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my computer sucks

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my computer is jacked up.

i get 1 or 2 popups like every 5 mins or so.
the internet connection is REAL fast but game are REALLY laggy.

i have spybod s&d but it does not seem to work very well.
i suspect my cousin is using myspace WAYYYYY TOOOO MUCH.

anybody know of a free antivirus program?

Mr. Weedy:
Antivir, Avast and what was that one which didn't work together with those....

Edit: Oh yeah, Kaspersky, though it doesn't work with antivir and avast. You have to uninstall them first.

thx downloading antivir right now =)

gonna try it out, if it isnt that good ill try avast. if avast not work i'll try the last one

Mr. Weedy:
No problem. It was nice to help you.

I personally use AVG, coupled with Spybot:S&D. Yay for free!


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