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Tournament Archives / RoboGames: Series 2 - OFFICIAL SBV
« on: July 07, 2018, 12:00:02 PM »




Tournament Archives / RoboGames: Series 2 (SIGNUPS CLOSED)
« on: February 22, 2018, 01:26:25 PM »

Oh, yes. The largest IRL tournament is back.

General Rules:
DSL 2.2, Strict IRL. I'm gonna be way stricter about this than last time, though.
--Mr. AS' Balance Patch will not be in effect for this tournament as it causes imbalance with some of the components.
All weightclasses from Antweights to Super Heavyweights are allowed. Keep in mind that I will check carefully.
Weight Limits:
--For the sake of not making it a hassle for me, please label what weightclass your robots are.
One entry is allowed in each weightclass per person. This means 7 robots for each user.
--As usual, you can choose to enter what you want to enter.
The signup deadline will be put in place once I've managed to get 16 robots in all weightclasses of if entry flows slows to a massive crawl. However, there is no entry limits in this tournament.
I'm able to AI your robots. For the sake of you wanting the fairest possible fights with your robots, however, I ask you try and AI your 'bots yourself.
I'm able to reject your robots for any reason possible. Don't try and skirt around rulings.
Any robots that get rejected will not have a spot available. However, you're allowed to enter as many times as you want to until you get a robot accepted.
When your robot is accepted, you only have one update per robot successfully entered. Skin changes are exempt from this rule, though.
Any attempts to use game-breaking or computer-destroying AI's will get you rejected or even permenantly banned from all future tournaments that I host in the latter case. Don't **** around.
Please don't make parts that cause ridiculously annoying custom sounds. Stuff like with Wah Platinum is okay, but don't go overboard.
Any attempts to envoke controversy or flaming will get you banned if you constantly break this rule. Again, don't act up and you'll be fine.

Building Rules:
All locomotion is allowed. They have to show controlled movement, awkwardly moving on 1 wheel doesn't count.
--Wheels, treads and weaponed wheels get no weight bonus.
--Shufflers get 50 percent more weight. Keep in mind that the shuffle pods can't use weaponry as that falls into the weaponed wheels ruling. Torque Reaction robots cannot receive this weight bonus.
--Walkers get a 100 percent weight bonus, but their legs must articulate and act like... well, real legs :V. If you're ballsy enough to make one, go ahead.
----If you are intending to make one, PLEASE make an AI line for it as I've never had experience with walkerbot AI's.
All robot types are allowed. However, new restrictions are in place.
--SnS'es and thwackers can only have a low AI range.
--Melties still require LED's to allow melty AI and cannot have any moving weaponry.
--A new rule: and any other attempt to emulate this is completely banned. Don't circumvent this with other AI's.
--Defensive Offense is not allowed. Stuff like blatant sledgehammer armour or reactive armour will not be allowed on robots. Pure rammers don't have this problem, though, but try and keep weapon spam out of this type.
--Burst usage is unrestricted due to the nature of the arena, but please make your 'bot look somewhat decent.
Clusterbots and drones are allowed, with new restrictions.
--Clusters must total to the weight limits of their respective weightclasses. If 55% of the robot dies this time, though, the robot is eliminated fully.
--Drones have to weigh a maximum of 150.0KG's. The chassis must also be blatantly exposed as well.
--The tournament uses a specialised hover motor that only weighs 0.1KG's and is invisible, both in terms of mesh and skin. Make your drones 189.9KG's if you don't have it.
--Also, drones need faux-rotors to be allowed. Helicopter-style or a tri-rotor mech is acceptable at the minimum.
--Keep in mind that the cluster has to fit in its square. If they collide and make it impossible to fight with, its rejected.
--Clusters can only be compromised of 2 robots fighting in the arena at one time. Swarm-style configs will work as well, but make sure that your robots are up to the weight limits.
--If you're using shuffler or walker locomotion on clusterbots or swarm-style robots, all of the robots must use the same locomotion.
Modular robots are allowed. The maximum amount of configs allowable are 3 per robot made.
--When the SBV hits, all modular robot builders have 10 days to send me their configurations for all robots, including ther modular 'bots, in the weightclass that they are in.
--All choices will be locked in when the deadline ends. Do NOT attempt to whine about this like some users have in the past.
The DSC IRL Packs and Badnik Component Colourpacks are all allowed and actually encouraged. Skinned components are allowed as well, but please provide the custom files.
--I'm gonna check to make sure that stats and the like aren't modified. If they are, I'll revert them to the stats that they were normally.
The Fixed NPC Motors from Geice are allowed, though I'll still allow robots that use the 2.1 NPC motors.
--The Battery Attachment Point mod from Geice is also allowed now.
Component Freedom, BFE, OBJRA2 and all that are allowed. If the robot crashes the game, though, its getting rejected.
Put effort in. Don't make deliberately terrible robots.
--Likewise, low-effort memebots are not allowed either.
All inappropriate nameschemes and/or skins will result in automatic rejection of your robot this time around.
--I have missed a couple occurrences before, but any and all slander, racism, edginess, whatever, its not on. Be mature.
The cheatbot2 list has been heavily expanded upon this time around. Here's the list:
--Just because cheatbot2 is a lot more varied doesn't mean you have the right to make blatantly tryhard stuff. Do not use OP parts or its getting rejected without a second thought.

Battle Rules:
The battles are taking place in - where else? The RoboGames Arena.
All fights last for 3 minutes, with straight double elimination throughout. This means 1V1's between all builders.
Robots that do not show controlled movement for about 30 seconds will get eliminated. Spinning on 1 wheel isn't controlled, for example.
The trenches are the OotA zones. When a robot goes into them, it has 20 seconds to escape before it gets eliminated outright. If it can escape, it can continue to fight and the OotA timer resets for it.
In the event that the match has no clear winner, I will be judicating based on the criteria of Damage, Aggression and Control.
--Damage and Aggression are worth 2 points whereas control is worth 1 point.
--I'm not entering the tournament in order to keep impartiality.
Matches will be re-recorded until there is a match with minimal havoking.
--If I am unable to do so, however, I will have to force disqualification on the biggest offender of the havoks/crashes. I only have so much patience, and I do not want to repeat a scenario like with Bozer VS Super CarboniZe.

The Arena:

Entry List:
Green: Accepted and AI'ed.
Orange: Received and Accepted.
Blue: Received.
Purple: Allowed, but not confirmed. Can be replaced with a new robot without the update clause occurring.
Red: Rejected. Reasoning will be given in these cases.
Italics:  Update sent. Entry is also locked in and cannot be changed for the remainder of the signups phase.


Full entry list can be viewed here:

Existing Games / Fortnite: Save The World/Battle Royale
« on: January 01, 2018, 06:32:38 AM »
If you've been living under a rock for the past coupla months, then Fortnite's whats known as a buildy-shooty-survival-thingy and is sorta like PUBG but cartoonish. Its also a hell of a lot of fun. The BR is currently free, though I think STW costs money at the mome. Luckily managed to get it free through one of my IRL buds.

Question is, what do people think of it? 'Cause personally, I bloody love it. Save the world is a bit clunky atm, tho, especially when you start out.

Tournament Archives / RoboGames - THE OFFICIAL SBV (COMPLETED)
« on: July 09, 2017, 06:58:47 AM »

So the time has finally come to release the SBV for this tournament! Please note that due to the enormous splashes, I have had to put them into Imgur's hosting site so that the page doesn't crash whenever anyone has to load it. ;P




Challenge Board / TGM VS Jamied666 (DQ: All)
« on: May 20, 2017, 09:06:10 AM »
Metagame: DSL 2.2 - IRL Rules
Weightclass: MW's Only
Arena: Lu-Tze's Robot Wars Arena
CheatBot2 Rules: Allowed under Probably Rob's Hostile Circus rulings.
Best of: 3 Matches
Host: Myself (DemonOfTomorrow)


Main Rules:
DSL 2.2 - IRL
All Weightclasses are allowed apart from UHW and GHW.
Weight Limits for each class:
1 entry per person per weightclass, for a total of 7 entries.
--You do not have to enter every weightclass, but I highly recommend that you do.
There are no entry limits in this tournament.
The signups will have a deadline in place when each weightclass has over 16 entries available.
Although I can AI your robots, I am not reliable at doing so. I highly suggest you do so yourself.
I can reject a robot for any reason, whether it be tryhard robots or blatant re-entries with no change whatsoever.
If any of your robots get rejected, you do not get a reserved spot. You are able to enter as many times as required until your robot gets accepted.
Any of your robots can be updated once and once only when they are first accepted. This can include either a change to the base robot or a new robot entirely. The update is removed once I get a robot that is acceptable.

Building Rules:
Your robots can have any kind of locomotion, including weaponed wheels. They must show controlled movement.
--Wheels and treads do not get any extra weight.
--Wheels that act as weaponry (such as Ginsu) are ineligible for a weight bonus.
--Shufflers have an extra 50% of weight to use. The bonus has to be used on the locomotion and Shufflers cannot have weapons on its wheels as it would fall under the weaponed wheels category.
--Pure Walkers have a 100% weight bonus. They have to use proper legs and the weight bonus has to be used on the walking mechanism at minimum.
Generally, all robot types are allowed.
--Thwackers and SnS'es are allowed, but can only have a small range of attack to use.
--Meltybrain Spinners cannot have any moving weaponry whatsoever. The robot must also have LED's to signify a Melty robot.
Any robots using Defensive Offense will be rejected.
--It is up to me to judge if your robot offends this rule. Chisels are fine, but sledgehammer defense isn't, for example.
--The ruling is more lenient on rammers, but obvious weapon spam is banned.
Burst Motor spam will cause your robot to be rejected.
--This is to avoid the BS circulating around robots like Badger's Paladin and my own Aether Paradise.
This time around, clusterbots and distraction robots can be built as the nature of the tournament allows it.
--Clusterbots have to total up to the weight limits of their weightclasses.
--If 60% of the weight of the robot goes out, the entire robot is eliminated.
Drones return to the scene this time around.
--The robot has to weigh a maximum of 150KGs and require an exposed chassis to avoid what happened with robots last time. The drones can use BFE, but the chassis cannot be any lower than 0.1 in the notepad++ file.
--Exclusively for this tournament, the hover engine weighs only 0.1KGS and is now completely invisible. However, you have to make faux-rotors for the drones. This means your drones will have to weigh 189.9KGs maximum before you send them to me if you do not have the self-made hovercraft.
--Drones are not allowed in weightclasses below CW, however. Any attempt to enter drones below CW will get rejected automatically.
Modular units are allowed. Only 3 options are allowed for a single robot and 2 per half of a clusterbot.
--You have to give me a list of what attachment goes to what robot when the SBV hits the screen. You have a week to do this, and if you do not answer for all robots, then I will choose for you.
DSC IRL packs are allowed and are highly encouraged for this pack, along with skinned components.
Cheatbot2 components allowed are the MOE Motor, Flatmotor, Stock Flamethrower, Nightmare E-Tek, Hworf Blade, TDD Gear and Overkill Servo Motor.
I am allowing Component Freedom and BFE for this tournament so you can make your robots look more... awesomer.
OBJ RA2 is allowed. If the robot crashes the game when damaged, though, it'll get rejected.
Any entries that are terrible will get rejected straight away. Put some bloody effort in.
I will also ask you to rename/reskin robots with inappropriate nameschemes and skins. They will be rejected if the name isn't changed within 24 hours.

Battle Rules:
The battles take place in... well, its a complete bloody secret. The arena will be revealed once I get to the end of signups.
Each match will last for 3 minutes and all fights will be a 1V1.
All of the brackets will be double elimination.
If your robot cannot show controlled movement for about 30 seconds, then it'll be eliminated.
In the event that the match hits a judges' decision, then I will be deciding, based on the criteria of Aggression, Control and Damage.
--Damage and Aggression are worth 2 points while Control is 1 point.
--In order to avoid obvious bias, I will not enter my tournament in any way possible.
Matches will be re-recorded until I have a match with minimal havoking.

Entry Lists:
Green: Accepted and AI'ed.
Amber: Received and Accepted
Blue: Received
Red: Rejected
Italics: Update Used



Tournament Archives / Annihilation Nation - SBV and Awards (COMPLETED)
« on: February 04, 2017, 03:50:43 PM »

Tournament Archives / Annihilation Nation - Signups (OFFICIALLY CLOSED)
« on: January 09, 2017, 06:36:01 PM »

(The logo should be replaced later on. This is a WIP logo.)

Main Rules:
DSL 2.2 - Strict IRL
MiddleWeights only (249.1-399.0 KGs).
8, 16, 24 or 32 entries, with 1 robot per person. After 1 week into signups, a second robot can be sent.
Signups last for 28 days, with remaining spots taken by byebots if absolutely necessary.
I reserve the right to reject your robot for any reason, including if it is seen to be tryhard or not IRL enough.
--Your entry can be rejected if I perceive it to be a blatant re-entry as well, so I encourage you all to make new robots.
If rejected, your spot is not reserved. You are still able to enter as many robots as you can until your robot is first accepted.
Your robot can only be updated once when it is first accepted. Skin changes and smartzone rearrangement do not count as an update.

Building Rules:
Robots can have either wheels, treads or shuffling pods for locomotion, but all robots have to show controlled movement.
--Wheels and treads gain no weight cushion.
----Shufflers gain an extra 100KGs for usage, but the locomotion cannot have weaponry and at least 100KGs has to be used on the shuffling mechanism.
All robot types are allowed. However, Melty SnS'es can only have static weaponry and SnS'es have to be AI'd with a maximum range of 40.
Defensive Offense robots (like Gaming Grandpa) are entirely banned UNLESS the weaponry is meant to be used mainly as offense.
--So rammers are allowed, but robots with active weapons and weapon armour that breaks weapons over time won't be allowed. Aesthetic weaponry is okay.
Clusterbots, Drones and Distraction 'Bots are banned due to the nature of this tournament.
Modular units are allowed for use. Each module must have similar characteristics and you can only have 3 weapon modules maximum.
--You have a limited time for all of your choices. You must also give me a default version for use when you send me the .bot files.
The DSC IRL packs are allowed and encouraged.
--Other custom components are allowed for aesthetic purposes. However, you must provide the skin files or it will be automatically rejected.
The only cheatbot2 components allowed are the Overkill Servo Motor and Flatmotor. All other cheatbot2 components are banned.
Robots that look terrible will be automatically rejected.
BFE and CF are allowed for enhanced realism.

Battle Rules:
The fights will be in a reskinned Ring Arena, where each match lasts 3 minutes.
The bracket setup is in a double elimination format. In each round, 2 robots go through while the other 2 go to the losers bracket or get eliminated.
The bracket is a bit hard to explain, as all fights are 4-way battles, but here is a very rough bracket stylization. Note that this is for the maximum 32 entrants and although numbered oddly, all robots will be randomized constantly.
Self-imposed countdowns for immobilisations will occur if a robot has not shown controlled movement for a long time.
If the time limit expires, then judging is done by me, based on the normal criteria: Aggression, Damage and Control.
--Aggression now counts for 2 points as does control. Damage only gets one point in judging.
----Criteria counts for half points in the case of the second robot. (so 1 to Aggression and Control and 1/2 to Damage)
------So Robot 1 gains 2 points to Aggression, then Robot 2 gains 1 point, and so on.
I am not entering my tournament. This is so I keep impartial for all judges' decisions.
I will not disqualify any robots for havoking. The match will be re-recorded constantly until there is a match with minimal havoking.

Extra Battles:
Grudge matches can be requested later on in the tournament. You can have a grudge match between 2 to 4 robots, but you can request 2 grudge matches instead of 1.
The FFA-Rumble will occur at the end of the tournament, with each match lasting 3 minutes.
Awards will be handed out after the rumble is complete. The categories will be revealed once the entire tournament ends.


Byebots: (Will only be used if signups end with less robots. 7 are constructed.)

Entries: (Signups are now OVER.)

Green: Ready to go
Amber: Received and Accepted
Blue: Received
Black: Received and Seen, but not yet Accepted
Red: Rejected (PM will be directly sent to you to tell you what is wrong)
Italics: Update Used

01: TheRoboteer - Doctor FeelGood
02: RedAce - Spearhead
03: Baconus_Yum - The Sky Is The Limit
04: Rob Collins - Crash
05: jdg37 - Tortuga Ninja
06: Jamied666 - Chaotic Reaction
07: Guldenflame - Catipult
08: Mystic2000 - Tetrode
09: Kurt - TankSlapper 2 & A Bit
10: Pressure - Slambot!
11: botomatic1000 - Sallymandra
12: Rob Collins - Burn
13: Guldenflame - Network
14: Doodle2411 - Tiny Trident
15: RedAce - Ares
16: jdg37 - Average Sized Black Saw
17: TheRoboteer - Subterfuge
18: Tashic - The Inverter-A
19: Mystic2000 - Telemachus
20: Dark-Al - Hell Spawn 1.2
21: Kurt - Dominotrix
22: Craaig - Supremo Drone Mini
23: Badnik96 - Ouroboros
24: AHeapOfGames - The Sneaky Poke
25: Mattiator - SkellaChopper
26: Thrackerzod - Hornbob Fury
27: botomatic1000 - Paris Train
28: -iKa- - Diatomic
29: -iKa- - Spoider
30: F1Krazy - Red Claw
31: 090901 - Scavenger
32: 090901 - I Want To **** Rob Collins
33: Jamied666 - Don't Steal, Kids, Its Bad
34: Mr. AS - Bites The Dust
35: Enigma - Serenity In Murder

Tournament Archives / RoboGauntlet - SBV and Awards
« on: November 28, 2016, 10:16:24 AM »

Splashes:(WARNING: HUGE)



Stock Showcases / DemonOfTomorrow's Stock Death Machines (and other stuffs)
« on: November 26, 2016, 08:48:33 AM »
An IRL person? Doing Stock?!?!? UNBELIEVABLE ARRBLARBL

but seriously, I have really gotten into Stock and have tried to make some good robots. Obviously, Kestros and PYRA have been seen, but I have made a newer version of Kestros that should be a whole load more efficient. Here it is!

If there is any improvements that should be done, then just tell me. ;)

Tournament Archives / RoboGauntlet - Signups (Closed)
« on: November 18, 2016, 01:23:44 PM »

If I don't explain stuff that well, then I apologise for that.

Main Rules:
DSL 2.2 - Strict IRL
CruiserWeights (399.1-600.0KGs)
I am giving 1 month for signups. This will either increase or decrease depending on signup numbers.
24 entrants are allowed in, with one entrant per person. This will increase to 2 entrants per person after 1 week into signups.
I am capable of AI'ing your own robots, but I am not that good at AI'ing, so I would highly suggest that you do it yourself.
I reserve the right to disqualify your robot for any reason, including if it is seen to be tryhard or if it is not IRL enough.
If your robot is rejected, then you will not get a spot reserved. You can, however, attempt to enter as many robots as you can until you are accepted.
In the case your robot is first accepted, then your robot can only be modified or changed once, so be careful with your entry.

Building Rules:
All robots can have either wheels, treads or shuffling pods for locomotion. They must, however, show controlled movement.
--Wheels and treads provide no weight cushion, but shufflers gain an extra 100 KGs for use.
----Shufflers can not use weaponry on their locomotion and at least 200KGs must be used on the shuffling mechanism.
The nature of the tournament means that SnS'es (both standard and MeltyBrain) are banned.
Clusterbots/Distraction Robots/Drones are banned this time around.
Your robot can utilise modular weaponry and setups, but they must not deviate that far from the original design of the robots.
--Be warned that I will give you a certain time limit for you to make your choices. If not, then I will decide your robot's setup, so be careful.
Both versions of the DSC IRL pack are allowed.
Cheatbot2 is completely banned.
BFE and CF are allowed for aesthetic purposes.
All of the in-game glitches are allowed.

Battle Rules:
Each of the 24 robots will be randomly split into 6 heats of 4, where they will then be drawn into 2 groups of 2 where the robots battle each other.
The winner of each set of 2 goes on to the Heat Final, where the 2 robots have to battle until someone reaches the Grand Final.
The 6 robots then fight in the Grand final, where the robots will compete against each other in 3 groups of 2. The top 3 robots from each group will advance to the True Grand Final, where the robot who wins the battle wins the tournament.
I am not disqualifying robots for havoking. In the case of a havok, the match will be restarted until there is a match with minimal havok explosions.

The Scoring System:
Points will be gained based on the overall prowess of robots and how well the robots do in the events.
Whoever gains the most points at the end of the 4 rounds will go through to the Heat Final/Grand Final.

Points System For All 4 Rounds:

Round 1: Dummy Destruction

Round 2: King Of The Hill

Round 3: Sumo Basho

Round 4: Duel

Heat/Grand Final: Final Fight

Extra Battles:
Grudge Matches between robots can be requested inside the arenas that are used. You can fight whoever you want to, but there will be one grudge match per person.
An end-tournament rumble will be hosted, where all of the competitors fight to see who is the rumble champion.
--Each match lasts for 3 minutes in the Ring Arena.
Finally, awards will be hosted once the tournament finishes. The awards will be revealed once we get to them.

Green: Ready
Amber: Received and accepted, but not ready
Red: Rejected (PM will be sent regarding what is wrong)
Italics - Update has been used

(As of 27th November, 00:00 (British Timezone or w/e you call it), second entries are now allowed in.)

Entrant List:
01: Guldenflame - Antimony
02: Badger - Bargain Bin Shovel
03: F1Krazy - Minor Discord 2
04: Jamied666 - Hit 'N' Miss
05: Rob Collins - Reading Steiner
06: dragonsteincole - Queen Lance-A-Frog
07: firestorm999 - Unusual Trapezium
08: HavokMcSplosion - Titanium Hide
09: Baconus_Yum - Broken Tuna Can
10: Avalanche - Onslaught Evolution
11: Thrackerzod - Waluigi Time Hammer
12: Tashic - Fangs
13: Sylandro - Scorpius
14: botomatic1000 - Bloodwing
15: Badnik96 - Short Stack
16: Guldenflame - The Absolute Best Flipper Out There (T.A.B.F.O.T)
17: Badger - Mechawhore
18: Baconus_Yum - Cyclone
19: Kurt - Scorpion
20: firestorm999 - Bullet Bot's Revenge
21: 090901 - Gronk, The Tight End
22: Avalanche - Anti Gravity Evo
23: 090901 - The Big E
24: Jamied666 - Not PP3D*
25: botomatic1000 - Blue Marlin*
26: Rob Collins - Spinneroo, Mate*
27: Craaig - Sliceberg-C*

*The bottom 4 entries got entered at the same time, so to decide who takes spot 24, the 4 entries will fight in the Ring Arena.

Tournament Archives / Death Battle - SBV And Awards
« on: October 25, 2016, 06:09:35 AM »




Tournament Archives / Death Battle - Signups
« on: October 22, 2016, 06:45:44 PM »

DSL 2.2 - Strict IRL, Heavyweight (399.1-800KGs)
Signups will last for 1 month, but will shorten or lengthen depending on the amount of entrants.
1 entry per person, but will be increased to 2 per person if signups last longer than expected.
I am able to AI your robot, but not very well, so I highly encourage that you AI your own robots.
I resserve the right to reject any robot for any reason, including if your robot is considered to be tryhard.
If your robot is rejected, then you will not have a spot reserved for the tournament until you rebuild your robot to the correct standards.

Building Rules:
All robots have to have 2-wheel drive minimum and show controlled movement, which means that other forms of locomotion will be banned.
Meltybrain SnS'es are allowed, but their weaponry must be static and not flailing or moving.
Clusterbots are allowed, but they have to total up to the 800KG weight limit. They can either be the same or entirely different.
    ---If 60% of the weight of the cluster goes out, then the entire robot goes out.
Modular robots are allowed, but you will have to tell me what weapon you want to use for your fights. If you don't tell me, then you'd better hope I choose the correct weapon.
Both of the DSC IRL extender packs are allowed.
Cheatbot2 is completely banned.
    ---The only exception is the hovercraft engine, with a little rule regarding this.
You can create flying robots, but they can only weigh a maximum of 175KGs. They have to be accompanied with another robot.
The usage of BFE is allowed.
Component Freedom is allowed.
All in-game glitches are allowed.

Battle Rules:
The arena will be the RA2#T2 Tournament Arena.
The format of the battles will be double-elimination. Each match is a best of 1, but the final is a best of 3 matches.
Each match will last 3 minutes.
Decisions will be made by me (with yugitom doing the decisions for my matches), judging on the criteria of Damage, Aggression and Control.
The first havok will mean there is a free restart, but the second havok will result in an elimination of the offender.
There will be grudge matches and a rumble at the end of the tournament. Clusters will only have one of the robots competing (what part you want to enter is up to you), and modular robots can only go with one configuration throughout the rumble.


My Entry:

01: DemonOfTomorrow - Pangolin
02: Rob Collins - Reading Steiner
03: 090901 - Strawberry Trapper
04: Baconus_Yum - The Living Whacked
05: Thyrus - StormChaser and StormCloud
06: Guldenflame - Night Terror and Torment
07: dragonsteincole - Carbonize
08: Craaig - Interplanetary
09: wakkydude - Galaxy Evo
10: Kurt - Frozen Over and Icepick
11: F1Krazy - Deathstalker and Venom
12: RedAce - Double O
13: TommyProductionsInc - Ouraung II
14: firestorm999 - The Migliore?
15: Geice - john the robbut
16: Mr. AS - WHAM-O

Discussion / Personal Idea: MegaHeavyweight Class
« on: September 23, 2016, 04:52:15 PM »
So I was thinking about the weightclasses in general and I thought about what should be in place regarding SHW's and UHW's, as the gap for the weight jumps from 1200KGs to 5000KGs. Granted, the UHW to GHW jump in mass is larger, but no one does GHW's. So, anyways, I thought of what should happen if there was another weightclass, and I thought about the MegaHeavyweight class, where all robots can weigh from 1200.1 to 2500KGs. It might sound like a foolish idea, but considering that we have an unofficial cruiserweight class, the idea shouldn't be that farfetched.

What are your thoughts on another weight class being added into the game?

Okay, so I tried IronForge and decided to create a Tombstone-Style HS. First attempt, so here goes:

Not exactly the best 'bot, but I did try for an IRL-type look. It does quite well for a first attempt at IronForge. Features 16 60cm cutting blades.

What do you think of it?

DSL TC Showcases / dootIRL
« on: November 21, 2015, 02:38:22 PM »

As a side note, most of my stuff isn't that great until you get to around page 6. Most of the quality since has increased greatly when compared to what I was capable of in 2015 and 2016.

Regardless, I'll keep all my 'bots from ages ago even though they aren't as good as before. Hope you guys understand. ^_^

Legacy stuff is in the spoiler below.

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