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BOTM and Challenge Belt Feedback

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Hello all,
             short and sweet: I want to know your thoughts on Bot Of The Month and Challenge Belt as they currently stand. Do you like the current formats they have? Do you think they need to be reverted back to older ways/different ideas?  What would make these events better or worse in your eyes?

This might seem like a small issue to start with but I figured I may as well lend you all my ears while I work on the bigger issues.


BOTM is fine, apart from the increasing schedule slippage where whoever's in charge of making the threads keeps forgetting. I think there was one month that got missed entirely. So it just needs to be a little better organised.

As for Challenge Belt, I don't even know what the current format is. Is it still just a matter of putting yourself forward as a challenger and waiting your turn?

Nightraven Shade:
If we are going to keep the challenge belt then make it so it's relevant and always active. Either via number one contender tournament or by having a forfeit system if it isn't defended after a set amount of time. It keeps it active and encourage people to actually challenge for it, perhaps have a leader board for it based on how many times have won/lost matches for it so there's some sort of objective or bragging rights.

I would also adjust the rules a bit in that the Challenger sets the rules (provided not to stupid) and the champion must agree to them of forfeit. This is to encourage some tactical play, ( if racing robo you would say no flippers for example, or hoppin say no spinners.) Same with picking the arena the Challenger can set one they feel most comfortable with. This puts the champion at a disadvantage but also means they have to prove there skill in holding the belt, hopefully will also encourage new builds and for people feel more confident in challenges as they can fit the rules for there build style.

Challenge Belt is fine, people need to start challenging people alot more

terms of BOTM, nothing much, kinda boring now.


--- Quote from: F1Krazy on September 15, 2019, 12:26:01 PM ---I think there was one month that got missed entirely. So it just needs to be a little better organised.

--- End quote ---
One month had one entry as sad as it is
This month there are already more enteries


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