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The General Chatter Thread.

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Post here if you like beastality and paedophilia.
I noticed that the chatterbox was full of small threads, usually active for
about 1 day, before dying.

I also noticed that there is barely any
activity here.

So, as a result, I\'ve created this thread. It\'s
basically for small things like something in the news, some small site you found
that you don\'t think making a thread is a good idea about, or general off topic

If you guys hate this and start leaving blood on the walls, so
be it.

To start us off, I think this forum needs a chatroom, so I've made

Its cool, but do you know that this may steal your GTM password?

No it won't.

Yeah,... spambots can't register in GTM too...

Spambots register and post, that's what they are programmed to do. I've never seen a spambot spam an off link chat like this one.


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