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This is a thread for new members to introduce themselves to the rest of the community.

Older members, please do not use this thread for general discussion, just for replies to introductions.

On behalf of the GTM Staff I'd like to welcome any new members to GTM, and hope you enjoy your time in the community!

Hi.  My brother found robot arena and showed me it, but my bots always sucked. I want to learn how to build actually good robots for once, and I hope to have a good time here at GTM.

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Welcome to GTM :)

I'll only post this once.
Welcome to Gametechmods. You're ours now. Here's what you can expect. You'll stay for a while, see a few threads, learn a bit, and see a few new things. You'll bookmark the place for further reference. This is where it all begins. Before too long, you'll find yourself checking on GTM in increased frequencies. First it'll happen occasionally during the week. Then once every day or so. Then more frequently. You'll find yourself checking on it twice a day. Three times. Once per hour. Before you know it, you'll be browsing it for hours at a time. Slowly, your life will take a back-seat to Gametechmods. You'll find yourself forgetting to call people. You'll be late for work because you'll be reading showcase threads. Slowly, your life will decline into a mindless chaos. As GTM slowly consumes your mind, your humor will be replaced with our humor. You'll become glued to GTM. It'll be the only place you feel accepted. And then, you'll start accepting the robotic combat community. You'll find yourself browsing the Battlebots wiki, the Robot Wars wiki, BuildersDB, and all sorts of odd things you used to find boring. But now it'll all be commonplace for you, as a normal part of your life. Your personality. And then, someday down the road, you'll realize what has happened to you. Your loved ones will have left you. You'll be alone. Unemployed. Struggling to survive. And worst of all, you'll be hooked. You won't be able to fight it, because we will be all you know, and all you remember. You'll slowly dissolve into madness, or mindless stupidity. Whichever comes first. And then, one day, you will snap, and all remains of your former self will be crushed under our weight. Welcome, my friend. Welcome, my brother. Welcome to your new home. Welcome to Gametechmods.

CMDR Melander:
Do I need to ****ing repeat myself? My issue with Craig was the repeated incidents between us, such as him forcibly changing my name to LRA2, switching Jamied's name to baconus, deciding to give us sh** for sh**talking baconus despite others doing it repeatedly and never getting any punishment , the fact he decided to block me from speaking and setting me at Super Roboteer. These aren't even all the problems. Also, the fact this keeps happening is that people keep deciding to bring it up, take the piss, continue to sh**talk me at every opportunity, and that nobody steps in to stop it till I respond in kind and then I am the one ****ing blamed for it all, and then that doesn't help anything (and often gets turned into a meme which sure solves these problems, right guys!?!?) and the situation is made worse.


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