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Tournament Archives / Teammates - Brackets, Splash and Vids !
« on: July 21, 2020, 04:14:34 PM »
Teammates is now ready to begin !

Make your predictions here !


Bot has issues after testing
Not Yet Sent

Team 1 - The BBeaners

Team 2 - Antifa
-Sickle(Controlled movement issues)

Team 3
-X AE A-12

Team 4

Team 5 - Alcoholic Boomers

Team 6 - The Supreme Order of the Metallic Simulacrum

Team 7 - Team E

Team 8

Team 9 - French Revolutions

Team 10

Team 11

Team 12

Site News and Feedback / if there still are admins here
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:06:51 AM »
Okay. It's time to stop playing pretend.

obviously my tenure as mod here was very mixed. but yeah. I'm not really a part of this community anymore. more of a meme reminder and legend of the past. "oh lol remember when nar banned idiots for posting stupid sh** in playground".

anyways. i'd like to ask to be stripped of my global moderator title, if there's still an admin there. there's no such thing as justice incarnate, i certainly didn't live to it, and it always was a meme title.

I would however like to keep being a showcase moderator - i don't think I'll be doing much moderating, but the showcases (specifically, the DSL showcase) are still in my heart. if I can keep them ordered and avoid spam and stupid sh** in them, i'll do it. just give me a kick on Discord if I am not here ( Naryar#3875 )

but obviously, GTM's a thing of the past for me. likely i'll plop here once in a while to give advice to the noobs, or even build something, sh**post, or comment on bots/tournaments. don't expect any NAR AI or such, I don't have the interest in this game for it. if a miracle happens I may even enter a tournament.

i still think about this place sometimes. got fond memories of it. i apologize if this post was too maudlin or emotional, but i feel it is the truth.

- "baguette justice fist" Naryar 

Other Tutorials / Naryar's Guide to Robot Types and Subtype Classification
« on: November 22, 2016, 08:11:43 AM »
This is how we at GTM classify robot types. Or at least, an attempt at doing a classification.

What is a robot type ? It's simple classification of bots via the type of weapons they use. As in, horizontal or vertical spinner.

Also, to help newbies to understand and use the same words for the same design. Because not everyone knows what is a complex HS/poker hybrid.

Bot types are indicated in bold letters. Also, a bot can have several classifications starting by @, as in a HS using flails and a shell is known as a flail shell spinner.

Or, if you put it in a way, a biological classification of robots!

To find a robot type, you first need to find to what category it is in. The categories are Static Weapons, Spinning Weapons (spinners), Burst Motors and Pneumatic Pistons (pokers). Those categories should be obvious.

Then read within categories.

-STATIC WEAPONS (your robot has weapons powered indirectly by drive):
   *Your robot rams the opponent, back-and-forth: it's a Rammer.
   *Your robot pushes against the opponent: it's a Pusher, or a Wammer if it has a sloped front and is designed to go under opponents.
      @Your robot has a V-shaped weapon rack : it's a V-shaped rammer/pusher
      @Your robot has lots of weapons on a relatively small space : it's a focused weapon rammer/pusher
      @Your robot has wedges but no sloped front and the chassis doesn't get under bots : it's a wedged rammer/pusher (not to be confused with wammers)
   *Your robot spins on itself horizontally:  it's a Sit and Spinner (SnS), or a Thwacker if it has a single, long weapon arm
   *Your robot spins on itself vertically: it's an Overhead Thwacker

-SPIN MOTORS (your robot uses spin motors to power weapons)
   *Your robot uses horizontally spinning weapons : it's a Horizontal Spinner (HS)
      @Your robot uses a bar : it's a Bar HS
      @Your robot uses a shell design : it's a Shell Spinner
      @Your robot uses a tribar : it's a Tribar HS
      @Your robot uses flails : it's a Flail HS
      @Your robot uses flails and a shell : It's a Flail Shell Spinner
   *Your robot uses vertically spinning weapons: it's a Vertical Spinner (VS) if it has a narrow weapon, or a Drum if it has a wide weapon, or Sawbot if it uses sawblades
      @Your robot uses a bar: it's a Bar VS
      @Your robot uses a tribar : it's a Tribar VS
      @Your robot uses a disc or a replica disc: it's a Disc VS
      @Your vertical spinner is not straight : it's an Angled VS
      @Your robot uses it's vertical spinners as wheels : it's a Crawler if it has no wheels, or a Half-Crawler otherwise
   *Your robot uses small spinners on discs, pointing forward: it's a Face Spinner (FS)
   *Your robot uses drill-like weapons on spinners: it's a Drill for somewhat complex weapons, or a Chicken Drill it is is simply a spike on an extender
   *Your robot uses small spinners on top of the body, to grind at a bot's bottom: it's a Juggler if it has several spinners, or a Top Spinner it it has only one
   *Your robot uses spinners that are neither horizontal nor vertical: it's an Angled Spinner

   *Your robot uses weapon arms to throw opponents around: it's a Flipper, or a Weaponed Flipper if it uses damaging weapons to do so
   *Your robot uses short weapons bursting out of the chassis to hit the underside of the chassis and kill opponents: it's a Popup if the weapons fire from the back and travel towards the front, or a True Popup if they fire from the front and travel towards the back.
   *Your robot uses weapons on long arms to damage the opponent: it's a Hammer (or Vertical Hammer) if they swing from upwards to downwards, or a Side Hammer if they swing sideways
   *Your robot uses weapon arms to grab the opponent and/or control opponent's movement: it's a Clamp
      @If the weapon arms move vertically : it's a Vertical Clamp
      @If the weapon arms move horizontally : it's a Horizontal Clamp
      @If the weapon arms have additional powered weapons on them, such as spinners and saw: it's a Dustpan

-PNEUMATIC PISTONS (your robot uses air-powered pistons as weapons)
   *Your robot uses pistons to damage : it's a Poker
   *Your robot uses linear actuators to control or grab opponents : it's a Clamp too. Refer to the burst motor part.

   *Your robot is two or more bot types at the same time : it's a Hybrid.
   *Your robot is not classifiable by the above : it's a Freak

Here. Feedback appreciated.

Site News and Feedback / Old Warning System
« on: May 13, 2016, 09:02:40 AM »
We have decided on a more fair system for warnings, for more consistence.

How the warning system works

Warnings decrease by 10% per 24 hours. An user with 10% warning or more is added to watch list, and an user with 70% warning or more is automatically muted until his warning goes down under 70.

Basic Warnings - Those are the base warning amounts, they vary according to the offense.
  • Bump whacking (blaming people for bumping when it is on-topic and relevant/good) - 10%
  • Bumping, if not relevant - 10%
  • Excessive use of foul language (regular posts containing swearing, or a posts with too much swears on it) - 20%
  • Excessive multiple posting (triple/quadruple posting, regular double posting, etc.) - 20%
  • Abuse of the report system (regular and irrelevant reporting, spamming report system, etc) - 20%
  • Excessive off-topic posting (regular off topic posting, ignoring moderator warnings, etc) - 20%
  • Continued harassment of other users. - 40%
  • Offensive behavior (including inappropriate jokes, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) - 40%
  • Spam (includes image spam, word spam, letter spam, emote spam, etc.) - Warning depends on intensity.
    • 10% for spam limited to one post/PM
    • 30% for several posts/PM's of spam within the same thread
    • 60% for several posts/PM's of spam within different threads
    • 100% for forumwide spam. May also earn a permaban.
  • Insults, flaming, trolling, threatening (including uses of racial, sexual, etc... slurs) - Warning depends on intensity.
    • 40% for one post
    • 80% for more than one
  • Multiaccounting - 100%
  • Posting illegal material (torrents, pirated material, warez, copyrighted material. Exception done for Robot Arena 1/2 copies) - 100%
  • Explicit sexual content - 100%, may also earn a permaban
  • Account/password foul play (giving your password to another user, trying to access/accessing another member's account, trying to guess other passwords, etc.) - 100%
Important note: Anyone who reaches 100% warning will get an automatic one month ban.

The staff reserves the right to add offenses to this list at any moment. We'll keep you updated for any new offenses that are added.

Advanced Warnings - This is added to a basic warning, and depends of your previous warning/ban status, as well as context.
  • Add 10% to a (basic) warning for every warning received in the previous 30 days. This is to make sure repeat offenders will quickly be punished.

  • Add 20% to a (basic) warning for every ban has received in the previous year. Similar to the previous rule, this is to discourage the people coming back from a ban to continue what they got banned for.

  • +10% or -10% warning, up to moderator's discretion, depending on the warned user's behavior and context surrounding the warning. The moderator must provide valid reason for it, you may not cancel a warning with this, and this is entirely optional. This is to make the system somewhat more flexible.

Banning Rules

As said before, a one month ban will be AUTOMATICALLY applied if an user reaches 100% warning, either due to different warns adding, or by getting a 100% warning.

One month bans by getting 100% warning offenses are cumulative.

Whenever someone earns 2 months of ban in total (either by two different one-month bans or one 2-month ban) or more, the staff may consider a permaban. This will be done at our discretion, although we will communicate it to the community and the concerned member.

A permaban may also be considered in the case of forumwide spam or sexual content, regardless of how much ban duration you got, or in the case of an obviously new member getting very high levels of warning, to protect against troll accounts.

A permaban is permanent; however, after 6 months of ban, a permabanned user may appeal to the staff. After a discussion between the user and staff, and a discussion in the staff, the staff may decide to lift the ban. The user is put in a 2-month probatory period, if that user goes over 50% warning in this period, the permaban is reinstated and no further appeals are possible.

By the rules before, any attempt to evade bans (multiaccounts, accessing another account) will earn you another month of ban. Obviously, this may hurt any appeals you will be doing later.*

Newbie Protection

If an obviously new member earns a warning that is less than 30%, it is nullified and he is sent a written warning, and a link to the rules. Newbie protection protects only once, and it does not protect for warnings above 30%. Newbie protection also only applies to members that have been on Gametechmods since less than two weeks.

Other Rules

Any attempts to abuse or find loopholes this system will of course earn punishment.

Those warnings apply everywhere within Gametechmods, including the bot exchange, PM's, the chatbox. However, chatterbox is moderated differently : see the latter post for it.

Chatterbox / "My rep went down" thread
« on: April 04, 2016, 10:28:02 AM »
"he touched my rep in the bad place" -Badnik
"I am a respected meme-ber of the community ! I don't deserve to be downrepped" -Jaydee

As in with the "I'm leaving" posts back then, I thought we could have a thread for people to complain about rep safely.

A thread specially to unwind about reputation matters. Mostly for people with thin skin to complain about "unfair" repdowns.

Go on, no one will actually downrep you for caring about rep here.

Remember: the spirit of Goldenfox is watching over you. And you'd better impress him.

Challenge Board / Naryar vs Mystic2000 (Mystic2000 Wins)
« on: January 05, 2016, 12:57:51 PM »
WHO IS THE BEST FRENCHMAN ???!     baguette

anyways, DSL-S HW, best 2 out of 3, combat zone, no hazards.

nota: this will not happen before the myself vs avalanche fight due to rules. i'm just posting it here to remember the rules we set up, mostly.

Challenge Board / Naryar vs Avalanche (DQ: Avalanche)
« on: January 01, 2016, 12:53:30 PM »
Ironforge IRL (i have no idea why i agreed to IRL  :rage ) MW Flippers (hybrids allowed). Standard ironforge ballast and weight rules apply.

Best two out of three. Combat arena, hazards off.

-Could go by judge's decision instead of points, since it's IRL. This goes triple if we do IRL flippers in the combat arena. We'll need a group of judges, though.

Challenge Board / Naryar vs madman3 (DQ: Naryar)
« on: September 09, 2015, 02:51:41 AM »
Because he is weak and worthless, and it is time for me to reassess my manly superiority over him.

DSL-S HW as usual, combat arena, fox only, final destination no bfe or aam. no crawlers or other less manly bots such as TRFBD or flying guillotine.

Have at thee, monjoie saint-denis, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries, etc, etc.

Trying to come with an accurate ruleset on how bots are IRL or not. So people can use it, and tournament users as well, and it will make a clear difference between IRL and DSL-S, and there will be no more tryhard bots cause IRL will be well-defined.

-IRL Realism rule : IRL bots must follow the realism rule at all times, that is they must follow these rules at all times : Also, IRL bots must look like real-life designs.

-External Support rule : All motors whose axles are outside the chassis must have additional support in order to be IRL. As in, build sufficiently durable-looking supports so the axle does not appear to float in space.

-Several bot types are banned from IRL. They are : popups and true popups, jugglers, gut-ripping FS, any gut-rippers (with the exception of VS, wammers, drums and sawbots), as well as Trinity bots, rupters, or all bots relying on glitches to be more effective.

-You may use any building technique (BFE, snapper loading, eFFe, and others) as long as the result is IRL and there is no foul play involved (cheat armor, invulnerable components, etc)

-Caster armor, halfsheets directly attached to the baseplate, Narmour and other invulnerable armors are banned.

-Toughness rule: IRL bots must look durable. They may not have any component who is too thin (main culprit: poly/metal sheets) All poly/metal sheets are banned if used as stabilizers or extenders. They are allowed for aesthetics, defensive skirts or wedges.

-Weapon Spam rule: IRL bots may not have an excessive number of weapons. "Stock rammer" style weapon racks are banned. (Small weapon racks are fine). (This rule needs some more fine tuning)

-Coolness rule: IRL bots must look cool, above everything else. IRL is all about cool looks, and looks goes a long way for people to accept your bot.

Here, that's everything I have. I must work on the weapon spam rule which is very unclear and probably can be abused.

Any ideas ? I'd like to make a good IRL ruleset so people stop arguing over what is IRL or not.

Discussion / Stock "IRL" ?
« on: July 09, 2015, 08:37:00 AM »
basically am thinking the IRL equivalent of stock. something that is more like the old 2005 stock builds, because let's face it, these are dope and look cooler than giant HS messes of razors. also easier to build, less hassle in stacking, and will probably make people more willing to build in stock.

despite being "the IRL equivalent of stock" it'll be more like DSL standard than IRL.


basic ruleset :
-DSL standard rules (no blatantly unrealistic designs, no stacking any power/motors/electronic components, no overlapping, etc, etc, you know what this is)

other possible ideas:
-maybe: require extender support for spinners as in DSL IRL & no overly frail designs
-no ban on weapon spam
-MAYBE ban some bot types, not sure if we should

so it's basically like IRL DSL but with no issues about people claiming it is tryhard or not IRL or whatever.

examples : pretty much everything in here is stock IRL except for the HS

other ideas ? thoughts ?

Discussion / Designs Sharing Thread
« on: June 29, 2015, 10:12:21 AM »
this thread to share ideas about building.

i've had these ideas in my head, but far too lazy to open RA2 to build. they're mostly DSL-S but its cool for other mods as well

-complex juggler
-wedged shell spinner/top spinner hybrid or not
-complex hammer
-upwards chicken drill (drills should be vertical)
-four-direction rammer (can ram in all four horizontal directions : must have strafing drive to work)
-downwards rammer (rams with underside, could be done with jumping abilities such as bursts or piston drive)
-grinding VS with contrarotating weapons, at least four weapons so it can keep opponents in place
-dual shell spinner gut-ripper
-upwards poker (pistons should be vertical)
-SnS/wammer hybrid
-complex shell spinner (all shells spin on the same axle)

there. will add some more.

Off-Topic Discussion / Petition for more petitions.
« on: May 15, 2015, 11:08:15 AM »
So, as you all know, I believe in petitions, so I want you to sign THIS fair petition for getting more petitions while you petition.

check it out, it's really important for me

Discussion / A new ruleset for IRL ?
« on: May 14, 2015, 07:28:33 AM »
starting to get drunk so my idea should be good

So, as I posted in badnik's showcase lately, IRL tournaments are not good because let's face it, the tournaments are by themselves in DSL-S tournament format with IRL bots.

And the fact that these days 80% of tourneys are IRL (and i'm not even exaggerating) means that, as people want to win tourneys (which is normal), they tryhard in IRL.

However, IRL is about cool looks and interesting designs. Yes it is also about winning but this is secondary. See a paradox there ? Good.

Literally the only reward about cool looks is the award. And even then there's only one winner per award, so all the cool bots entered aren't rewarded.

So I propose a few changes to the IRL ruleset :

-All matches who are not KO's or OOTA's should be judge's decisions, and there should be the following voting possibilities : Aggression (what bot was the most aggressive, Damage(self explanatory), Match Control (whoever controlled the match the most : gives bonus to weaponless wedges and flippers) and Good Show (whoever bot put on the best show).

If the judges are unsure, THEN it goes by points.

-Chassis armor should be strengthened, even the DSL ones, so gut-rippers don't kill easily. Alternatively, one should find a way to give the chassis more fracture.

-Seeds should be put in place, with the coolest bots getting top seeds, and the most tryhard/borderline DSL-S getting low seeds. Top seeds should get one or two additional lifes, depending on coolness. As in, if they are in loser's bracket and get eliminated, they lose on life and are reintroduced into the loser's bracket. Very low seed bots should even get eliminated immediately if they lose one match, and not get into the loser's bracket.

This to keep IRL being IRL and not "DSL-S with IRL restrictions.".

What do you think about that ? I'm aware the reintroduction into loser's bracket due to seeds will need additional bracket work.

Discussion / Ruleset for balancing bot types.
« on: March 12, 2015, 08:23:15 AM »
I think this was touched in the past (maybe one of Craaig's tournaments), but how about a ruleset for tournaments that changes the weight limit according to what bot type you enter ? So hammers stop sucking, and popups/HS/DSL SnS stop killing everything else. Or at least these tendencies are lowered.


for DSL

Hammer, Clamp : +20% weight
Side hammer, Poker: +10% weight (not sure about side hammer bonus honestly...)
most designs: weight unchanged
Flipper (includes weaponed flipper): -10% if arena with OOTA/pits, +20% if closed arena
HS, SnS, Popup, Juggler: -10% weight
Crawler : -25%

for Stock
Clamp : +30% (even more fragile than in DSL)
Hammer, Sawbot : +20%
Poker : +15% (uses even more space than in DSL)
Side hammer : +10%
Flipper: No bonus if OOTA arena/arena with pits, if closed arena without pits : +20% (flipper arms are very, very fragile)
Anything else : no change
HS, Popup, Juggler : -10%
Crawler: -20% (more fragile than in DSL)

For hybrids: average out. if it's really a HS with 2 razors attached to make it a so called rammer hybrid, then go with the -10% HS malus.

in case the tournament uses multiple arenas, the flipper bonus is determined only by the arena used in the first 2 rounds.

For numbers: average out to the closest entire number. and if this is accepted i'll gladly do a table of modified weights by bonus and by weightclass because i can see why people will not want to do math to get a weight limit.

tell me what you think about it.

edit: maybe it will be simpler to give numerical bonuses, and one per weightclass, not percentages ?

Discussion / a discussion about IRL priorities
« on: March 12, 2015, 07:43:24 AM »
So, what's your stance about IRL priorities ? By that I mean what do you look most forward to when building an IRL bot, and what of these goals are more important.

Here's mine:

First - Build something that looks good
Second - Build an interesting design
Third - Building efficiency
Fourth - Build something that could work IRL and not fall down
Fifth - Combat efficiency
Sixth - Building something that looks like a RL bot (different from the fourth actually, more like replica building)

so basically IRL is mostly DSL-S, with 3 noticeable differences:

-you shouldn't abuse the game's design to win (flails, MORE RAZORS syndrome, 2 heavy plows + 8 flamers, etc)
-the most important thing is NOT winning, it's putting on a good show
-there are more strict standards about realism (extenders holding spinners in place, no ultrathin components which would break, no exposed motors, no motors halfway outside the chassis, etc.)

there, i'm going to add a poll on what you think is the more important. you can vote twice (pick important and second most important).

And yeah, I'm aware combat efficiency will not go first, i'm just wondering what of cool looks, interesting designs, or "replica building" is more important.

Chatterbox / lol, typos
« on: December 11, 2014, 03:41:03 AM »

Modifications / Naryar's DSL2.1 Balance Pack: Released, Alpha 0.1
« on: November 08, 2014, 06:22:25 PM »
So, here's what I promised. Balance Pack Alpha 01.rar

There are the weapons only, the rest will come later. Note: cheatbot2 weapons are NOT included, I am starting with the legal components first.

VERY IMPORTANT: First remove your Components.cfz in the main folder if you still have one, then overwrite your Components folder with what is inside the .rar. (Do not DELETE your components folder)

All normal weapons have been included. Plus the fixed Firestorm flipper and Tornado wedge.

Next will be the armor and extenders, enjoy !

Here, you just build a bot but you are unsure about it, or you want some advice about it. Well, here's the thing. You can give advice to YOURSELF by looking at your bot and judging it with these.

First of all, you must know that weight is everything. Do not use weight unless you have a good reason to.

1- Your weaponry.

Your bot has a weapon system, or several in the case of hybrids. You have to make sure it is efficient. Answer these.

-Are there some pointless weapons ?
-Can you increase reach, damage, trapping ability or weaponry HP without losing anything ?
-Can your extender work be made lighter without creating critical weak points ?
-Is the total weapon weight insufficient ?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then fix that. If everything is fine, then go to the next part.

2- Your drive system and mobility

Your bot's drive and mobility is essential, and all bots have that.

-Are the wheels unfitted (too big, not enough grip) for the bot's design ?
-Are the drive motors unfitted (too powerful, not powerful enough) for the bot's design ?
-Can I reduce the total number of drive motors without losing speed ? Is it better to have less, but more powerful drive motors since they use less battery power and less weight. A well-balanced 2WD is superior to a 4WD.

If you can answer yes to any of these, fix that. Then you must be able to answer yes to one of the following :

-Is my bot invertible ? (If your bot is very flat, then make your bot invertible, unless it is a VS/hammer)
-Can my bot self-right reliably ?
-Can I afford to not be invertible AND not have a srimech ? (Alternatively: Does the bot's design prevents invertibility or a srimech ?)

3- Your armor and protection

You must remember, armor does not win battles, but it also helps you to not lose or be crippled. So put the correct amount of armor on your bot.

-Does your bot has any exposed weak points ? (Motors, extenders mostly)
-Can you remove any weak points by a slight change in bot design ?
-Is your bot's armor poorly placed for the type of battles it will fight ? (1v1, 2v2 or rumble)
-Does your bot has excessive armor for it's design ?
-Does your bot has not enough armor for it's design ?

If you can answer yes to any of these, fix that.

4- Your power supply

These apply for both air and electricity.

-Does your bot has not enough batteries/airtanks to fully power your motors, bursts, and pistons  ?
-Does your bot lacks power at the middle, and end of the match ?
-Is your power supply excessive ? Can you remove some batteries/airtanks and not lose much ?

If you can answer yes to any of these, fix that.

5- Your extender work

When you have fixed all the previous ones, then have a look at the bot's extender work.

-Can the bot's extender work be made lighter, more simple, and less exposed ?
-Is some of the bot's extender work too heavy/strong for how exposed it is ?

Fix that if yes, gain weight, use this weight for something worthwhile.

6- Your bot's looks

Then it is about your bot's looks. How to judge look is mostly personal, but here's a few universal pointers. First answer this:

Am I willing to use weight to make my bot look better ? (The answer to this is where your bot stands on the IRL/DSL-S scale)

-Is my skin not overly simple/n00bish ?
-Do some of my component's aesthetics clash due to color/shape ?
-Does the skin's color/shapes clash with the component's color/shapes ?
-Does my bot's aesthetics fit a theme ? Is it a good theme ?

7- Your bot's name

Actually more important that you think. Even if your bot is named "gotta go fast" (make it 6WD or 8WD) or "Hitler Loves Jews" (give it a flamethrower) or some sh**.

-Is my bot's name not fitting the bot's design ?
-Is my bot's name too short ? (In case you haven't got enough of a gratuitously long name due to botlab limiting you, feel free to use BFE  :gawe:)

If you can answer yes - oh you know the drill.

There, everything has been said. You should be able to give good self-advice, if you know the components of your game well enough though. If you manage to not be biased, self-advice is the best !

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