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SamFM52 has entered his second entry with Belle Delflipper! Already have it Ai'ed and ready to go. 26 entries now out of 64. Still a long way to go.

Ready to Go: Belle Delflipper


Botbuster has entered his second robot Pull to Enter, also I have fixed a typo error to his splash. 25 out of 65! Any more entries?

Accepted: Pull to Enter


Probably Rob has entered his second Robot (Eight), now with 24 entries. DylanTRM (Spongebot Squarepants) & Gwyvern (BC-01 for Battlecruiser 2) asked to change their entries, changed the spelling error to SamFM52's Big Man Stand robot. Also done the AI'ing for B80 Evo III & Black Hazard. So quite a busy week. Any more entries? I may possibly do third entries, but I'll allow more time before I do that.

Ready to Go: B80 Evo III, Black Hazard, Battlecruiser 2, Spongebot Squarepants (Forks version)
Accepted: Eight


Managed to get Ace 5 Reduxed 2.0 AI'ed thanks to Nicky & Nabi.

Ready to Go: Ace 5 Reduxed 2.0

Thanks to BSRaven for sending in two entries, Both are accepted but will be AI'ed soon.

Accepted: B80 Evo III, Black Hazard


Got a couple more entries, second entries from Roboteer & NickyDustyOwl and the first entry from KelimpeIJR

Ready to Go: Cicada, Trippy Dippy 2


The first day of the second entries, and already have three new entries now with 18 entries! Hinami-Chan by Nabi, Spongebob Steelpants by DylanTRM & Circuit Breaker by Koi-Chan, thanks for entering guys!

Ready to Go: Hinami-Chan, Spongebob Steelpants & Circuit Breaker


Second entries are now opened, so feel free to message me or DM for those who have already given me their first entries. For anyone that hasn't entered a robot yet, you now get to enter two entries.

Just got a whole lot of entries from DylanTRM and Koi-Chan so thanks for doing so. We now have 9 Heavyweights, 8 Cruiserweights and 2 Middleweights.

Ready to Go: Grey Box Testing (HW), Spongebot Steelpants (HW), Heatwave 2 (HW), Ice Pick (CW), Schweinehund (CW) & E-17 (MW)




Pocket Jake has made his first entry, with Decap v2.1 finally sorting out the clipping and weapon issues. As well as Gwyvern making his first entry with BC-01 all bots are AI'ed and ready to go.

Ready to Go: Decap v2.1, BC-01


6 spots for the Heavyweight division are now filled, thanks to Roboteer for entering Adrenaline, which is already AI'ed and ready to go.

Ready to Go: Adrenaline


SamFM59 enters his first (Accepted) robot, Big Man Stan very similar to BattleBot's Huge and Robot War's Gabriel. Pretty interesting design. As well as Evil Toaster entering Raising Shell 3.

Ready to Go: Big Man Stan, Raising Shell 3


Draker enters LDB, 11 robots are now in the tournament. Do any more first entries want to claim their spot before the 17th?

Ready To Go: LDB


Active Tournaments / Re: Eternal Inferno (SIGNUPS OPEN)
« on: October 12, 2020, 07:14:47 AM »
Is this tournament still happening?

8Beans has entered Crushtacean Mini into the Cruiserweight Class, adding up to 6 CWs now. AI'ed already and set to go.

Ready to Go: Crustacean Mini


Ready to Go: Murder Hornet

8Beans gave me the AI line for Murder Hornet, and it's all set and ready to go.

Character Cards (Where shall be putting the splash cards):




Nabi has entered Hinami-Chan for the heavyweight class, all AI'd and ready to go.

Ready to Go: Hinami-Chan

Probably Rob has given his Horsefly (Heavyweight version) and Ra2Winner999 has entered High-Speed Steel 2 for the Middleweight class.

Ready to Go: Horsefly, High-Speed Steel 2

Probably Rob has entered the tournament with a Heavyweight version of Horsefly.

Ready to Go: Horsefly


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