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Active Tournaments / Triple Threat - Signups (4 spots left!)
« on: September 23, 2020, 12:37:47 AM »

A new face on the tournament scene emerges...

Basic Rules:
16 players
Double Elimination
Rw2016 Arena

How it works:
Each player sends in three bots, one MW, one CW, and one HW.
For each match, it will be MW vs MW, CW vs CW, or HW vs HW. However, whichever one of those three it is is random.

Building Rules:

Judges are me, Nicky, and Probably Rob.
Each judge distributes 7 points between the two bots for each of 3 categories: Damage, Aggression, and Control. (21 points per category, 63 total)

Restart Rules:
If the havok happens between 3:00 and 2:01, restart at 3:00.
2:00-1:01, restart at 2:00
1:00-0:00, JD
3 havoks by the same bot = Auto lose fight.

1. Nicky - Team Taco Hell (Snowflake, Mini Rage 2, and Carbon)
2. Nabi - Dodos Toucans (Ghost Division, Kirin 2020, and Burnout 66)
3. Botbuster - Team Botbusters (Bullbot, Cowbot, and Bullbot HW)
4. 8bean - Team Mean Bean Machine (Purple Nurple M2.5, Purple Nurple C, and Purple Nurple v5.5)
5. DylanTRM - Team TRM (Grey Bot Testing, Spongebob Steelpants, and Bloodshot)
6. Robo - Neon Noir (Infiltration, Monolith CW, and Lightrider III)
7. SamFM52 - Mechanical Intercontinental Legion Fighters (The Gas, Stanley, and Pingu's Death Machine)
8. Draker - The Blues (Blue Death, Blue Skies, and Blue, The Spinner)
9. Lileh - Team Lilly (E-17, Ice Pick, and Pitstop S)
10. NH - Granite State Robotics (The Bloody Beaker and Live Free or Die) (TBD) Needs MW, AI, and team name.
11. Dadddjent - TBD (Alchemy, G4ce, and Dirty Acid Trip 2 v2; Overweight, overweight, and too many beaters)
12. KD9 - Masochism (Orange Creme, An Original VS, and GTS)

Accepted and AI'd... wait

Note: If you're wondering why I'm doing sign-ups before I've had a discussion, I've already done that on the discord server.
Edit: I've decided to allow modifications until sign-ups close.
Also sorry about leaving out important things. Sometimes I suck at planning.

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