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Off-Topic Discussion / ITS TIME AGAIN
« on: February 17, 2022, 01:03:00 PM »
Hey guys. I just wanted to make this announcement really quick.
I quit.
I can't do RA2 anymore. I can't do tournaments anymore. I just can't over the past few weeks everything just feels like a chore to do. RA2 just isn't what it used to be for me. When I got my new computer, the first thing I thought was "OK, I need to make something for so and so's tournament." Notice how I said "need" instead of "want". I didn't need to build anything. I never have. I just thought I did.
Before I go, I want to thank everybody here. It's been a nice year or so with you guys, and you guys have been excellent people throughout. I'm not leaving because of you. I'm not leaving because of a failed tournament or whatever. I'm leaving because I can't find enjoyment in playing RA2.
If an admin wants to delete my account, go ahead, because chances are that I won't return for a while. Sorry this was so short, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Many of you may hate me for making such a big deal of it, so go ahead. At least I won't be here to hear it.

Off-Topic Discussion / #deVetJonzu
« on: May 01, 2020, 06:41:16 PM »
Get 'im outta 'ere!

Off-Topic Discussion / Merry Christmas
« on: December 24, 2019, 06:08:01 PM »
Enjoy folks. Best Wishes to all of you!

Off-Topic Discussion / Calling out toxic Kix
« on: October 24, 2019, 04:28:08 PM »
This has really been a long time coming, the man who called 09 out.

He is toxic scum.
He called 09 the gamer word.

He is really bad at CSGO, we all knew this but I just want to point it out again.
Kix just smells, really bad.
I personally believe kix is secretly the most toxic member, because he's fat as ****

Remember if Kix hadnt have been sweating out on CS, he would've lost to Flipper only Robo!

Remember to add me on myspace for more epic content

Edit: You cant call me out, because they know I'm toxic

Edit 2: Thanks for the Gold, kinda stranger!

Off-Topic Discussion / Americas, EU, ASIA
« on: October 01, 2019, 07:03:09 PM »
Sup guys. Looking at an idea for a tournament in which there's regional qualifiers.

Just wanted to get an idea of how each pool would look, so if you can, leave your region below. Thanks!

Edit: 1900th post heck God I hate it


Mr Matthews
Code Red
NH the introvert


Off-Topic Discussion / TL:DR Ra2 is sucky
« on: August 30, 2019, 09:43:19 PM »

Just know, there's gonna be the occasional name drop. **** you, enjoy

I think the tournament scene is getting more and more restrictive, and in my honest opinion I see it resulting in not only a downgrade in robots, but also fights.

The rulesets of tournaments are looking to purely limit the "problem" components, however can quite easily be abused, intentionally or not. (Example of this is: Thanatos Redeemer. Because it doesnt use the "problem" components it was unable to slip under the radar with 8 beaters and 4 matidas. Which is more DPS than what was setout to prevent). In regards to quality, people are just gonna be building to the limit then chucking armour on it however, I recognise this is not 100% true, I see it being a problem for the less good builders. But without some kinda of quality control rule, imo will lead to lazy builds. This last part leads into the discords and the splits in communities.

In terms of fight quality, because of everything having a reduction in DPS, I can fully see a meta in which gutripping becomes even more prevelant than it currently is. This will be boring. Sorry folks, you suck.

Now, I don't think this is the fault of a single tournament. It's people being to stupid to create a new ruleset or a heavily modify version of another. They just copy paste the text into their own thread of whatever.

Everyone thinks they can fix DSL.

They can't.

Every time I see a discussion over this ****ing game, I see people saying things like "We need to change X components" or "We should nerf X tooth". Please understand you cannot just make a small change to this game to fix it all, nor add X components. You will just make another tooth the "problem component". You would need to rebalance the entire game and even then, with a game that uses pure component related statistics people will just use the formula to calculate the best component. I'd rather see a variety of colourful components than some dog sh** balance changes. Bildschirm is making progress on this, and it's something I'll give him credit on. Along with Geice's recent changes to the download section, I hope we can compile all of the sh** together for a true DSL 2.2 CE. I think like Geice mentioned, we should be looking once a month or so to make changes to CE with what gets removed, updated or added.

The naming system right now for the versions is pretty dog sh** too if I might add. Legit just keep it 2.2 please. I beg. There's nothing truly significant to warrant a 2.3, even the actual 2.3 that fotepx made wasn't, albeit closer than what Bildschirm has been doing

Discord and other places
Right then, time to smack talk the discords.

I think we at this point are aware of the relationship between the three/four main communities of Ra2. GTM, OW, MS2 & PWS and the relationship each discord/community has with each other. Both with GTM are dog sh** and I want to break down each community from my understanding. I've been a mod in most of the Ra2 communities, so I know who does what, and what everyone actually thinks of each other for the most part.

GTM. I'm gonna start off with my hometown as it were. Boomer country. The forum is the main place of Ra2 still, due to housing the resources for the game and all of the add-ons needed. However, anything outside that and RR2 is pretty scarce. You'll probably get the odd tournament post or showcase bump. This discord has realistically been the odd pop-ups in other chats or a fairly consistant one in the "controversial" not retard chat.

The relationship I have seen unfold with new members and the common users is that, we tend to sh** on what people would regard as "dumbass" behaviour, it's a wild west of a place, I must say. Forums less so. However, I have seen a quicker increase in building skills, etc when new members have a consistent interaction with the "toxic" members of GTM. Code Red is a pretty good example of this imo, he showcase the difference between getting "toxic" feedback vs the nice feedback over on other discords.

MS2, now I'm not familiar with Mike's discord but I do know it's not just Ra2, it's his youtube. So I can't rag on it too bad. But I will say that if Code and Billy are the "most experienced" active users there, you're in the wrong server. Sorry guys, whilst your advice is pretty bog standard, it's not particularly ground breaking or expansive. It's all I can really say about the server other than it contains all the new guys we've seen the influx of, and whilst they suck. They'll get better.

OW. This is really, the big one. The facebook of Ra2. Right, now I think the Orcs Wars discord is a lot of "We're nice to keep a collective of people together". Those with conflicting opinions are just brushed away in my opinion, it's an opinion of the forum I've discussed with some people and I think it's a shared opinion. Now, of course I think have a community, you want the general idea to be similar, but OW brings a level which imo is unsettling. Personally I don't believe it too be a fault of staff or owner, more just a general vibe I get. Staff are another issue I have with OW, with only 1 mod active, it's not where it should be and the GM team comprises of mostly near unbearable users, it really does make me think. I'm aware of Orc's stance on moderating and having trust in his team, but I think that by having a mod team, you should be ready to put that trust on the line for the sake of finding the right team, it's a job in itself and it should be viewed that way.

In regards to the user base there, I think the community works in the opposite to GTM, in which it's very inviting to new members, but with interactions purely with members exclusive to that discord, it results in slow learning and creating general excuses to not improve. I'll be using Mr BK and PrimevalBrony as an example of this.

PWS, it doesnt give the Mods enough control to handle situations. It's really stupid. Overall, it's really a mix of the above mentioned

Overall, I'm aware that discords are what the community future is at, I just don't think I like it. It's good as a consistent chat room, but idk.

Zoomers are currently the oddest group of this community. I enjoy the determination that you all possess and the eagerness to jump into the advanced stuff. However, most of you are yikes. The mentality of the zoomers can range from crap on all with no excuse, which I believe to be a copy or myself and roboteer. Superbomb has demonstrated this imo the most. The other is to do the full 180 of this, in which you shut down anything which can be perceived as offensive. But all of you find a way to circle jerk over some old boomer (Badger and Badnik) and how they got slammed in X, Y, Z tournament. :V

Why not :)

-You can't fix the game
-Discord is full of tards.
-I hate you all
-I hope you copypasta this, it'll be epic

Off-Topic Discussion / Seagulls, the villains.
« on: August 20, 2019, 07:04:08 PM »
I am the APLHA seagull, of the toxic side of this community and you are the other seagulls. Following to my tune and ruining this community, when I am toxic, you are toxic ez.

Please discuss below and thank you for attending my TED Talk.

Edit: Sev is a cunt

Robot Rumble 2.0 / RR2: The case of the missing robots.
« on: August 08, 2019, 08:15:41 AM »
There have been multiple people with this error of bots nit showing up in the latest build.

I've made this thread to have users put said robots here to hopefully provide a database of robots to the developers so that they can work out a solution.

Off-Topic Discussion / Ladies and Gentleman, We got him
« on: August 03, 2019, 07:18:23 PM »
We really did need that age limit

Robogames Arena.
No Custom components besides skin.
IRL Rules apply.
Kix to host.

Flipper only
Tag team, teams are randomly drawn

NightRaven to host

Off-Topic Discussion / Apex: Invitational
« on: May 23, 2019, 05:09:40 PM »
Hello all. Some of you have concerns about the next series of Apex and I want to address them.

This is a in-between series and should be treated as such. This will not be the standard format for main Apex events.

It's true that I have stated strong opinions about entries, but it doesn't mean I will ever treat them unfairly and often times the opinion is an exaggeration, plus other's do this with other peoples bots too so I personally don't think there's much difference. But I do hope these invite only events will push people to increase the standard of their builds instead of creating a circle jerk to inflate their own ego.

This will not be for a while, please understand this. I have a list of candidates I'm looking to invite for this. I hope people can step up their game to give me a reason to put them on that list

Edit: The list contains names of old and new builders, whilst mosting old due to how experience works, etc.

Edit 2: Any issues, of further concerns. Please drop me a message.

Showcases / Hoppins Bots that are RR2
« on: May 23, 2019, 03:55:39 AM »





Discussion / Community AI pack. (LDAI 3?)
« on: April 25, 2019, 04:44:19 PM »
Sup fellas.

Looking to make an AI pack in the style of LDAI.

This'll require users to send.
1 LW
1 MW
1 HW
3 Robots of any weightclass
1 Team Icon at a 1:1 Ratio
Team Name
Any AI they want to send over

Who's interested?

Discussion / Robogames 2 - Discussion
« on: April 07, 2019, 09:35:39 AM »
Hi all. Recently, thanks to Billy, we've been in discussion about the future of Robogames 2.

With Billy uploading the Antweight & Beetleweight Division and Bild looking to continue the SHW division, we've decided it best have Billy continue those divisions. However, with the other weightclass we're looking into restarting them from the signups stage. We're thinking about doing this for various reasons, the two main reasons, being it's such a mess at this point that restarting the event would be cleaner than picking up the pieces of it. On top of this the time between now & then I think people much prefer there current bots.

In regards to members who are no longer active that had entered RG2, we'll be keeping those bots in out of respect for them.

A few members in this discussion have offered to host divisions, these being.
TheOrcCorp - HW
Bildschirm - CW
Myself - MW
Billy - LW

However, if anyone wants to assist or possibly a backup host just in case. Feel free to ask. Whilst this is not set in stone, this is where we're looking to go.

In summary, Billy will continue to host the Antweight & Beetleweight Division, then the reboot of other weightclasses will happen during the summer-ish. Any questions or thoughts on the matter? I'd love to hear.

General Support / issues.
« on: March 27, 2019, 12:40:39 PM »
In need of help for 2 axe bots using Assuming it's a StartAngle issue, I just cant get it working.

Here's the ai, along with the bot files

list.append(("Sillouhete 2 X","Judge",{'radius':1,'MotorID':72,'StartAngle':-math.pi*2,'reload':5,'nose':math.pi,'range':99,'invertible':False,'topspeed':100,'throttle':100,'turn':60,'turnspeed':3,'weapons':(9,)}))


Tournament Archives / Apex: Elite Series
« on: March 24, 2019, 02:55:20 PM »
Apex Elite Series.png

- DSL 2.2 HW
- IRL Building Style
- 64 Entrants
- Three bots per member.
- I'm willing to AI if you are not able to, but don't complain about it
- Entrants will not be reserved, and I cannot allow reserving spots or placeholder bots for any reason
- You can send your entrant to me through a personal message through GTM or Discord.

- DSL 2.2 Bots only
- Heavyweight bots pls
- Build and enter a design that YOU built yourself.
- I can allow custom AI .py files if you need your entrant to do something specific that would otherwise not be possible with a normal .py file.  However, if it that makes your bot overpowered or is pointless and/or just stupid memes, then the entrant along with the custom AI .py is banned.
- IRL Rules Apply. Don't try to abuse sh** cheers.
- You must have a minimum of powered two wheels attached and must show controlled movement with said wheels.
- Shufflers will get no weight bonus.
- Modular bots are allowed, limited to 3. I will be asking for a list for your group and privately messaging you if it's bracket stage. Failure to respond will mean you'll use your default config for the fight.
- Multibots are allowed, but the total weight limit must have a maximum weight distribution of 75:25 weight difference.
- DSC's IRL Packs, Geice's AP mod for NPC's and batteries will be allowed (Even future releases)
- Weapon spam will not be tolerated.  With that said, I won't limit the number of specific parts for an entrant.  If there is a balance between weapon and it's power, then I can allow it.  (I'll be much more strict about it this time.  Cause last time, and with DSL 2.2 currently, Typhoon Teeth, for example are rather OP, so just be warned: Don't expect to use many Typhoon teeth this time.)
- The Mechavore Disc & Minion Disc, however, are straight up banned.  Mini versions of the parts are limited to one.
- Flamethrower bots are allowed, but using that bot with or a similar AI python is NOT.
- You can send your own component re-skins as long as you provide the necessary files to me when you enter and the ONLY change to said component(s) is the skin.
- The only cheatbot2 Components allowed are the Flatmotor, Slow Flatmotor, and the Overkill/TTD Servo Motor.  Everything else is banned (This means the AS balance patch and any components not in vanilla RA2 are banned.  Do NOT try and dance around this rule this time.)
- BFE, AAM, OBJRA2 and Every Sergepatcher Component Freedom tool, except for the weight bonus one, will be allowed for IRL purposes
- Deliberately terrible bots or joke-bots will be rejected instantly.  Please make something with effort for this.  (Inappropriate names also count)
- You can make an update once and only once per player. (The only exception if it's a skin change or anything extremely minor), but I will stop allowing updates when signups close.
- If an updated bot is illegal, then I will use the original bot you sent me.
- If I am feeling mixed opinions towards the legality of your entrant, then I will ask about certain details to make sure, plus conferring with other users for an alternate opinion.

- 3 minute length matches
- The Robot Wars 2016 Arena (Re-skinned) will be used for this tournament.
- I will try my best to make sure groups are not filled with one users bots, but I can't make any promises.
- If a Multibot has 75% of the total bot eliminated, then the whole entrant is considered eliminated.
- Only minor havoks will be shown in a main heat video (or ones that don't really affect any major outcomes), and bots will not be penalized for havoks.  However if a robot havoks more than enough times, then the robot will be eliminated and it's opponent will win via "Havoc Decision". I will be showing the best fight and be judging up until that point.
-There are 16 groups of four bots. With 2 advancing to a single bracket elimination stage.
-In the event of two bots entering the pit, the first bot to enter will lose.
-If there is no clear winner at the end, then I will be judging every bot fairly on based on Aggression, Style, and Control. The judging will have 3 catergories in which I split 11 points per catergory. Highest points in total wins.

1. NightRaven Shade - A Wild Haunter
2. NightRaven Shade - Chemical Corrosion
3. NightRaven Shade - Jumping Poison Frog
4. RedAce - Aggressive N3gotiations (Variants)
5. RedAce - Quake (Variants)
6. Plerco - Babaulti 5
7. Plerco - Afterwind
8. TheRoboteer - Crescendo
9. TheRoboteer - Speed Demon VI
10. TheRoboteer - Zealot
11. Code Red Robotics - Demon 1.5
12. Code Red Robotics - Dumb & Dumber
13. Code Red Robotics - Geoff (Variants)
14. Pokebro - Eyes on me
15. Pokebro - Grab-o-Saw 2
16. Pokebro - Starlight 3
17. Superbomb - Phantom 3
18. Superbomb - Twisted Fate
19. Badger - Molerat
20. Badger - Smashtacean
21. Sickle robotics- Darkrai 1.7
22. Sickle robotics - Drum Roll V
23. Sickle robotics - Rusty the fifth
24. Plerco - Hooligan
25. Alloftheman - Oculus
26. Alloftheman - Optic
27. Alloftheman - Red Eye
28. Billy - Angry Bird: Seed Killer Gen II
29. Billy - Darwinian Predator Gen II (Variant)
30. Billy - Ring Of Destruction Gen II
31. TheOrcCorp - Deadgnaws II
32. MrBK - Morto
33. MrBK - Neutron Star 1.5
34. MrBK - Full Force Beating 1.5
35. Primeval - Zupay V3
36. Primeval - Brumalia (Variants)
37. Primeval - Dorchadas
38. KidDelta - Roasted Crab
39. KidDelta - M.T.F II
40. NickyDustyOwl - Breaking Point 2
41. Wambo - Clamping Blade 1.5
42. F1Krazy - Jungle Fever (Variants)
43. F1Krazy - Paralyzer
44. F1Krazy - Graf Eisen
45. Bildschirm - Roka EXD
46. Sev - Arctic Fox Rampage V
47. 8bean - A Big Wheel
48. 8bean - Purple Nurple V4
49. Kix - Spawn Again
50. Kix - Fluff 2
51. Badger - Reptilium & Lizardite
52. KidDelta - Sillouhette 2 X
53. Bildschirm - Yuno
54. Double00Rhys - The Demon Spirit 2.5
55. Double00Rhys - Cavity Cleaver
56. Sagaris - Azure II
57. Kix - Mouser Mecha Catbot
58. Sagaris - SRIII
59. Witherina - Dutch Turtle
60. Witherina - Spares
61. Girthquake - Merry Go Pound
62. Sagaris - Tyrant EVO
63. TheOrcCorp - General Gwip II
64. Bildschirm - Rocketship
65. Superbomb - Overpowered Mk. II
66. Witherina - KillerWhale II
67. KillerTurtleG - Death Is Drumming III
68. KillerTurtleG - NOVA
69. KillerTurtleG - Entity
70. Mystic - Shockwave 2
71. Mystic - Deathwheel
72. Mystic - Momento Mori
73. Moz - Lovegore IV
74. Moz - Big Oops
75. Moz - PuriN
76. Sevalent - Highschool Ex
77. Sevalent - Pocari
78. Olwin - Evil Horseshoe Crab
79. Girthquake - Chicken Biscuit
80. Wambo - Headache


Yes the majority of the rules are tweaked from Deathmatch <3
And I will continue Open Event 2 dw <3

CF allowed
BFE allowed
Flats and Overkill motors only from CB2
Best of 5
RW2016 arena
8bean host

Robots Showcase / Team Hop
« on: February 28, 2019, 06:38:25 PM »
Im gay and I can beat Superbomb in a 1v1.

So I went to Antweight World Series 57 with Rest In Bepis: Rad Chad the Ultimate Dad EVO. I also co-drove the white cluster "Yeetus and Retreatus" with Sevalent. Good time.

Here's the video of the event. Including Chads, Yeetus and Retreatus and For Fox Sake cuz I might aswell

I'll upload some photo's later with some future plans and from the event that I took.

Tournament Archives / GTM Open Event #2 - SBV
« on: January 31, 2019, 02:51:04 PM »
GTM Open event 2.png



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