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This section is for non-competitive tournaments that you run on your own time frame..

We will call these Display Tournaments. You may use any freely available robots in AI packs or on the Robot Exchange with explicit permission of the builder. You may ask people for replicas but any competitive bots are not allowed to be entered, and you must not show who entered what robot. You may, however, make a list of people you thank in your thread (remembering not to mention their entry). This is due to these tournaments being non-competitive and for viewers only.

Display Tournaments DO NOT contribute towards your Host Score.

You can ask for NO HELP or MONEY from the members!
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 From this point forwards, display tournaments can now accept entries. They will NOT, however, be subject to the same regulation as official GTM tournaments. This means you enter display tournaments AT YOUR OWN RISK. The only way to ensure a timely, balanced, and fair tournament experience is to take part in official GTM tournaments.

Display tournaments still do not contribute to your host score or have any bearing on forum awards.

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