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Site News and Feedback / Receiving weird error when posting/logging in.
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:56:26 PM »

Sometimes whenever I try to post or log in I will receive this error page.

It looks like it references a plugin called "Bad Behavior", and if this is something that has been activated on my account then you have all of my keks because I'm ****ing RFS.  :dumb)

Stock Showcases / RFS' showcase showdown.
« on: June 11, 2016, 06:44:03 PM »
I've been poking around RA2 again, meaning I am up to no good.

I wanted to crack open some bots I made several years ago, but it looks like the backup I had was not the right one and everything was missing... meaning that the robots I thought I backed up were probably on an HDD I had that died a couple years back, so they're effectively lost forever (along with everything I had from RFSHQ and all that, but that's a tale for another day).

Anyways I did the first thing any REAL robot combat fan would do upon starting up RA2 again for the first time. Build Abbatoir.

See? It's a crappy replica of season 1 Abbatoir, complete with the jankiest drive system in the world in an effort to try and imitate how badly it functions. Hilariously, having 2 angle motors on the right and 1 redbird plus an axle mount on the left results in something that against all odds is mostly driveable. That said, I made the "weapon" heavy as sh** and powered it using only an angle motor, ensuring that it wouldn't work at all. Mission accomplished, it takes 20 seconds to make one rotation.

I'll probably post more as I go along, though I don't want to dump out too much because I'm hard at work making something neat. Assuming that RA2 will stop crashing when I work on robots.

RA3 Showcases / RFS' cavalcade of garbage.
« on: June 01, 2016, 01:31:34 AM »
Here are some bots I've built in Robot Arena 3. I was tempted to throw quote marks around most of the words in the preceding sentence, but I've decided to dial back the sh**posting for now.

Most of my robots have atrocious paint jobs because I can't figure out RA3's absolute mess of a skinning system and I can't be bothered to invest the time needed to figure out how it works. Or doesn't work.

I'd like to build more robots, especially ones that test the breaking points of the game's physics engine or would otherwise show off weird glitches, but I'll be damned if the new Bot Lab isn't one of the most tedious and frustrating things to use. It took me like a solid hour to build the new Crush Fetish and that's because of the following reasons:
1) Trying to rotate anything so it sits straight is nigh impossible.
2) You will never click the right Universal Connector attachment point on your first try.
3) I can't figure out the mechanic behind clicking on parts and rotating them. Sometimes the game "freezes" in this state and won't let me stop rotating parts and ****ing up motor placement.
4) Reassigning component attachments on accident happens ALL. THE. TIME.

13 years ago when RA2 came out I could absolutely afford to waste an entire afternoon and evening building bots, but these days I have like maybe a couple of hours of free time total per day where I have to take care of all sorts of things, not just video games. It's upsetting, but I cannot justify the time commitment needed to build "good" bots in this game.


I am not the administrator of this page, it was created by Corey Morris of Team Mech Monsters in Dallas, TX. He is trying to drum up interest in the sport in the area. Shoutouts to my main man Badnik96 for bringing this to my attention!  :gawe:

If you're in the area, please join the group. Maybe we can figure out some kind of regular (and potentially RFL-sanctioned) event in the North Texas area. I'm committed to showing up with as many old (and new) robots as I can bring with me.

Corey and I ended up having a "rivalry" at the SWARC events because the beetleweight division would inevitably become full of our creations and we'd end up fighting only each other most of the time. Here's some of our more memorable clashes:

Kill Switch v. Mutator (SWARC 6.0)

(PS: Watch those hazards.)

Kill Switch III vs. Son of Mutator (SWARC 8.0)


Detonator vs. Buzz (SWARC 8.0)


But yeah, do check out the group and offer support if you can. I've gotten in touch with the old crew and most of us are back on board for another shot. I'll be bringing back as many bots as I can, plus new ones if time permits me to build them. I posted it in one of the comments somewhere, but the bots I intend to bring include a selection from this list:

150g - Five-O (returning robot, or comparable rebuild of it)
150g - Treadator (new robot)
1lb - Keep Back 500 Feet (new rebuild, probably under a new name though)
1lb - Super Turbo Baby Puncher (returning robot, assuming I am able to obtain new gearboxes)
1lb - Razor Face (new robot)
3lb - Kill Switch V (returning robot)
3lb - Earthquake (returning robot)
3lb - Super Hammerhead (returning robot, originally competed in Battle Clash 2001)
3lb - Detonator (new rebuild, also probably under a different name)
12lb - Super Terminal Impact (returning robot, rebuild of 2001's Terminal Impact)
Open - Terminal Impact (returning robot, for show and demonstration only)


Trying to figure out what this is. The description is awfully short for something that would be of significance to the motorsport. The seller appears to be a "junk dealer" and has everything from B-movie DVD's to Legos and Godzilla figurines. Just a bunch of random personal affects. It looks like the scale of the "giant nut" in the pictures, going by the texture of the countertop, is actually very small (or at the very least, far smaller than the awards on TV).

Any guesses as to whether this is legitimate or not?

Or should I not have said anything so I could get it for $15? :P

This is the worst question anyone on this forum will ask (that's robot related), but I could really use some videos of the SHW robot Abbatoir from Team Wetware. I need them for a project I am working on that totally is not another article on robot combat.

According to the BattleBots Wiki there are three fights out there that this robot should've appeared in: Ricon (PPV), Rammstein (1.0), and Kenny's Revenge (2.0). The PPV  event is on YouTube in its entirety so I can fetch that fight on my own, and I've reached into the Internet garbage disposal to retrieve the highlights of the Kenny's Revenge fight that were posted to way back in the day. That leaves the Rammstein fight as well as the Kenny's Revenge fight if it exists in its entirety somewhere.

I've noticed there are a lot of photos of fights on the BB Wiki from matches that were not televised. Rammstein v Abbatoir is one of those fights. Is that recording available somewhere?

Thanks in advance. I promise the clips are going to a "good cause".

edit: I just realized I have a Team Wetware robot as my avatar.  :gawe: go mr bonstriper go

Discussion / Robot Arena 2: D&D still available in stores?
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:00:30 PM »
Since there's so much talk about simply downloading the game from GTM's servers I wanted to inquire here to see if anyone has still found the game on store shelves and if so, for how much?

I don't know why I did not bring this up earlier but I like to do a lot of scrounging around at Half Price Books stores for things like comics and abandonware and lo and behold sitting on the shelf with the PC games were two sealed retail copies of RA2. They were $5 each. With the exception of the time that I bought it in person at a CompUSA store 11 years ago (I had to preorder it and everything) I have never once seen the game on store shelves. I thought it was a pretty cool find. I still have my retail copy but I bought one of the two from the Half Price Books to give to my youngest brother so he could make the mistake of wasting all of his free time playing the game.  :dumb)

DSL TC Showcases / RFS' DSL proof-of-concept robots
« on: May 12, 2014, 01:21:24 AM »
Folks were talking about alligators and robots in El Chickenado's thread today and while "The Chickenado's" robot was cool and all, I felt like a real crocophile had to come in and show him how it's done.

Here's Gatorphilia:

Under the hood shot provided for no reason other than it seems to be customary to do so. Nothing fancy, 2WD and a Judge burst with a stupid amount of attention paid to getting the spike strips to sit just right on the chassis. I don't know how well it fights -- probably pretty poorly -- but on a good day I can break the lifting apparatus in the test garage and the robot can self right.

I'm proud of the skin. I made sure that under the jaw skirt there was a gator mouth, and there's something else under the tail because I am a horrible, horrible person.

I'll post more robots later, namely the ones that I entered into MassimoV's BattleBots event once their mysterious air is done away with.

Links to pics of all the bots:

- ?? Minor Inconveniences Entry
- Jeremy Clarkson

- Gatorphilia
- Legend of Bryce Genesis, The

- Thumperizer XIV

- Crush Fetish
- Infinity Gene, The


I guess in a sense it's kind of bittersweet, a lot of things that have happened in the RA2 community are now entering double digits in terms of age. Some of them, like the release of the game itself, are a bit more jovial than some of the other more somber events such as remembering the passing of a very important member of the community.

I'd like to toss my hat into the ring as well now.

Ten years ago to this very day I had the bright idea to start a project named RFSHQ. Originally, I had opened my website on February 12th, 2004 however the very first comedy article (if you can even call it that) went online on May 9th, 2004. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the website, its original focus, and the direction I tried taking it. I think for a period of time I took it too seriously and that ended up being its downfall. I like telling jokes and I like writing things, but trying to make something out of it served to be a bad idea. A lot of derogatory things were said about the website, its community, and its webmaster and I will pretty much agree with all of them.

The content wasn't that bad, however. I am now a part of an independent group called Twilight Foundry, a collaborative effort I participated with prior to RFSHQ, and one that I am pleased to work with again now that the dust has settled. Last month my pet project was carrying over all of RFSHQ's archival content (the stuff I had, at least) to Twilight Foundry's new WIP website. Since today is the 10th anniversary of the start of RFSHQ I feel it's appropriate to share the link to this new archive with you all in the event that you'd like to either A) celebrate mediocrity or B) read old terrible articles for nostalgia's sake.

RFSHQ "lives on" here:

Below are some suggested reading if you're overwhelmed by the amount of stuff listed.

The original 05/09/2004 article:
"In Case of Emergency":
"I Beta Test Games in the Year Ruhy":
"The White Overnite Challenge":
"Energizing Energy Drinks, Pt. 1":
"REVIEW: Austin Powers: Oh, Behave!":

NOTE: I am seemingly "over-represented" in the archives here for two main reasons. First, I understandably would have backups of my own work. Second, RFSHQ's backups were lost due to a website defacement years ago and one of my personal hard drives dying on me so a lot of work by other writers has been inadvertently lost. I am still in the process of locating and uploading work by other staff members. As of this post there are 101 articles attributed to RFSHQ on the website. I anticipate maybe 110-120 if I can get the rest.

The second half of this question is "...from spare/scrap parts?"

I ask because I am trying to find something to do to keep my spirits up and that will let me tinker with things. About a decade ago I started an open-class robot combat league in my school district and it was mildly successful. I'd like to try and do the same where I work since I feel like some kind of basic "I made this from crap in the garage and things from Goodwill" robot event might be fun to try.

The goal here is that I am not going to drop ~$60 on a single motor or anything wacky like that and I don't expect my colleagues to either. I'd like to take some parts from a boom box or a remote controlled car and use those to build a bot. I'd also like to keep it simple so that I don't scare off any colleagues who might not know as much about robotics as me and the rest of us who've been doing this for a while.

So, back to the original question. I understand "how" to put together a basic spinning weapon with a robot, even one made from salvaged toy parts, but the one thing that has consistently killed me has been how to actually assemble it, specifically what the spinning mass gets mounted to. I am no good at building a free spinning axle mount or putting a gearbox together. I could probably pick one out of an appliance, but what's the best way to actually mount a spinning mass to the axle?

Over the past few years I've posted a couple one-off threads for various little writings I've made about robotics and robot combat. I've decided to pool them all here into one thread where you can check them out and disagree with my opinions and call me an Internet fag.  :dumb) I've been busily combing my archives of writing and other odds and ends to bring all of these articles to Twilight Foundry's new website. I'll also update this post any new stuff I write (or find in my archives) so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Here are the articles listed chronologically (by creation date) with the newest first:

08/24/2014: McDonald's BattleBots Toys: Reviewed & Deconstructed

07/22/2014: BattleBots "MiniBots" Toy Collection/Review

06/21/2014: The 10 Literal Worst BattleBots of All Time

02/10/2012: The 7 Most One-sided Fights in BattleBots History

06/02/2011: KILLER ROBOTS / RoboGames 2011 Commentary

??/??/2011: REVIEW: Robot Arena (PC) - Still missing in action, sorry.

06/15/2008: The Best of "BattleBots Update": Season Two

04/06/2008: The Best of "BattleBots Update": Season One

09/04/2007: REVIEW: Robot Wars Metal Mayhem (GBC)

06/03/2007: The Worst BattleBot Design Ever

2001 - 2002: Battle Clash

(Currently, is a work-in-progress and is functional but incomplete. If you really wish to celebrate mediocrity then most of RFSHQ's content library has been successfully migrated over however there is still content missing. I moved over all of the robot combat content first, though, so I could share it here.  :smile: )

edit: I feel I should elaborate a bit on this Twilight Foundry business before I get anyone confused. It's not "my" site; I merely contribute to it and I have a lot of content there because I'm one of the group's inaugural members and have a ton of backlogged stuff because of it. There are other writers involved with the project plus a lot of former members and guest writers represented in the archival content. Once I am through adding the archives my involvement with the website will be mostly marginalized to an upcoming side project. Roastmaster is this website's lead writer. RFSHQ technically has nothing to do with Twilight Foundry at all but we agreed that more content is always a good thing so that's why RFSHQ's archive spontaneously shows up on the site. :P

Real Robotics Discussion / Lego Robot Wars (series on YouTube)
« on: April 22, 2014, 10:42:07 PM »
I realize this is a years-old thing, but I just stumbled upon it earlier this week at work and ended up watching the whole damned playlist in my downtime:

Videos from the first couple "series" are pretty terrible, but the production quality ramps way up (by the 7th one they've got 360 intro shots for all the bots).

I think these are incredible. I was on my high school's Mindstorms team way WAY back in the day (like 12 years ago) and this is the kind of crap I'd do that eventually got me kicked off the team. Fun fact, the Intertia robot from this series is pretty much a dead ringer for the bot I built that eventually got me the boot. :P

Twister is definitely my favorite from the series because I personally know how hard it is to build an angled spinner out of Mindstorms parts. So awesome. Whiplash is a great example of a well built vertical spinner, and Reaper is pretty much solid proof why a horizontal spinner doesn't work too well with Lego.

So here's the word on the street, for the next few months I will be working with ComBots (RoboGames, ComBots Cup) doing both editorial coverage and real-time live event coverage with them. The real-time stuff is pretty cut and dry, I'm a hosting personality and I just do what comes naturally. The other side of the job, however, is to write about the events specifically. That's where you guys come in.

Dave Calkins, the event coordinator, knows you guys exist. He is aware of this community, and the builders are aware of Robot Arena 2 believe it or not. I asked. You guys know bots, you guys live and breathe bots. So do I. Let's pow-wow for a second and talk about what YOU would be interested in reading, hypothetically, about robotics. The aim of the articles is to be funny and snarky, but to also have an informative spin to them to get people to come to the event.

I've got to be putting out two of these articles per week until the RoboGames event in April, where I then won't get to relax and will instead of live blogging and commentating and all of that good stuff. I've got a lot to do.

The articles must be RoboGames-centric. There's a big emphasis on interviewing, so I'm thinking on perhaps doing one interview and one feature each week, that way it'll be balanced out between informative and more informal and entertaining. Here's what I had in mind:
- The most one-sided fights (taking a page straight from my recent BattleBots article)
- Most memorable robots?
- Best one-hit knock outs? -or- Most brutal knock outs?
- Most inventive/best engineered robots?
- Evolution of (name of robot that has competed numerous times and perhaps even at non RoboGames events)
- Oldest/legendary robots still active today?

I'm going to have access to the RoboGames library of content from zero hour to present day, and I realize there's not a whole lot out there that the public (you guys) might be aware of, so pardon me if I'm asking you to take a swing in the dark with ideas. RoboGames covers combat and a number of other popular robot events, you can check out exactly what they have at and draw some conclusions from there. One thing Dave said he was unhappy about with the Science Channel special was the lack of coverage of non-combat events, so I am definitely going to be in on that, but I'm really going to focus primarily on the combat since, as he put it, "that's still what sells tickets".

These articles have to be something specific, but not too specific or else I'll risk alienating the audience, and that's bad. :P The whole purpose of my job is to get people to come to this show, and if I fail at that, then my ass is fired. XD Dave has turned to ME to get people to come to his event after a professional PR campaign as failed. So I have to outwork and outdo an actual PR firm with this. So, you guys live bots. What would YOU read, and what kinds of articles would really interest you and your friends to be passed along to others to get them to come to an event such as this. Basically, knowing what you all collectively know, what would you be interested in seeing?

The payoff for helping me out is a truck load of robot articles and editorials about the sport and additional stuff from RoboGames (not everything they do is combat so I'll have sumo and other coverage).

Share some ideas, let's brainstorm. XD


I wrote this article recently and I thought it'd be something you guys would be interested in. :) 7 laughably one-sided bouts in BattleBots plus a special bonus "Honorable Mention". :3

Real Robotics Discussion / Looking for a very specific photograph.
« on: February 08, 2012, 10:24:56 PM »
Oh hi. It's me again.

I lost my meticulous (read: Aspergers-fueled) backups of in a hard drive crash a few years ago and now I'm looking for a very specific picture for an article I am working on and I can't seem to find it. If anybody would have it, I'm assuming you guys would.

The picture I'm looking for seems deceptively simple: It's the one of Complete Control lifting Super Chiabot completely vertically from the show's second season. Not a screencap from a video, I want the official picture, the one with the BattleBots logo in the bottom corner. I don't have it. If anybody here has it and would like to share it, it would be much appreciated. <3


edit: I need this picture and the one of the Pulverizer coming down on StewBot, also from season 2.

Robots Showcase / Twilight Foundry Robotics II
« on: July 16, 2010, 01:37:30 PM »

I haven't participated in robot combat events since 2004, but during this whole time I've held onto my parts and decided that since they are virtually worthless these days since the sport of robot combat is pretty much dead and stagnant that I should at least put them to good use. I've always had a knack for animatronics and have used my RC parts for other projects, sculptures, and puppetry throughout the years, but until recently they were mostly untouched for about half a decade. I went down to the workshop where it's all stored and relocated it all, and while some of it had corroded or gone bad I still had some stuff in working condition.

I no longer work on BattleBots of any size/variety, but since my younger brother had purchased one of those expensive Wheely King RC trucks I thought it would be fun if I assembled a truck from scrap to race against him and do freestyle jumps with, so I put together "Twilight Foundry SuperTruck", the first radio controlled thing I've built in a long time. I haven't built much these days, not sure what else I'll put together, but if time allows maybe something else cool. Who knows.

Twilight Foundry Robotics was one of the first names I used in robot combat, named after the video game satire group I belonged to at the time. The group disbanded in 2004 but has somewhat reassembled as of 2008 as "Twilight Foundry Films", so I think it's only appropriate I assume Twilight Foundry Robotics II as a "team name" again. :P

Twilight Foundry SuperTruck

Pictured above in its "second beta" stage.

Weight: About 4 pounds.
Type: Freestyle stunt truck, hobby project.
Chassis: 2001 Nikko-model Chevy Avalanche
Motor: 12V Johnson Cordless Drill Motor (running at 9.6V)
Special: Self-righting rollcage mechanism mounted in the truck bed (incomplete, not pictured)

TF SuperTruck is an ongoing project of mine that is still largely incomplete. It is plagued with faulty electronics, currently being controlled by a Scorpion ESC from 2004 that was a total piece of crap. It simply shuts off after a few seconds of "moderate to intense" throttling and won't come back on for a few minutes, meaning that it's not very good as a stunt truck. Currently I am experimenting with the Barello Ant150 I have laying around but the ESC keeps wanting to mix the sticks, which of course is making the forward/reverse stick control both the drive motor and the steering, and I am having difficulties getting it to stop doing that. The truck does not experience any "overheat" with the Ant150 being used.

SuperTruck's main feature is its speed which unfortunately is only experienced in short bursts thanks to crap parts (I believe the Scorpion ESC was always a piece of trash because we had similar problems with it in 2004 running nothing more than a couple of tiny micro motors), and in its "beta" state is missing a lot of the cool flair that will eventually make it a cool project. They are not visible in the picture, but the truck has holes drilled for 14 LED lights to act as headlights, tail lights, bedliners, and one light in the windshield to act as the "remote safety device" seen in real monster trucks. Because I am using a 3 channel system and only 2 channels are being used (drive and steering) I have been exploring possible options for the 3rd channel, and I've thought of everything from an articulated snowplow to a spinning disc underneath the truck to act as a balancer for stunts and jumps. I've eventually settled on using one of my high-torque servos to mobilize a steel rollcage (not pictured) to act as a srimech in the event that SuperTruck bails on a jump.

You can see a video of SuperTruck doing some stunts here:

Modifications / Screw it, it's on - RFS (Dracophile) AI Pack V1.7
« on: January 22, 2010, 04:42:14 PM »
It's 6 or 7 years late but who gives a damn, I've decided to make my last hurrah with Robot Arena 2, find that inner "Tutorial Man", and relearn AI-ing to revive the previously canceled version "1.7" of the RFS (Dracophile) AI Pack. There's not much left to expand upon, just more teams - and I don't know how many I'll add, I'll just keep making them until I get tired of it.

I know there's some AI programs out there that do AI-ing for you, but I'd rather code this by hand to keep with that authentic feel, for me at least.

Originally when robots for V1.7 were being designed, they were all parted out to various modders for "cameo" appearances, and there's also an "unseen AI" download pack full of 7 BOT files here:

Will I include them in the V1.7? I don't know. Maybe? Maybe not. Let me see if they suck or not.

Q: Why the sudden rekindled interest in Robot Arena 2 modding?
A: Because. BattleBots was canceled again and I'm mad and I feel like getting my fix again.

Q: Who is Dracophile?
A: Dracophile is the screenname I go by now because I hated RFS. This pack's title will have the Draco thing in parentheses.

Q: If I have downloaded/installed (super duper doo doo man parts pack 4000) will V1.7 work for me?
A: Probably not, I would use a fresh install just to be safe. No guarantees of cross-compatibility with other packs.

Q: Will I need to have patched the game with your previous AI packs to use V1.7?
A: No, this is an all-encompassing download pack that you can play right out of the box with all of the previous bots included.

Q: Will there be any secrets included in this pack?

Q: When will this be done?
A:bigsmile: <--- (That's :rapeface2000: from RFSHQ, actually, and originated from Club Penguin forums as :scary:, the equivalent of :D in the game.)

I will post teasers/promos as they become available.

You can consult the global RFS AI Pack page on the Wiki here for general information and the history of the upgrade:

Robots Showcase / Some old robot combat photos of my bots.
« on: June 11, 2009, 02:22:02 AM »
Photography credits go to myself or Bill Marsden.

These were all taken at the Southwestern Alliance of Robot Combat (SWARC) events in the year 2004, there were 4 of them we went to and 1 of them in 2003 that isn't shown in here. I'm pretty sure it covers most of the robots.

Videos available SOMEWHERE in my YouTube account:
Videos by Glenn Pipe. (Who needs to fix his damn camera and give me the SWARC 9.0 event footage *cries*.)

Brief history of the team:
2009?: Twilight Foundry Robotics
2005: Newfac Robotics
2004: Team Psygnosis
2003: RFS Labs
2002: Twilight Foundry Robotics
2001: New Island Technologies

And now the robots, from newest to oldest:

Earthquake (Beetle)
Weapon: Steel scoop + 4WD
Record: 3-2 (SWARC 9.0 2nd Place)
Status: Active?

Five-O (UK Ant
Weapon: Titanium wedge
Record: 1-2
Status: Retired

Detonator (Beetle)
Weapon: Thwacking arm
Record: 1-2
Status: Retired

Kill Switch (Beetle)
Weapon: Wedge with tank tracks
Record: 5-8
Status: Active?

Super Turbo Baby Puncher (Ant)
Weapon: Ball and chain fail
Record: 0-4 (one rumble win)
Status: Retired

Keep Back 500 Meters (UK Ant)
Weapon: Clamping arm (left) and Plow (right)
Record: 2-6
Status: Retired

Keep Back 500 Feet (Ant)
Weapon: Lifting arm or Clamping arm (seen pictures with clamp)
Record: 1-4
Status: Retired

The Fatal Contraption (Beetle)
Weapon: Cutting blades on each corner (not pictured)
Record: 0-0
Status: Retired

Mewtwo Bot (Open Class)
Weapon: Spikes and cutting disc
Record: 0-1
Status: Retired

Exodus (Open Class)
Weapon: Spike ram
Record: 0-1
Status: Retired

Terminal Impact (Open Class)
Weapon: Spinning disc with weighted flails
Record: 4-3 (Battle Clash 2.0 Champion)
Status: Active...?

D.C.O.I. ("Decoy" - Don't Count On It) (Open Class)
Weapon: Spike and cutting disc (disc not pictured)
Record: 0-5
Status: Retired

PokeBot (Open Class)
Weapon: Lifting arm (version 1), wedge & cutting disc (version 2, pictured)
Record: 0-2
Status: Retired

Roton aka Metalhead (Open Class)
Weapon: Wedge (left) and Dual cutting discs and spike ram (right)
Record: 3-5 (Battle Clash 1.0 Champion)
Status: Retired

And below is just my favorite picture ever from my history of robot combat. This was taken at the Battle Clash / Raptor Robotics 2.0 event held March 21st, 2002 at Rockport-Fulton Middle School, an event that was co-managed by me wherein I was also a participant. Robots were made from remote controlled cars and there were combat and obstacle course tournaments. Seen below are all of the teams and their robots (and a very young Draco in the orange shirt giving a thumbs up). :3

Quote from: Reier;42799
Yeah, it'd be awsome if you guys would start showcases. :gawe:

Okay. I went through some local hard drives I have connected to my computer and found backups from years ago of my "My Pictures" folders, wherein there was a nice collection of robots originally posted from 2003 - 2005, stock and DSL alike.

I'm going to go into detail about some of my personal favorites, but each directory below is chock full of whatever I was able to recover from various installments of My Pictures and the sub-directories inside of them.

(Side Quest: Count the number of Team AceUplink decals on the robots for extra fun.)

Antweights (under 175)

Blue Blue is an antweight toting two Redbird motors for drive. It was entered in one of the AceUplink ant contests.

Can Opener's weapon was modeled after an actual can opener.

Circuit Breaker was one of my best antweight robots. Its saw blade really put a damper on its battery power but it was able to tear up opponents left and right.

When it came to None Shall Pass, none did pass. NSP's weapon was two spiked clubs tilted in a way that allowed it to act as both a wedge and a ram.

Ramdozer didn't have a weapon but was damn near impenetrable with his heavy steel armor.

Sidenotes: 2 Wheelin' was an experiment in trying to put the Mud Tires onto an ant. Crazy UFO Hat Bikini was named after a picture on Something Awful. Lemmin Juice 3 was another AU ant entry. Peanut Botta was named after the RA2 multiplayer "placeholder" robot. Some Disassembly Required was built twice with two completely different designs. The Ring was another AU contest entry.

Deceptitron was a design that looked like a rammer, but had a hidden pneumatic spike that launched out for a surprise attack.

Power Box. I don't know, you tell me.

Sidenotes: Digital Sentinence was a replica of TDS' 30 pound robot. Green Machine was featured in a 3rd party AI pack. Underdawg has a "pop wedge" design.

Obligatory furry robot Amy Rose.

Butt Cheex. More legendary than me.

Digital Dragon 2 was my last AU tournament entry. It's invertible and Forward is always forward regardless of its orientation.

Rift Blade: Samurai Warrior brandished three samurai swords on an HP ZTek motor. Once it got spinning there was no stopping it.

Sidenotes: CrapBot 2000 was my very first robot. Harmony Bunny was named after a character in the Powerpuff Girls. Mexican Pizza was my second-ever robot. Wimpy is a replica of the RA1 robot of the same name.

The only thing American Dream is missing in this picture is a bikini model waxing it.

Apocalypse NOW! was kinda named after that movie, but was also the third robot I ever made.

Billboard was a curious robot that could literally throw an opponent into the roof of the Combat Zone. It was prone to tipping over though. On the reverse side of the sign there's a dragon saying "RAWR!"

Bot X was my attempt at a FrenZy style robot, its hammer could swing back and forth and land in some crushing blows.

Crash Boom Bang was one of my favorite robots that made use of Some Kinda Zombie's hyper reversible angle motor. When its sledgehammers got spinning it was impossible to stop and the pain was dealt out big time.

Darkside is a semi-truck inspired by the Twisted Metal Black version of this vehicle.

Evil Con Carne was the perfection of the FrenZy design.

Flip You Off. Get it?

Time has been very kind to Head Splitter 3. Last time I played using this robot it was capable of taking down tough Starcore AI.

Purple Haze made use of the AU BB AI spikes, the ones that dealt like a million points of damage out per hit. It's over-powered but was built to take on my other robot Minion usually piloted by one of my friends in heated head to head battles.

Rock N Roller, named after a Vectorman boss. The very first multibot in RA2.

See N Say Of Pain was a show-bot, but it caught on with the community and soon there was more than one of these floating around out there.

You've just been THUMPERIZED.

Transformer was capable of expanding its drive system for close combat or for maneuverability.

Wazzzup! was a robot that had enough AU decals on it that it was used in the official AU robot showcase banner. I was banned during this time, though.

Wooden Warrior (seen here in version number six) wasn't actually made of wood, but it was a nice texture and an even better fighter. It's one of my absolute personal favorites and makes an RFS AI appearance in the "RFS" team.

Sidenotes: Administrator of Pain isn't a TDS joke but it was an attempt at making chain flails. Armorgedden has two pistons inside of its wedge to throw opponents on their backs, this weaponry was explored again in the RFS AI robot Telekinesis. Balls of Steel was my first "series" robot, it was built and rebuilt over 10 times. Blood Dumpster is a nod to Space Ghost Coast to Coast, it was the name of Zorak's proposed horror flick. Carl's Robot featured by ATHF Carl soundboard part, it would spout out one-liners such as "GET OUTTA MY FRIKKIN POOL" and other quotables from ATHF season 1. Coffee Grinder's plan was to toss opponents into the air and catch them in the grinder. Fire Wheel had 4 flamethrowers mounted on a spinning disc, it threw fire out in all directions. Undercover Undercutter made an appearance in another 3rd party AI pack.
Super Heavyweights (over 800)

666 swings 12 saw blades around like nobody's business.

Minion was modeled not after the robot of BattleBots fame, but after the demonic tank from the Twisted Metal game series. It's seen here with a TM3 paint job and a spike array matching the Minion tanker truck from TM Black.

The X-Terminator has about a million weapons. Seriously.

Sidenotes: 25C Crane Machine was an experiment in trying to pick up an opponent, it didn't work.

Bad News has the appearance of an angry Dorito and the steering of a highly sedated rhino. Slow as all heck and difficult to turn but still capable of pushing over a train and ruining your day.

Circular Motions was capable of slowly disassembling its opponents by grinding it apart piece by piece.

Destructo Thingy has the biggest disc with giant blades on it. Just for the heck of it.

K.R.O.C. (Killer Robot on Crack, but also KROC as in Crocodile) could rotate its weapon 360 degrees and strike from any angle.

TORM was a robot that fared well against most designs and was included in the RFS DSL AI pack.

Unnecessarily Irrellevant had a double layered blade that made for clean smooth cuts and a pretty much unstoppable weapon.

Sidenotes: Blast Cannister and Credit Card Shredding Machine were two DSL antweights that threw themselves out of control with every full force blow. Food For Thought was originally made as a DSL tourney entry. Mal De Ojo was an RFSHQ tourney entry.

This was a real antweight robot I made. This replica is in the "RFS" team on the RFS AI Pack.

Sidenotes: Complete Control was made a couple of days after I bought RA2.

General Support / SERIOUS Burst Motor Problem!
« on: November 17, 2004, 08:38:13 PM »
Help! When I upgraded to V 1.2 all of the burst motors act like they have no power! They fire only once, and it is very VERY slow, and they do not retract. Multiplayer is way off now, because Dino Venger has V1.2 and this does not happen to him, so does anyone know what is wrong?

Should I reinstall the components for DSL?

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