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Well, I have a simple question. Can someone please give me a link to a free .tga (Targa graphic) editor? I want to make my own robot skins, but i have nothing that'll let me view them except for my photo viewer, and that does me no good.

P.S. NO CRAP LINKS! :evil: Someone tried me on that before. It didn't work.

Here is a good program!

Free TGA Editor


Mr. Weedy:
PhotoFiltre? If I understood you right all the possible programs which can save .tga format can be used as targa editors.

Edit: Oh FFS why all the good programs turn to trial versions these days? Only 6.xV are free but there's already 8.x version out there but you have to pay at it.


--- Quote from: inplabth ---Yep, nice try. Saw the site and didn't touch the link. Seriously, nice try.  :roll:
--- End quote ---

Sorry, I couldn't resist (atleast that was the mild version you can just X out of)


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