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Off-Topic Discussion / Emoji Grand Championship
« on: September 25, 2019, 05:40:27 PM »
Pretty sure this is the right place to put this because this isn't a forum game.

Just advertising something stupid I'm doing which is having a massive single elimination tournament in order to determine the best emoji unicode has to offer. Emojis win rounds by popular vote and are voted on via reactions in the discord.

Here's the massive bracket:

Here's the discord, if you're interested:

Tournament Archives / GTM Global Online - Discussion
« on: October 04, 2018, 03:37:36 PM »
Before I went forward with a tournament that I may have fallen out of love with, I've decided to nip it in the bud and go forward with this idea. Because I can't be arsed to put a lot of things in bold, just read everything.

Because Reier is a very bad man, the only 2 proper GTM online tournaments have been small and NA only. This online tournament is for everyone-ish! There are caveats that apply to everyone but there are no regions that are off-limits. The further away you are from the United Kingdom, the better your internet strength needs to be in order to enter. An average internet strength should work for those that live east of MIMAL. Those that live further away than MIMAL may require a stronger than average internet connection in order to play at a satisfactory latency. If you want to test the connection strength between me and you, just ask.

Building Rules:
Ironforge (standard)
No naughty glitches
No cheatbot2
You are not allowed to update your bot once it's accepted, although you can attempt to enter as many times as you need
When sending your entry to me, you must send me 2 exact same copies with completely different controls. Reier did a colour layout to make sure controls never overlapped but I'm just going to tell you to use your common sense. If you're using WAS to move up, left and down, don't use K to turn right. You must be prepared to use 1 of 2 possible keys for your weapon. If you just want me to rob Reier's diagram/rules on keys, just scream at me.

Tournament and Match Rules:
No cap on entries
Double elimination
Metal Skull Arena (subject to change if people scream loud enough)
Best of 3 fights
3 minute fights
Any havok will cause the fight to restart. If I have reason to believe your robot is causing too many havoks, I will DQ you

I reserve my right to deny your entry for any reason, although I will always be reasonable
When building and when driving, please try and be a good sportsman. Use your common sense at all times, basically
I am very flexible when it comes to recording times. However, if you are never free on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, do not enter. Again, use your common sense, I cannot stress this enough. If you're a little kiddo whose parents like to turn your PC off without consent on a regular basis, don't enter. If you're going on holiday soon, don't enter. If you're still bound by the whims of your parents, for the love of God, ask your parents what the plans are for the month. If your times aren't that flexible and you think your available times won't coincide with the majority, don't enter
Please provide me with your Parsec ID when you send your entry

Have I missed anything? Do you want the metagame/arena/literally anything changed? Let me know the things

Tournament Archives / Ultimate Roboteer Series - Discussion
« on: September 30, 2018, 12:01:57 PM »
The name of the tournament is a WIP, I'm just stealing names from Yu-Gi-Oh!. The gimmick for this (and possible future) tournament(s) is that some components are banned or are restricted in some way. The full Ban List is in the Building Rules. Despite Stock only garnering 12 votes in the poll that I took, I want to get this idea up and running with a meta I'm familiar with before I move on to something a bit more complex as Ironforge, as IF is already quite balanced and there are a lot of things to consider. If you have any ideas for changes to the Ban List that I could make in the future, please recommend them.

Building Rules:
Stock 1.4
No BFE, AAM, Hax Mode and all that crazy stuff, this includes RA2CF in its entirety (no Ro7 break)
No cheatbot2
You are not allowed to update your bot once it's accepted, although you can attempt to enter as many times as you need

Tournament and Match Rules:
No limit on entries, signups will end 14 days after signups start (deadline will be in this post)
Double elimination bracket
RA2T#2 Arena
Best of 3 fights
3 minute fights
There will be 1 havok restart per bot per fight. Havoking twice in 1 fight will result in a fight loss

I will AI if you do not wish to or cannot do it yourself, just remember that if you want something done the way you envision it, do it yourself
If you have anything on your bot that does not come with Stock or AI essentials (skinned parts, custom AI lines or smartzones), inform me and send me a link to what I need for your bot
I reserve my right to deny your entry for any reason, although I will always be reasonable
All entries will be checked on a first-come first-served basis, although I can't promise I'll check your entry as soon as you send it, so make sure it's legal

Are you interested? If not, why not? If so, vote accordingly.

Tournament Archives / Your Favourite Type of Tournament
« on: September 21, 2018, 05:27:32 PM »
I want to get back into doing tournaments but I don't really know what people are into, atm. I have some ideas for non-IRL tournaments but I want to know what non-IRL metagame, if any, the majority of the community like.

The main idea(s) that I want to do would be based on how Pokemon changes up their rules every year to make the same game very different every format. For example, I'd quite like to do a stock tournament with Z-Teks banned, or possibly limited to regular power, or limited to one or two. Or, a stock tournament done in the original base game (no AI components or whatever 1.4 changes.) There are so many simple and basic ideas that can force people to design and think in different ways. Constraint really does make creativity flourish. Would peeps be interested in this sort of concept for a tournament?

If it turns out people only have a boner for IRL, I don't think I'll be doing more tournaments.

Tournament Archives / Redemption - SBV
« on: September 15, 2018, 02:20:04 AM »
Videos are coming soon, so brackets don't contain spoilers.

Tournament Archives / Redemption - Signups
« on: September 03, 2018, 10:52:57 AM »
I want to start getting back into RA2 tournaments but, before I try to do anything big again, I want to prove to you and myself that I can finish a tournament on GTM, considering my recent track record. If this tournament goes well, I hope you can take my future tournament ideas seriously.

Building Rules:
Stock 1.4
No BFE, AAM, Hax Mode and all that crazy stuff, this includes RA2CF in its entirety (no Ro7 break)
No cheatbot2
You are not allowed to update your bot once it's accepted, although you can attempt to enter as many times as you need

Tournament and Match Rules:
16 entries max (once I hit 8 entries, signups could end at any time)
Double elimination bracket
The Ring Arena
Best of 3 fights (1 Match = 3 Fights)
3 minute fights
There will be 1 havok restart per bot per fight. Havoking twice in 1 fight will result in a fight loss

I will AI if you do not wish to or cannot do it yourself, just remember that if you want something done the way you envision it, do it yourself
If you have anything on your bot that does not come with Stock or AI essentials (skinned parts, custom AI lines or smartzones), inform me and send me a link to what I need for your bot
I reserve my right to deny your entry for any reason, although I will always be reasonable
There won't be any specific deadline but I would like the entire tournament to be done by the end of the month, so I don't want singups to take that long. I should be away from the 21st to the 23rd. So, if I'm ever stuck on an odd number of entrants, I might still proceed to SBV and deal with byes, so don't ever assume it's safe to sleep on this tourney. Basically, I'm just begging people to not be lazy and make my comeback worthwhile
All entries will be checked on a first-come first-served basis, although I can't promise I'll check your entry as soon as you send it, so make sure it's legal

I really do want to get back into the tournament scene, just as long as stock isn't too dead. I am willing to spice up my tournaments in terms of rules and gimmicks, in the future, because I am well aware that stock can be stale at the best of times. For now, though, I want to make sure I'm au fait with tournament hosting again.

1. Philippa
2. RedAce
3. Badger
4. Hoppin
5. 8bean
6. Dreamcast
7. Billy5545
8. Plerco
9. geese
10. NeonCalypso
11. Guldenflame

Received = Black
Accepted = Blue

Off-Topic Discussion / Emoji World Championship
« on: August 07, 2017, 04:55:27 PM »

128 emojis (50 custom) take part in a massive single elimination popularity contest to see who's the best. Includes favourites such as Dara Ó Briain's head, Nothing, Frog, Farage/EU and many more.

Want to crown the ultimate emoji? Click here to join and vote in the Emoji World Championship. It is taking place on a Discord server with a completely different purpose, so you may want to mute it for no pings.

If you don't want to join in, you can just view the progress of this intense, high-action tournament via the Challonge.

Don't worry about GTM Live. I'll get to it when I get to it. It won't be a Craaaaaaig situation but I really just can't be arsed at this very moment.

Tournament Archives / [DSL IRL HW & BW] GTM Live - Signups
« on: June 28, 2017, 11:30:43 PM »
"nice, original logo, yugi" ikr, thanks for bringing it up
In GMod, I have a cool series going on called "Garry's Wars Live", in which everyone tries their absolute hardest to make Live(Extreme)-esque robots and make them look the best they can be. I have run it twice and it has been great fun both times. Here's a link to the first one, for reference:
So, I kinda want to do it in RA2. I will have to change the format a bit because I was very selective in the Garry's Mod version, considering it was very relaxed and not competitive, however I will have to have less of a hand in matchmaking in this iteration, in order to stay impartial enough for this to be a proper GTM tournament.

Rules and everything you need to know:
DSL 2.2
HW and BW
Very strict and selective IRL - Not only must your bot be IRL but it needs to look good. Give all your bots your best effort and this tournament will end up looking amazing. Don't worry about combat effectiveness too much because this format has always been intended, and will continue, to be incredibly relaxed and suited for fun and showcasing very good-looking IRL bots. I reserve the right to reject anything if I deem it below the standard assumed by this rule.
DSC's IRL Components are allowed.
Rob's black beater bars are allowed.
In terms of BFE, in-game glitches, cheatbot2 and all that jazz, it's all allowed - This is extremely counter-balanced by the IRL rule, as one should know and assume. Just use what you need to use in order to make really good-looking robots!
Spinners are banned - This will be rather upsetting for some builders but do bear in mind the theme of this tournament. You must be making robots that you would likely see on the Live circuit (now Extreme Robots). Considering even Extreme Robots are having issues allowing spinners, right now, then I'm gonna take issue with accepting them in this tournament. Spinners will be allowed for the lower weightclass (BW). Servos for weapons such as Cherub's (lifters) are fine.
Flamethrowers are banned for reasons akin to the spinner ban.
Interchangeable weaponry is allowed.
Multibots are allowed.
I will only restart havok explosions if there is no clear winner - If havok explosions keep happening and they happen so soon that no winner is obvious, then I'll just have to DQ whichever bot is havoking.
The arena will be the Robot Wars Live arena from the RWRA2 mod, if you haven't already assumed/guessed.
I'll do all the AI, although the burden of AI'ing may be on you if I can't get tricky bot types to work properly. Basically, just stick to Eruption-style flippers and everyone's happy ;)
Unlimited amount of people can enter, although I may provide a restriction if I feel like little interest in this results in procrastination from the few that do wish to enter.
I will mention the amount of bots I will accept per entrant after I go over the format, in order to not confuse anyone.

GTM Live - This is the main event/bracket. This is a single elimination tournament for HWs.
Tag Team Terror - You can either enter your own team of 2 HWs to enter this bracket, or you can team up with someone else and enter as a team that way. Single elimination bracket.
BW Rumble - The format of this may differ depending on how many people enter. If 16 BWs get entered, there will be 4 4-way rumbles in order to determine the final 4-way which will determine the winner. If 8 or 12 enter, the format will be the same, just with less qualifying rumbles. If it's something like 18, then it will be 3-way rumbles and I think you get the idea. If I cannot, somehow, fit rumbles into the format due to the number of entries, it'll simply be single elimination.
Flipper Frenzy - This is just a one-off side event in which I will cherry pick 4 of the best looking flippers, if there are 4, and they'll face off in a rumble. This may or may not happen, it depends on the bot types entered.
Royal Rumble - This is my take on the Annihilator. Every HW entered into the main competition will be given a random number and that will be its entry number. Numbers 1-4 will begin a rumble. Once one robot is eliminated, I will restart the rumble with the eliminated participant being replaced by entry 5 and so on.
Exhibition/Grudge Matches - Once the splashes are up, feel free to request any fights you'd like to see and they'll all be done once all the events are over.

Rules and everything you need to know cont.:
Each entrant may enter up to 3 bots in the main comp, up to 2 additional HWs for the Tag Team Terror and up to 2 BWs - This means you can enter up to 7 bots maximum (3 for the main comp, 2 for the Tag Team Terror if you're going solo and 2 for the BW comp). Your entry/ies for the main comp may be one or both of your entries for the Tag Team Terror.
You have to enter the main competition but you do not have to enter the other events - You'll automatically be entered into the Royal Rumble and, possibly, the Flipper Frenzy with your main comp bot, anyway.
Every entrant has gotta have theme music for their main comp bot! - If you've ever seen a Live event or the video linked at the top, you'll know that every bot has gotta have their intro theme. When sending your bot(s) in, provide me with a link and timestamp to the intro music of your GTM Live bot. The intro should only last around 10 seconds, so bear that in-mind when sending it to me. If you don't provide me with music, I'll improvise based on your bot's name and/or appearance. I won't accept anything for intro music, however. Be, at least, semi-realistic in terms of music choice.

I hope everyone can sense the showcase-y type feel I am giving to this tournament because I really would like this to be the grand spectacle of IRL talent that it is in GMod. Don't take this tournament incredibly seriously in terms of competitiveness. No-one is gonna give you mad props for winning but one will definitely give you credit for an awesome IRL build.

Accepted entries:
1. TGM - Holy Wings
2. ty4er - Mortuary
3. Guldenflame - Stiff
4. Guldenflame - Beast
5. Guldenflame - Launch Pad
6. TheRoboteer - Aquarius
7. TheRoboteer - Exodus
8. TheRoboteer - Cascade
9. Thyrus - Chelsea Grin
10. Thyrus - Highvemind
11. Thyrus - C5
12. KillerTurtleG - Durable as Pin
13. KillerTurtleG - The Puppeteer
14. KillerTurtleG - TT1
15. KillerTurtleG - On The Head
16. RedAce - Aggressive Negotiations
17. RedAce - Krokodil
18. RedAce - Yellow Jacket + Junior Jacket

1. TGM - Tiny Little Flipper
2. Guldenflame - Blurbifurbli
3. Guldenflame - Jumbo
4. Thyrus - Insert N2
5. Thyrus - Y Tech
6. RedAce - Numero Uno
7. RedAce - Patriot
8. jdg37 - Dramma King
9. jdg37 - MiniMow

Modifications / Robot Wars DSL Edition AI Pack
« on: June 09, 2017, 06:34:41 PM »
I did say I'd do this after doing a Robot Wars Extreme in DSL but I simply don't have the time nor dedication, anymore. So, here's the Robot Wars DSL Edition AI pack:



A **** ton of replicas and robots made for the Robot Wars Series 8 DSL edition tournament - They are ordered somewhat alphabetically, except that the first 16 or so teams are not ordered at all, as this is an expansion of my AI pack that I was using to host the tournament. It was only after I made this a dedicated AI pack that I decided to alphabetize the bots. The 'extras' are just bots added in after the initial replica folder I was given.

Sumo Arena and Sumo House Robot - The Sumo Arena is included in this AI pack and a house robot provided by Thyrus called 'Sterilizer' is the "official" house robot to fight against in that arena.

515 .bot files in the Robot Designs folder - Most of these are unique bots, some are easter eggs/memes, so be sure to sniff them out and have a laugh or something.

Definitely over 400 replicas - There are 436 files in the 'replicas' folder I was initially sent, so that is what I base this on. A good majority are made by Sonny_Resetti. However, there is no way for me to know who built what, so if you check out the pack and see that yours is in there, be sure to tell me and I'll write you down as a credit.

Jonathan Pearce - I payed JP to voice act for this pack. I take this very seriously.

Music - When you fight in any arena, the '321' music will play.

An absolute cesspit full of components - A **** ton of replicas obviously means a **** ton of components. This pack is not really meant for building, but if you can manage to navigate your way through the bot lab, you should be able to have some fun messing around with all the miscellaneous parts scattered around that I could not be arsed to give the cheatbot2 treatment to.

If you encounter ANY problems, please say so in this thread and I will attempt to sort it out as soon as I can. There's a lot of stuff in this pack, so I can never be sure if all of it is compatible with everyone.

Sonny_Resetti (obvious reasons)
Rob Collins (testing)
Thyrus (being a sexy German Sumo House Robot)
Craaig Cephalopod and RoboBowler (minor testing before release)
Jonzu95 (being a sexy Finn Providing me with 90% of the stuff that comprises this pack)
Everyone that entered Robot Wars Series 8 DSL Edition (I cannot be bothered to rattle off all the names, sorry)
Let me know if you feel you should have been credited but you have been left out

Btw, I am fully aware that this is DSL 2.1. The tournament began in 2.1 and I began the pack in 2.1. I'm not dealing with the massive hassle that would come with upgrading to DSL 2.2 because there's no real reason to do so.

Let me know of your experience with the pack, any troubles you've encountered and any easter eggs that you've cleverly found. Thanks, guys.

Off-Topic Discussion / Long Overdue Explanation
« on: January 15, 2017, 12:59:15 AM »
So, I've got explaining to do and I'm not really sure where to start.

I suppose I'll start with my depleting commitment to GTMCS, albeit being my creation. When I first proposed the thing, I was very enthusiastic about the idea. The fact that it got so much support and then, later, a very high turnout made me rather happy. However, somewhere down the line, I began to have issues with certain parts of the tourney. After problems kept cropping up, my willingness to come back to it dwindled. Not only that, but my willingness to communicate, respond and interact with the community dwindled, too. I'm not saying that this was all GTMCS's fault because, considering I'm actually in this situation, it was going to happen at some point, anyway. After GTMCS started clashing with RL stuff, whenever I'd decide to come back to solving stuff out for GTMCS, it was also met with some people being a tad impatient with the progress. Although I suppose I understand that they simply want this big thing to be a success and they just can't wait for more videos, to badger and poke someone is not the way to go. If anything, it makes them want to stop. It's easy to attribute wanting to get back into the swing of things to the badgering that you're receiving, so most people end up putting it away for another day so they can possibly work in peace the next. It's never that easy, tho. I know two certain individuals (who are, coincidentally, on GTM) that have experienced this first-hand, although not with anything GTM related (if you're rather clever, you may know who and what I am talking about.) I used to poke them every now and again to see how they were doing. I thought it was harmless because I left a lot of space of time between my pokes but, after experiencing GTMCS, I now know that alone can distance someone further from the thing you are trying to encourage them to do.

Hopefully, I'm making some sort of sense. I'm not sure if my words are resonating what I'm trying to say properly but, hopefully, you guys are getting the picture.

Now, this is the bit where I'm meant to say that I have no ill will towards anyone here but I can't lie just to be humble. I won't name individuals but I'm not entirely fond of certain members of this community. I've fallen out of love with the community because I sometimes wonder who I'm doing this for. Let me qualify what I said, tho. There are definitely some outstanding and great members on GTM (Craaig, Rob and Thrackerzod, just to name a few). If you've ever spoken to me, you probably already know if you're in that list :P.  In fact, there may be more people I like on GTM than I dislike. However, there just don't seem to be enough people that I like to drown out the ones I don't. Until GTM's ugly side can be overpoweringly outshone by the great side, I'm probably not going to do much conversing in the GTM Discord, or GTM in general, anymore.

And I may have just simply fallen out of love with RA2/GTM. It's an incredible shame for me to say that, considering I've persevered for this to become a long-term thing for me but I can't help what I like and don't like.

It's not fair on anyone if I stay as the Tournament section moderator (or the main one, at least.) And it's for all these reasons that I have handed in a 'sort of' resignation to Trov. That me qualify 'sort of', too. GTM needs an active Tournament section moderator, that I cannot be. However, I believe that, if I leave the front line, I could actually end up becoming more productive (the reason being the one I mentioned previously). I could also lend my thoughts and ideas directly to the new mod and the staff, if they were ever needed. I may not be as devoted as I was when I first took the post as moderator, however I still would love to work directly with a tournament section moderator to, at first, make sure they're on the right path and to make sure any creative ideas they have go smoothly. Although, I absolutely understand if Trov decides there is no more need for my services as a moderator and I need to make a full resignation. I will be content with either outcome. It's been incredibly fun working and communicating with the GTM staff. In fact, if there's anything I want you to take from this is to understand that all staff actions are very thorough, so don't constantly poke them, either. Although, I wouldn't mind a tad more transparency between the staff room and the main forum :P I have one person in mind that I believe is perfect for the role of tourney mod but I will not mention their name nor will I contact them about my intentions to throw their name in the hat until I receive a response from Trov.

Oh yeah, I will relinquish full main host duties of GTMCS to RedAce following writing this up.

Until a new moderator is promoted, I will try to continue moderating duties as I am meant to (thanks a lot for picking up the slack, btw, Craaig).

There is one project that, sadly, may not get worked on (that isn't GTMCS) now and that's Robot Wars Extreme 3 DSL. That may not be of the utmost importance to you guys but I will seek out anyone that may want to take it over. If no-one takes it, I'll simply release the AI pack and lock the thread.

I think that's all I have to say. This isn't a goodbye, btw, but you can probably tell that I will never be as active as I used to be anymore... or who knows? Maybe the spark will light again, after a year or two. In the meantime, I do wish the entirety of GTM the best of luck with keeping itself running and staying alive. I'm trusting that, when that spark does light again, I'll have a vitalised community to give to.

Thanks for two great years :)

Tournament Archives / MOVED: Banter Wars Series 2!
« on: October 15, 2016, 10:34:24 AM »
This topic has been moved to Off-Topic as it did not follow Personal Tournament rules and regulations.


So, the time has finally come for the SBV thread! All the splashes are up, see what you think of the bots. The brackets are up, too. So, if you've entered the tournament, you can try and weigh up your chances and anyone can try their hand at predictions.

Click here for BBEANS-style rankings of the tournament, so far.

Courtesy of Kill343gs :)
Yes, you've read the homepage correctly. This is your chance to get your name in the GTM hall of fame, claim your gold ribbon, win a few prizes and, most importantly, have bragging rights for 12 months ;)

Metagame + weight class: Ironforge LW, Stock MW and Retooled HW, get to building!
DSL-S building rules apply for all but Stock, which is unrealistic
No BFE. Bots must be made completely inside the bot lab
Cheatbot2 is banned in all but Retooled, in which it is actually encouraged.
Custom parts are banned but skinned components from these skin packs are fine (for Stock)
Entrant limit: None, it is the forum tourney, after all :P (however, one person can only enter each metagame once)
Tournament format: Double elimination
Arena: GTM Tournament Arena
Match format: Best of 3, 3 minute fights
Prizes: The in-game prizes have not been made, yet. However, these are the prizes which 1st place (he will have two picks), 2nd place and the rumble winners will have their choice of
The winner shall receive a gold ribbon that they can wear next to their name to commemorate their victory! Top 4 will receive the AI pack used to host the tournament with, too. Prizes will be courtesy of Mr AS and, of course, the ribbon will be courtesy of Trov.
Host(s): yugitom (yours truly), RedAce (the backup guy) and Thrackerzod (the backup backup guy)
Banned bot types: Meltybrain SnS/Trinity spinners
Multibots are allowed. Their total weight must add up to equal to or less than the weight category they were entered in. If a multibot qualifies for a rumble or other side event which involves 3 or more bots, only one half of the multibot will be entered.
You must show controlled movement (no spikeballing, pretty much)
Component freedom is banned
Once you have entered your bot, you are allowed to update it once and this can only happen during signups, before the splash has been made.
Havok explosion rule: One havok explosion will cause the match to restart. If one bot havoks twice in the same match, that bot is DQ'd from that match.

Side events (hosted by RedAce):
Rumble - Bots that made the top cut (excluding the champion) will be cherry picked to enter this. The winner will get a prize.
BTRSHDBBDDTBL Redemption - The person voted BTRSHDBBDDTBL will be given a rematch with the bot they faced in their last match.
SFTW Rumble - I'll pick the robots of the tournament that weren't exactly the best and give them a chance to crown themselves the "Cream of the Crap".
Exhibition matches - People will be able to request exhibition matches after the tournament is done.
Tag Team Terror - A mini tag team bracket (teams will be formed by either me or RedAce).

The following links will provide you with a working version of each metagame you can build in:
Retooled and also download the patch

Signups end at 23:59 (GMT) 30th September

1. Guldenflame
2. wakkydude
3. RedAce
4. TeamXtreemer
5. battledutchman
6. DSC
7. Lightning S.
8. Thrackerzod
9. WenXiangLee
10. Scorpio
11. Kurt
12. Mechadino
13. Redline
14. Craaig
15. Geice
16. playzooki
17. Reier
18. Conraaaaaaaaa
19. Meganerdbomb
20. R1885
21. Mr. AS
22. 090901
23. S_M
24. Tashic
25. Badger
26. Badnik96
27. botomatic1000
28. R01
29. ty4er
30. Mouldy
31. UberPyro
32. rnifnuf
33. Mystic2000
34. MassimoV
35. Bobyasianboy
36. Kill

1. Thrackerzod
2. RedAce
3. battledutchman
4. DSC
5. wakkydude
6. AHeapOfGames
7. Guldenflame
8. Jonzu95
9. Lightning S.
10. frezal
11. Rob Collins
12. Badnik96
13. firestorm999
14. WenXiangLee
15. Scorpio
16. Kurt
17. kix mrox
18. Redline
19. Craaig
20. Silverfish
21. Joeblo
22. Fracture
23. Geice
24. playzooki
25. Reier
26. Conraaaaaaa
27. Sage
28. R1885
29. Mr. AS
30. 090901
31. S_M
32. DemonofTomorrow
33. Badger
34. NeighI'mACarrot
35. R01
36. Kill
37. wrhysj
38. botomatic1000
39. ty4er
40. Mouldy
41. Mystic2000
42. rnifnuf
43. MassimoV
44. Mechadino
45. Bobyasianboy
46. Meganerdbomb

1. Guldenflame
2. kix mrox
3. RedAce
4. Uberpyro
5. DSC
6. Lightning S.
7. xanosz
8. willy69
9. WenXiangLee
10. Sage
11. Redline
12. Craaig
13. Thrackerzod
14. Scorpio
15. Geice
16. playzooki
17. Meganerdbomb
18. Mr. AS
19. 090901
20. Tashic
21. Badger
22. R01
23. ty4er
24. Mouldy
25. rnifnuf
26. Badnik96
27. Linck
28. MassimoV
29. Mystic2000
30. Mechadino
31. Bobyasianboy

Tournament Archives / Bizarro World - Signups
« on: June 09, 2016, 12:16:42 PM »

Building rules:
DSL 2.2 - Unrealistic/Stock rules
Weight - HW (up to 800.0kg)
No BFE or any other kind of editing outside of the bot lab, however, as mentioned above, in-game glitches are fine
No cheatbot2
No multibots
There are no limits to how much or how many times you can update your bot after you have submitted one but be wary that the version you send in could be the one I use, if you don't update your robot in time. So, please, be vigilant when making and sending off your bot
Serge's rule of 7 breaker is allowed but no other component freedom

Other rules:
Electric Arena 2 - Hazards off
Swiss layout
3 minute matches
Havok rule - 1 strike results in a restart, 2 strikes and you're out. These havoks have to be game effecting (such as touching the opposing bot whilst havoking or a bot causing damage to itself via havoking) *
Maximum of 8 entries
Feel free to AI your own bot if you wish but I'll AI for you if you can't or won't. If you bot has any specifications in terms of their .py, please attempt to AI it yourself but I will do my best to apply the correct .py.

*If a bot havoks when the outcome of the match is near certain, that will be at my discretion, I will not restart the match and I will award the win to the bot that was about to win.

1. RedAce
2. Thrackerzod
3. DeadGenocide
4. battledutchman
5. Badger
6. Jet-speed
7. playzooki
8. TBD Devastator

Black - Received
Green - Accepted and AI'ed

Custom Components Showcase / Yugitom's RA3 Masterpieces
« on: June 01, 2016, 04:21:25 PM »
Hi, guys, I'm new to RA3 and would like some tips from the pros. I'm going to include inside shots, please tell me how I can improve :P

His name is The Frag. Mass: 7844 Armour: DSA Power: 572000 Air: 0

Tournament Archives / Inactive Discussions
« on: April 19, 2016, 06:57:16 PM »
Once a topic that has been up for discussion has not been posted in for 1 month (used to be 6 but I believe that 1 month of inactivity is enough to warrant a topic being inactive), it will be locked and labelled 'Inactive'. It will remain like this unless the member that made the topic consults me about unlocking and reviving the thread. If a member wishes to take over an idea that another member has not followed through with (a tournament discussion that has become inactive) and make a new thread, they must consult that member for permission first or they may contact me to see if they can use the tournament concept if the member has been inactive on GTM for a reasonable amount of time.

This topic has been made to replace the 'Inactive Discussion Rules' thread. Feel free to speak out on anything you feel needs to be amended in this post (for example, how long a discussion must remain inactive for it to be locked.)

Existing Games / Bamzooki
« on: March 25, 2016, 10:10:39 PM »
Anyone remember this little ditty from the CBBC? Me and Kosso had a little bout in the old game that was made for it. Lovingly edited by Robo :)

Right, we're doing a small little tourney. You'll see the teams when they come.

Tournament Archives / Father and Son Tournament 3 - Awards
« on: February 21, 2016, 10:39:03 AM »

Before I go on to the awards, I have to say a huge 'thank you' to everyone who participated!

El Chickenado
Lightning S.

Who's who? - Most alike
Never seen that before - Most original bot(s)
I just can't take my eyes of it! - Best design
Now, that's just unfortunate - Unluckiest team
I want that one to win - Your favourite
Did you record that? - Best match
There's bits of bot everywhere! - Most destructive team

Who's who? - Black and Yellow (Noodle)
Never seen that before - The Thing That Should Not Be and The Mistake (Lightning S.)
I just can't take my eyes of it! - Ghast and Ghost (Squirrel_Monkey)
Now, that's just unfortunate - Death Warrant and Pink Slip (Scrapyard24c)
There's bits of bot everywhere! - RTL Evo and RTL Evo Lite (helloface199)
Bronze medal - RTL Evo and RTL Evo Lite (helloface199)
Silver trophy - I'm Hungry and Hi Hungry, I'm Dad (Conraaa)
Gold trophy - Jousting Knight and Squire (Naryar)

Now, there're two awards which I have allowed to be nominated, 'I want that one to win' and 'Did you record that?'. So, be sure to tell me who your favourite team was and what your favourite match was! I have to say that the finalists were my favourite teams, due to their speed, they made all their matches entertaining! It's hard to choose a favourite fight for me, but I'll probably go with both instances of Conraaa vs Elementos.

Thanks for coming this far and watching the tournament :)

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