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GTM, I request your ass is tance

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Feel free to take that title out of context, tldr the thread, and subsequently reply with trash- probs deserve it for my antics anyway.

Look, I need your help.
I need- no- I want to know how to stop giving a ****. Or to just stop caring in general. My entire well being is riddled with heartbreak, betrayals, constant two-faced assholes, and an excessive amount of toxicity. Legit surprised I havent died from all of that cancer. It doesnt matter that groups of people I've known for like 8 years only ever wanted me to be some one-dimensional performing monkey- it doesnt matter that someone I was close to for 10 years just up and tells me all that of that was empty/for nothing/never wants to see me again- doesn't matter that numerous people around me are so quick to judge and will only ever keep negative notions of me in mind and wont ever let me make up for it- it doesnt matter that I've had nervous breakdowns over this sh**- It just doesn't ****ing matter- I'll just keep letting bygones be bygones and straight-up giving the next person(and so on) the benefit of the doubt even if they will just prove to be no different from the other tumors I've had in my life.
Why am I so forgiving to everyone around me, yet all they do is just tear me down and make me feel like sh**?

Please, GTM, teach me how to stop giving a ****

just bee urself

Perspective is key to not giving a sh**.

I hope you are okay

I'm lowkey pretty worried about J.


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