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BOTM and Challenge Belt Feedback

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I would like to offer a newcomers perspective if I may?

I think BOTM is in a good place right now, if a little dead sometimes so I won't really comment on that. I was a little confused how to enter at first but that's just cos I didn't read things properly.

However the Challenge Belt is a completely incomprehensable thing to me. I don't understand how to put my name forward or what defines the titles and rules. I've read through the stickied threads a couple of times now to figure it out and the closest instruction for entering I've found is: "challenge the current champion" with no guidance as to how. Should i drop them a PM; make a post; or reply to the latest challenge? Again, I may have missed something but I'm still pretty confused about the whole thing, which is a shame cos I would love to take part one day. 

i really liked the FOTEPX method of taking bots from showcases since it rewarded you for showcasing which is GTM's lifeline. just takes more effort is all

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far! Really appreciate it!

So far, it seems people are okay with the format but I do feel recently that we haven't had many entries. Kix did mention this month we apparently have more which is good but perhaps we need something to encourage people to enter.
-FOTEPX's idea does seem good, perhaps we could do that with either the most liked robot from each showcase each month being entered into BOTM? (Perhaps a tad too gimmicky?)
-Perhaps a monthly award for the GTM users that win BOTM?

Challenge Belt:
Yeah, there is a "queue" for the belt atm but it gets forgotten about.
- As an idea, I think a bracket for each meta could be done in the first 2 weeks or so of the month to determine a contender, with the match against the current holder being held seperately.
- Challenge Belt award for the current holder?

These are just my ideas, please discuss this more! I feel this has been fairly productive so far!


[cringey name goes here]:
i think once in a while, we could go back to the old BOTM and have a theme
as for the challenge belt, we could use a total revamp


--- Quote from: F1Krazy on September 15, 2019, 12:26:01 PM ---As for Challenge Belt, I don't even know what the current format is. Is it still just a matter of putting yourself forward as a challenger and waiting your turn?

--- End quote ---


Personally, I think the current way is fine, but it just needs more over sight. Bild has been sat on that belt for ages. Also maybe implement some rule to prevent this kinda of inactivity

From personal experience, doing that mini tournament is pretty time consuming and just exhausting to do, especially at that rate


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