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Site News and Feedback / Image attachment broken
« on: December 18, 2019, 05:38:43 AM »
This has been happening for awhile now. It just suddenly stopped functioning

Idk how to fix it at all.

Tournaments / Parsec Rumble 1.0 SBV
« on: October 30, 2019, 07:06:24 AM »
Ok so seeing that i am out of touch with hosting, i might try this again, as atm RR2 is not as terrible with some things done to it

One change is that i will be incorporating the wheel fix.
Also as im not a fan of video editing and stuff, i wont record this. If someone else feels like doing so, go ahead

- 110kg max for HW division, 180kg max for SHW division (might do multiple middleweight and superheavyweight class soon)
- 24 entries, 3 bots per person. Will expand it to 64/4 enteries is there is interest
- No clipping obviously, only part where i will allow it is where you are making a 4-bar system out of bursts. Even then, try to add supports to make it look irl
- Try to make your bots as irl as possible. If youre making a spinner, try to either make a hole in the chassis, or try to make a fake hole out of a thin black cube
- To prevent parts and wheels (that are rubber cyilnders, not premade wheels) falling off from gears and motors, you must use the wheel fix (however HUGE and deep six clones cant use the wheel fix for their wheels, this way they wont be op).
1. Attach a wheel onto a motor directly or on an axle
2. Attach a component on the wheel
3. Profit
- Your bot must have minimum 1 battery & 1 control switch/board
- No shells or rings. Atm i dont feel too comfortable using them
- Active Weapons can be only on 2 sides, either front and back, or left and right, you cannot cover your bot with active weapons
- Excluding the bottom, one side must be unprotected on a single weapon robot, 2 sides on dual weapon robot (best example: Drummer)
- Clusters allowed, 3 way clusterbot is the limit however, also if a 3 way cluster faces another cluster, only 2 will fight (selected by creator)
- No badnik fork grabbers, however Overhaul grabbers are allowed
- Dustpans are allowed, however the bot must not have protected front.
- If you cant drive, someone else will
- 1v1's Single bracket (for now its single. It will change in future when more people join)
- DM me enteries or pm me on GTM. my discord tag is #1167
- If you are going to attend, you have to be on RA2 Central Discord. Link is here:
- You can replace a bot one time till i pull up splashes
- To export your bots go to

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Nerd Island Studios LLC\Robot Rumble 2_0\Robots


Game Development / E3 2019
« on: June 09, 2019, 02:39:17 AM »
So E3 airs soon. Any games/segments you hyped for/hope that appear?

I know what im hyped for

Discussion / Kix and his RA2 ambitions
« on: June 06, 2019, 04:10:17 AM »
NOTE: These are all just ambitions, they might never happen, so dont take this too seriously

Now that im having a stable life (even tho i have been juggling between work an rest like crazy), i had some ideas and stuff which i might plan to do

1. Host a tournament - Nothing too big or serious, but something that i will finish for sure

2. Finish BIA, yes indeed, lets be better than mm2

3. ****ing tackle DSL 2.2
Actually my biggest thing
I would remove some stuff that is just op, make new stuff, possibly belted and unbelted stuff
Motors with higher power/lower torque and opposite modes
Thats it, honestly idk if it will happen, hopefully it will

Robot Rumble 2.0 Showcases / Kix has made Robot Rumble 2.0 bots
« on: May 23, 2019, 08:07:43 AM »
Youve seen my old ones, here is currently one, IRL is in my way, also waiting for that great new update that fixes damage

Tutorials and Tips / Making OBJ bots
« on: January 20, 2019, 01:44:26 PM »
Note: I don't mean disrespect to Badnik and his OBJ tutorial, but i can still see a lot of people asking on how to build OBJ bots, so here we go!
In this tutorial i will be showing you how to make a bot using 3d modeling software and importing it to RA2
First of all you will need:
Sketchup online program -
NOTE: Any other modeling program works, its just that i'm used to Sketchup
Blender -
OBJ2RA2 -;down=320
Now that we have all the necesarry stuff, lets make a bot!


Here is a simple design i kinda based off lucky

You can make whatever you want, but this it what i chose because it is gonna be easy to explain some stuff on it
So first of all what you need to know:

Parts that i've selected are not gonna be displayed in ra2. Blue colour means that the mesh is inverted. For Bots like this one that has a dedicated "hole" for flipper its bad because you will have a mesh the bottom of the bot, and empty on the other side
To fix it, you cant simply reverse faces because:

The outside is now inverted. To fix that you need to make a new layer inside. So basically just draw a new layer on it
You can either draw it like this: (simple, only need to add a layer on middle)

Or this: (more complex, also need to add layer on more places)

After you are done, go to

And export as STL.


After you launched Blender, get rid of that box
Import the model

After you load the bot you might see that the bot is not on the grid

To fix that, just set geometry to origin

Chances are it is pretty much oversized
To shrink it down, just select the Scale option (or press s on keyboard), and scale it down.
Best width size would be around 1 block from the middle (you can go a bit bigger or a bit smaller)

After you scaled it, time to change the mode to edit mode

First of all, you need to UV the model. Go to mesh, and UV Unwrap and Smart UV Project

Press OK

So UV Mapping is done
Now you need to:
A. Recalculate normals to be outside

B. Triangluate Faces

That is pretty much it! If you dont select either of them, bot wont show up in RA2
All you need to do now, is to export the bot as OBJ and youre done with blender

After exporting, you will get OBJ and MTL file.


Drag obj and mtl file into OBJ2RA2

If it says that there are over 86 faces, just press enter. RA2 can pretty much handle up to 200 faces
Drag the newly converted bot file into the folder, and test it in ra2
And there we go!

NOTE: If a bot has over 86 faces Control board hit (basically that part where the bot sparks before it dies) game crashes (thanks geese for clarifying that)
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Tutorials and Tips / Moving chassis points by magic of BFE
« on: January 09, 2019, 07:57:13 AM »
This tutorial is going to show you how to move chassis points that you usually cant move in ra2
Will try to make this noob friendly
You will need:
To start off, lets make a bot that is going to look like Apollo From Robot wars
This is as far as we can go in ra2

NOTE: The points that i Highlighted are gonna be the same position, and if i lower the points next to them that are highlighted green, i will get that sloped design that i drew
If you want to move the chassis points you will have to be in test robot section
Now you open up notepad and search for lines that have 3 number values (these are reference lines, yours will be different)

You are asking yourself, what do those numbers mean? Well, they are locations of collision and display mesh of the bot
Now to understand those numbers, here are pics i made

The centre point of the grid in ra2 is 0, The distance between each line in the square is 0.22

The best way of moving chassis points is to have a screenshot of both layers of the create chassis section
now i want to move the pink point to the blue point. To do that i have to figure out the location of the bot

We first need to locate the first X line of the point. The pink point is left so the value is going to be negative. The point cuts the -0,88 line so our first number is going to be
-0.88 Z Y
To locate the third point we again need to count down from the middle, and in this case the point cuts the -0.66 line, So the value is
-0.88 Z -0.66
The point we are going to move to has the same X and Z value but the Y value cuts through the -0.88 line
To find out the second value, we need to find out the chassis/point height
Now we know that the point is on the second layer of the area so the line will NOT have 0 as second number. How can we find out the chassis/point height?
In the 3 number values lines the second value that that isnt 0 is the height of the chassis/point, all of these lines that i selected share the same line

So the 0.78 is the chassis/point height
The line we need to find in the bot lab is:
-0.88 0.78 -0.66
So the line we are looking for is repeating 3 times

Why? It is simple, there are 3 meshes in the bot that game calculates

So to move the whole point we need to move all 3 meshes
So lets do that, by moving the Y points in the lines from -0.66 to -0.88
Exit the test bot area and:

The point is moved. Lets do that to the other side, by doing the same tactic of locating the points

Before moving the middle part, lets lower the parts that we moved before
locate the values that you previously moved (in this case -0.88 0.78 -0.88 and -0.88 0.78 -0.88)
Lets lower the second value of these numbers to 0.31

And done, the only thing left is to locate the top front points and move them back, again by finding out the location (in this case -0.22 0.78 -0.22 and 0.22 0.78 -0.22) and moving the Y location to -0.88
After we have done that it will look like this:

And we are pretty much done, hopefully some of you guys will figure this tutorial out, if you have any questions just ask me.

HWRobot wars 2016 Arena
RA2CF, BFE, and OBJRA2 allowed
DSC's IRL Packs, Badnik Recolors, Geese's NPC fixes, etc, are allowed
CB2 components are allowed as long as they are not too abusive (like stronger version of non CB2 components, etc)
Bildshrimp to host.

Challenge Board / Nightraven v based fat croat (Kix Wins)
« on: November 07, 2018, 01:50:01 PM »
Robot wars 2016 Arena
RA2CF, BFE, and OBJRA2 allowed
DSC's IRL Packs, Badnik Recolors, Geese's NPC fixes, etc, are allowed
CB2 components are allowed as long as they are not too abusive (like stronger version of non CB2 components, etc)
Based Hoppin to host

Challenge Board / Tails Inc. vs Hoppin [IRL Challenge belt] (Hoppin Wins)
« on: October 15, 2018, 11:55:07 AM »
Robogames Arena
RA2CF, BFE, and OBJRA2 allowed
DSC's IRL Packs, Badnik Recolors, Geese's NPC fixes, etc, are allowed
CB2 components are allowed as long as they are not too abusive (like stronger version of non CB2 components, etc)
Bild hosts this thing

General Support / not working on a bot
« on: September 27, 2018, 10:04:58 AM »
So to help a host out, i decided to ai my own entrant. Used, and a line from dsl replica
Bot retracts the hammer, but never fires/self-rights it.
What did i do wrong?
AI Line:
    list.append(("Poison Berry","Judge",{'MotorID':85,'StartAngle':math.pi*2,'reload':3,'nose':math.pi*2,'radius':0.5,'topspeed':100,'throttle':100,'turn':60,'turnspeed':2.5,'weapons':(88,)}))

Lol, my 2000th post, yay

Tournament Archives / [DSL IRL, HW & MW] Brothers in Arms SBV
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:25:13 AM »

sh** this went further than last time!
Leave some thoughts on robots contestants have entered

General Support / OBJ bot crashing when opponent hits it
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:38:42 AM »
Made a bot using sketchup/blender. Bot has over 80 faces, and it crashes on a first collision. Funny thing is that ive built bots with more faces, but they didnt crash, so what is wrong?

Tournament Archives / Kris is planing on hosting a tournament
« on: July 30, 2018, 11:31:35 AM »
Yup. As you may know i ditched Brothers in Arms due to one reason. My PC was too weak to record.
As i finally got myself x360 controller, i could use xbox recorder
Result i got from recording was that fps didnt fall.
Vid for proof:
Now the plan is:
Either Restart Brothers in Arms, with new entries, as i wasnt happy with some bots
Or start a new tournament, with Battlebots style bracket, and House bots (which alongside Shunt, you will build, prolly 4 of them)
This is my dilemma, so i made a poll.
Cheers, Kris

Tournament Archives / [DSL IRL, HW, EU only] That Parsec Thing
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:15:46 AM »
So... I got a new router!
I was planning of hosting this since that parsec rwra2 tournament, the problem was that my network was sh** (with speed of 8mbps) now that i have 10 times the speed i might even host a tournament. Me, MrBK, and Mystic tested parsec and everything was nearly flawless (except ra2 crashing few times). Due to distance/latency issues, this will be EUROPE ONLY with 16 spots
So this tournament would be held on August when i buy myself a better pc. You would receive a Discord link after sending a bot as VC is required (mic is not needed, as notepad communication is not good). Another thing is that this would be streamed on twitch
Rules for tournament:
16 entries, 1 entry per person
Cheatbot 2: only motors,l and those are: Overkill motor, Flatmotor and judge burst.
Extenderbots allowed, as network isnt really affecting network
OBJ, RA2CF allowed.
No weapon spam
No burst spam (OW rules)
Arena would be multiple Robogames arenas with Battlebots music
So, anything i missed/forgot?

What does this mean about my other tournaments? Well, if this goes well, ill resurrect, BiA with fresh enteries.

Tournament Archives / Stock madness (Stock IRL, HW)
« on: May 20, 2018, 09:33:00 AM »
Ye, im starting this
Logo soon!

Stock 1.4
DSA allowed
BFE height and 180 burst only
cheatbot2 allowed
Heck, RA2CF allowed

Other important stuff:
RW series 1 arena
RW seres 10 bracket system
6, 12, 24, 48 entries, 3 per person
I have 3 bye's
will put out a test vid as soon as i fix video editor.

Tutorials and Tips / How to skin components (with pics)
« on: April 30, 2018, 04:07:28 PM »
This tutorial shows you how to skin a component
First of all, you need to find the gmf of the component in components file. (In this case a 106 saw)
Easiest way is this:
1. Attach a component on a bot (Best way would be if it's the first bot in the first team)

2. Locate the bot in the Teams folder (mine is Teams0/bot5), and open it with Notepad++

3. Locate the component line you want to skin (usually its the last component in the bot file as you added it last)

4. Locate the component in the Components folder (just copy the name.txt line and paste it in search bar), copy it to the desktop, enter it and look for the model line.

5. Locate the gmf file and copy it to the desktop.
It should look like this:

I suggest using Serge's decompiler & compiler... Thing you need to do tho: 1. Set compatibility mode to Win XP, 2. check "Run this program as administrator"
Open decompiler, select component, name it as you like (NOTE: You need to add .gmf as it doesn't add by default)
1. Open the decompiled gmf file with Notepad++
2. Locate the bitmap line, copy the name of the bitmap (in this case sawblaze.bmp), and name it as you like (usually line 41)

3. locate the old bmp file (one you copied), duplicate it, and rename it as you  named it in the gmf (in this case ooh)

4. Skin the bmp as you like and save it

Open the compiler, select the decompiled file you edited, and compile it. Name it as you like (NOTE: You need to add .gmf as it doesn't add by default)
Using the component in RA2:
1. Move the compiled component in the folder original file was

2. Open the txt file you copied to background
3. Change the model gmf to the one you compiled (Optional: Change the name if you want to)

4. Rename the txt file as you like and move it to Components folder

Open RA2 and test the component

I hope, i helped someone, or atleast tried to. Enjoy!

Challenge Board / TGM vs Badger vs Hoppin vs Pokebro14 (Badger Wins)
« on: March 26, 2018, 09:23:28 AM »
RA2CF allowed
RG2 style Cheatbot2
No weapon/burst spam
Robogames arena
Doot is the host

Modifications / DSL 2.2 components (Barely in disscussion)
« on: March 04, 2018, 04:04:09 AM »
So i've been doing some stuff in Sketchup and i thought of making components for DSL so here they are

Left to right
Hammer handle - You'll be able to stack em to make a longer arm, you will be able to attach it sideways or front.
Angled Hammer Arm - Explains for itself, you will be able to attach it sideways or front.
Disc - Teeth are included, but you will be able to put DSL ones
Hammer - Will do damage on both sides
Crusher - Yay it crushes
Crushing teeth - Just an idea, multiple angles on attachment points
All (but Hammer Handle) will come in various size
Thoughts and ideas?

Challenge Board / TGM vs 8bean (8bean Wins)
« on: March 01, 2018, 02:05:28 PM »

Well Dragonfire will host
Arena: Host's choice
This gonna be fuuun

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