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General Support / Stacking
« on: June 10, 2015, 02:57:11 AM »
No, this is not a stock 101 question made by the dsl irl builder who is too lazy to expand beyond nice skins and extender supports. I'm not asking "how stack do I do a"

I want to get better at stock building, and to do that, having an understanding of stacking is crucial. I get what stacking is, you plonk down one component and then you zoom in with a different window and you wiggle a thing or you do some axel/snapper loading etc etc.

What I'm asking is why stacking works. I know it is something to do with the collisions, but I don't understand why having faulty collision boxes allows you to put something inside of something else, like two baseplate anchors or a control board in a nifty.

Note: If you're going to answer, please make sure you understand what I'm asking. This is not "How do I stack?"

Off-Topic Discussion / A computer issue.
« on: September 16, 2014, 08:22:14 PM »
So I turned my computer on a couple of days ago and my taskbar and all my desktop shortcuts are just poof, banished. In fact, the only way I'm actually using this computer to type this is through task manager and the power of my brain's memory, in which I remembered that I can run an executable from it.

This is what my desktop looks like currently.

yes that's google chrome, FFVI and Bjorn, the fell-handed.

anywho, I've run malwarebytes multiple times and it's coming back with nothing, but there's an annoying little extension thing that keeps showing up in my google chrome settings (after I banish it to hell)

Anyone got any ideas?

Stock Showcases / Kossokei's Stock Showcase: Gift horses, mouths, etc
« on: January 06, 2014, 01:21:29 AM »
Don't expect this showcase to be packed to the brim.

Louwel. A lightweight. DSA obviously, nifty, 4 razors, snapper for weapon and blue for wedge.

Not an amazing wedge but a good start I guess. It's not extremely original, but it's not a complete klone. only reason I'd check other bots is to see which battery to use, wheels, drive, etc.


I'll get something in here at some point...

Chatterbox / Cam Thread 2: A Lame Title Emerges
« on: July 27, 2013, 02:13:57 AM »
Bringing this back up because why not.

You guys know what to do. I'll take a pic of my established terrorist look at some point.

Discussion / The Epic of Robot Arena 2 - Discussion
« on: February 04, 2013, 07:27:59 PM »
So as to not clutter the thread itself.

I'll update it with more stories and screenshots as I keep posting, if you guys have anything to suggest (ATM I'm using LDAI) then I'm open for it.

Discussion / The Epic of Robot Arena 2
« on: February 04, 2013, 07:26:22 PM »
In a world named Robot Arena 2, battle and strife eternal is all that matters. The undying, human-like struggle for dominance and power, and the unending will to demonstrate such power. Bards, Warriors, Mages, Assassins, all sorts of disciplines and walk-a-likes come and hone their skills amongst their brethren and companion, from the smallest of fleet footed fighters to the largest of hulking beasts. These battles may be earthshaking, they may be minuscule scuffles or massacres achieved by domination. The size, the cast, the effect, none of these matter.

The ending of words is Strife Eternal.

Our story starts with Assassiness.


     Assassiness, who'd been eagerly awaiting the Arena since the day she was created, now stood at the Arena wall. Her shiny blue metallic armor gleamed furiously, highlighting its various spikes and blades. Her matte black helmet, which resembled that of a rhinoceros' horns, did exactly the opposite while still exerting furiousity. Her opponent, a yellow quadrupedal centaur of sorts, waited for her in the arena while strafing back and forth and turning, waving its stalagmite-esque weapons and getting reactions from the crowd. A regular in the Arena, it seems.
     Assassiness entered the Arena, feeling the weight of the crowd's cheering and excitement on her shoulders. She flipped out her hidden double-edged blades as she neared her opponent. She was Steel Reign, and this could be her Son of Whyachi.
    The announcer introduced the Arena to the crowd, and then introduced the contenders.
    "We have a newbie today it seems! Say hecko to the Newcomer folks, as her name's Assassiness! Coming in at 391.4kg and adorned with spikes and blades of all sorts, it seems like she'll be a tough nut for our regular fighters!," the announcer bellowed. "And what a regular we have here today! You all know Groovy Taxi, right?!" The crowd exploded with cheers and excitement. 'Groovy Taxi' dug its hooves into the floor, spinning and flipping its stalagmites wildly.
     "The contestants are armed, the Octagon is set, it's time to break in a newbie!," the announcer shouted, prompting the horns to sound, and as if clockwork, Assassiness and Groovy Taxi rushed towards each other.

Site News and Feedback / Question about Posting
« on: February 04, 2013, 05:39:25 PM »
So there's this thing I wanna do, it's basically like telling a story while using bots from RA2 + screenshots and all that good stuff, like I'll have two or more bots fight (with or without a Human-controlled bot) and I'll take screenshots of cool moments and write like epic things about it. For example, say I have Mud Runner and Emergency fight. Mud Runner gets flipped really high into the air by Emergency, I screenshot and I let the fight continue (I'll have do the same fight over 9000 times for good screenshots but it's worth it).
Now I have plenty of screenshots, and I'm ready to write. Yeah, Mud Runner walked into the arena like that, and then Emergency did this, and then that happened, and then Mud Runner beat Emergency, and yeah! So I fit the words around the screenshots and add a little cilantro and you've got a story with pictures.

It won't be anything entirely important and I don't mind if you don't read it or take a look at it but I wanna do it just for the heck of it.

Now here's my problem. I don't know what part of the forum I should put this thing, so I've narrowed down the sections to a few possibilites (and an "are you joking?" section)

-Robot Arena 2 -> General Discussion: Makes sense, it's just general discussion and stuff about RA2 and should fit perfectly, but something's off.
-Robot Arena 2 -> DSL TC Showcase -> (my) showcase: Again, makes sense and some of them would be my bots, but not all of them would be and it wouldn't fit the showcase spirit.
Off Topic -> Fantasy Robot Games: I just thought of this one because of the Fantasy/RP bot tournaments and this would sort of be similar to that. Probably the best one.

And the "no just no" one...
Junkyard -> Playground: yeah I'd rather not have my work splattered with spam and flame and crap. TRiaS tried to work on a creepypasta in playground and it got pooped all over, and I don't want to meet that same fate.

So, where could I put this?

DSL TC Showcases / Kossokei's DSL Showcase: "Dustiest IRL Builder"
« on: June 17, 2012, 12:06:56 AM »
Alright, this is my DSL Robot Showcase (obviously!) I have plenty of bots to showcase, but I'll start with one so it's less confusing.

This is The Power.

(removed the disc on the top so you could see better)

It's stock version was a FS that was basically fast and strong and hecka maneuverable. I couldn't manage that as well in DSL, so I made a similar drive-system and put a huge drum on the front, and added a srimech. Armored all the way around even on top, this bot has been doing alright for me. The Srimech is rather weak and can't always heave the 700-something KG (or lbs, whichever it was) onto it's feet. Other than that, does some pretty good damage, never runs out of power and does pretty well. Suggestions? Questions? Equestrians?

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