robots per rumble, the six robots that won their respective mayhems will be split into two three-way melees. This time only one robot will be eliminated, leaving two robots from each fight, giving us four remaining robots. From their, the four robots will be wittled down to three, to two and then leave us our Annihilator champion. The annihilator will be a stand alone episode whilst the mayhems will play throughout the series.


Tag Team - An classic series event that ran for many years, the Tag Team allows you to have a robot by your side in a frantic 2v2. Eight teams are formed to create spaces for 16 robots, creating a knock-out stage style tournament.


Flipper Frenzy - One of my personal favourite events from Extreme was the Flipper Frenzy. Having four of the most powerful flippers against each other will create some high flying action. This event consists of a four way melee leaving just one winner.


Spinner Showdown - Not only is high flying action appreciated, but robots getting shredded provides just as much entertainment (permitting the game doesn't crash a dozen times in the process). Any spinner is welcome, whether it be a horizontal, vertical, drum, full body spinner or saw.


Axe Attack - Hammers and axes don't normally get much luck in the tournaments due to them being outside the meta, but in this melee an axe or hammer is guaranteed a victory.


World Championship - This will be one of the longest running events. For this we will follow the Extreme 1 World Championship format, where four battles featuring 4 robots in each fight it out to leave a single winner, progressing to a semi final and then final. Each heat will have one American and one British competitor as that is what was featured in the show and these are the two primary countries GTM uses are located in. For the countries that have a lot of competitors, qualifiers will be held as side events to determine what bots get to represent their country.


Grudge Matches - There have been a lot of rivalries within RA2 over the years, whether it's between the robots or the builders. Use this opportunity to challenge your rival to settle an old score in the only way possible, in the arena.


Challenge Belt - The Challenge Belt is where a robot is selected as a challenge belt holder. Robots then get to challenge the holder to a battle. If the holder wins, they keep the belt. If they get three consecutive victories they become the Challenge Belt champion. However, if the holder loses the battle then they give up the belt and the challenger becomes the holder, simple.


All Stars - There are many infamous robots within the community, with most users having at least one signature bot, but who is the best of the best? Use this opportunity to enter what you consider your most well-known competitor into a knockout tournament and determine yourself as the ultimate all star.


Wild Card Warriors - There are a lot of people joining the community even to this day, so this event allows the newbies an opportunity to try out one of their builds against the veterans.


Entries are open as of today, send in your bots and if you are competing in the World Championship let me know which nationality you are so the country you represent is the country you actually originate from.

**The fixtures aren't final and will be randomised once entries are full**

Creativity Showcase / Sagaris' CAD & Render Showcase
« on: March 06, 2019, 08:03:57 AM »
So I made quite a few CAD's in the beginning of January and today decided to get back into CAD designs after a two month break. So, I looked back at my DSL showcase and noticed a spinner called "Midnight", so made a big chunky vert in CAD and recreated Midnight.

Tournament Archives / Weekly Challenge Tournament
« on: January 21, 2019, 09:58:04 AM »
I have been discussing on discord about the idea of weekly building challenges. People said it would be a good idea but it would be better to have  a tournament at the end of every week. There is no entry limit this week as it will basically be a case of seeing how many people enter. Big thanks to Hop for offering to record.

Standard IRL Rules:

This week's theme will be "Raptor Gang"


I have stripped the DSL 2.1 version of Velociraptor down to just chassis and drive/wheelguards, (link below)
You are NOT allowed to remove any of these components, but with the remaining weight you are allowed to add weapons, upgrade the armour and any additional extras. At the end of the week, the raptors will fight it out in the DSL Tournament Arena to show respect to the DSL raptor. This will be a Single Elimination Bracket tournament to keep the first one simple. Good luck everyone!

Link to the raptor:;pic=6124



Tournament Archives / 12 Days of RA2 - Tournament
« on: November 28, 2017, 12:52:49 PM »
Starting from Christmas Day, 12 Days of RA2 will take place. Christmas themed robots will have to be made, (whether it's a red, white and green colour scheme or the robot has a christmas related name). This mini series is a series of tournaments, working a bit like Robot Wars Extreme and having a new style of battle each day. All competitions will happen in the Robot Wars 2016 arena.

Game - DSL 2.2
Realistic Rule - IRL
Rule of seven break and CF and BFE is allowed, but no other external editing. No cheatbot2 parts either to keep the matches fair. I can AI but if you have specific smart zones or bindings you want to use message them over.
You can enter a maximum of four tournaments, so chose which ones you want to enter wisely. Any vacant spots will be filled in by one of my mediocore machines. You may enter the same robot in multiple events, (for example a spinner entered in heavyweight tournament and spinner showdown). Entries start from now until the 12th of December, giving two weeks to enter and two weeks for me to record the battles.

Good luck!


25th Dec: Flipper Frenzy (Robots must only have a flipper for a weapon, Cruiserweights and Heavyweights only. 4 robots required. Two 1v1's lead to a 3rd place play-off and a final)

1. Blood Brother by Pokebro
2. Mortuary by ty4er
3. GASH! by TGM
4. Dave 2 by Hoppin

Entries Full

26th Dec: Lightweight Melees (2 battles, 2 competitors in each, will battle for a grandfinal place. 4 robots required, 2 make it through to a grand final)

1. Upaa 2 by NeonCalypso
2. Gruntwo by TheOrcCorp
3. Frostbite by Hoppin
4. Alpine LW by TigerLozo97

Entries Full

27th Dec: Axe Attack (Robots must only have an axe/hammer for a weapon, Cruiserweights and Heavyweights only. 4 robots required. Two 1v1's lead to a 3rd place play-off and a final)

1. Overhang by Guldenflame
2. Golden Barracuda by NeonCalypso
3. The Icebreaker by TheOrcCorp
4. Odin by TGM

Entries Full

28th Dec: Middleweight Melees Part 1 (2 battles, 2 competitors in each, will battle for a grandfinal place. 12 robots required. 4 in this part, 4 in another, 4 grand finalists in total)

1. Cadet by ty4er
2. Razer Guy 2 by BDBlu
3. TEALdeath by Dadddjent
4. Dizzy by NeonCalypso

Entries Full

29th Dec: Spinner Showdown (Robots must only have a spinner for a weapon, Cruiserweights and Heavyweights only. 4 robots required. Two 1v1's lead to a 3rd place play-off and a final)

1. Snow's Fall by Evil Toaster
2. Cryogen by Hoppin
3. Slawta by ty4er
4. Hey There Hot Stuff by BDBlu

Entries Full

30th Dec: Heavyweight Melees Part 1 (2 battles, 3 competitors in each, will battle for a grandfinal place. 12 robots required. 6 in this part, 6 in another, 4 grand finalists in total)

1. Snow's Fall by Evil Toaster
2. Cryogen by Hoppin
3. Blood Brother by Pokebro
4. Spinnerhead by ty4er
5. Hey There Hot Stuff by BDBlu
6. Angel of Death by Guldenflame

Entries Full

31st Dec: Antweight Melee (A single 1v1 will take place)

1. Dwayne 2 by NeonCalypso
2. Holiday Hell by Pokebro

1st Jan: Middleweight Melees Part 2 (Same rules as previous)

1. Alpine MW by TigerLozo97
2. Shard by SagarisRA2
3. One Orc Siege by TheOrcCorp
4. Salvation by Hoppin

Entries Full

2nd Jan: Heavyweight Melees Part 2 (Same rules as previous)

1. Baddevil 2 by Dadddjent
2. The Icebreaker by TheOrcCorp
3. National Hero by NeonCalypso
4. Slash by MrBK
5. Herbivore by SagarisRA2
6. Snow's Fall by Evil Toaster

Entries Full

3rd Jan: Lightweight Final (2 grand finalists in a 1v1 battle to be crowned champion)


4th Jan: Middleweight Final (4 grand finalists in total, two 1v1 decide the two fighting in the final, with a 3rd and 4th play-off too)


5th Jan: Heavyweight Final (4 grand finalists in total, two 1v1 decide the two fighting in the final, with a 3rd and 4th play-off too)


Winners (to be updated):

Flipper Frenzy Champion:
Spinner Showdown Champion:
Axe Attack Champion:
Antweight Champion:
Lightweight Champion:
Middleweight Champion:
Heavyweight Champion:

DSL TC Showcases / SagarisRA2 DSL/IRL Showcase
« on: November 17, 2017, 05:11:35 PM »
Ok so I am very new to this and have only just downloaded DSL 2.2 (IRL standard) today. I would love to know how to build brilliant IRL robots, including what pistons/motors work best as well as other tips. I have made my first bot, (and it isn't wooden with a spring loaded axe), and it's very meh.

Name: Green Machine
Drive : 4xNPC-T64 with Whirl Wheels
Weapons: Front Scoop/Flipper with a VDMA R/P Piston and a rear Canine VI Chewblade powered by a Magmotor

It is decently quick and has good pushing power coupled with the flipping scoop, but the scoop itself is underwhelming to say the least. Feedback appreciated! (Also, what would be the best way to make a compact flipper bot)

Custom Components Showcase / SagarisRA2 Showcase
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:07:40 AM »
This is my first forum post at GTM. I got inspired by the many forums on this site and after years of playing and modding the game I thought I would start trying to build and showcase robots. I'm not brilliant at this whatsoever so feedback would be great.

My first robot I made just last night is called Consequence. He is a "flicker" and shaped similiar to robots like Storm 2. It uses IRL aluminium armour around most of the robot. The weight is just under 700kg so I can improve the armour to titanium. I use small motors I have used for a while, and the flipper motor is part of the Robot Wars RA2 Mod. I have taken screenshots of the bot as well as the internals.

Also one thing I really want to do more than anything is enter a tournament, but have no idea how they work, how to apply or if there are even any available. Replies would be great, I think I need it XD

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