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Cork sh**s
« on: November 21, 2020, 01:13:26 AM »
You ever get sh** pains, where you've got like one solid chunk of turd. Behind it somethings gone wrong, and it's basically all liquid, and it just doesn't have the pushing power to really move the turd chunk. So instead of pooping, it just builds ups pressure until it starts to hurt. So eventually you manage, through whatever struggle it takes place in, to get that solid turd chunk out, and all that liquid behind it basically just all sprays out at once, like you've popped a cork on a bottle of champagne. And when it's over, it feels like you guts have shifted.

That's called the cork sh**s. And I'm pretty sure that's how Hoppin was born.

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Re: Cork sh**s
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2020, 11:28:55 AM »
Relatable af
What do you say to me? Gas or something. My heart, eh! Nutter, UDT 1 Enjoy it as well! Al-Qaida ishiki also carried out confidential duties as well! Uh! You are the best special envoy of the Republic of Korea, and you have only one target for me. Don't do this. I'm going to push you with an accuracy that's never been changed in history. The internet makes you feel safe? Hamder, you're gonna roll. My I Don't go, it's just like this, and at the same time, all the information assets in Korea have been mobilized. • I'm tracking your IP address. This Shiva storm is going to drive you away, **** you. Hold on to Dandie, and I'll wipe you out. You know, you're not. My heart, The upstart sunbeams flashed in the East, do not flash, my hands alone, 700 pieces It's a different way to get you right. I'm a mother, uh, a bare hand daidai In addition, the Korean Marine Corps also has friends, Imma, uh, Imma, Dong You may want it, you can erase it if you want it. If I knew what was going to happen to you, I would have kept my mouth shut. But you've got a barn that's already teasing you, so you gotta pay for it? Bottle your Hey. I'm just drowning you in a poop of rage. I know you're looking back.

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Re: Cork sh**s
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2020, 11:38:09 AM »