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BOTM and Challenge Belt Feedback

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I agree with Plerco about the FOTPEX-style BOTM. The only issue is that trawling through peoples' showcases to get bots is a giant pain in the arse for whoever hosts it. Maybe we could add some kind of checkbox that people can tick when they post to their showcase that signifies that they want to put the bot in the running for BOTM, and then all submissions get sent to the BOTM account. Probably a pipe dream but hey it's a possibility.

I like the idea of a PvP challenge belt. That said I can see some flaws. For starters, connection plays a huge role in PvP fights, just because of the nature of parsec as a service, and it would kinda suck to have a better bot/better driver lose because of connection. I also think that the core issues of the challenge system need to be dealt with first. Currently there's basically no way of telling who the actual belt holders in each meta are. Maybe have a section on the front page with the current belt holders, and how long they've held it for? Would also incentivise people to enter the challenge belt to get their name up on the front page.

Yeah fotpex BOTM was a good way of doing it.
Also that check book thing robo thought of is also a good idea.
For challenge belt I feel like it just wasn't organised enough. Maybe it's just me but I feel like having 1 person to host all the challenge belt matches would be a decent idea since there's consistency and it'd probably easier to keep track  idea.
As for regular challenge matches I have a weird idea.
So on the front page there will be a box titled 'looking for fights' or something along those lines. In that box there will be a small list of people who have requested to do a match. By hovering your mouse over it the ruleset for that match will appear if you like the rules you can tick a box which shows that person you are interested. To request a challenge match and appear in the box you would simply fill out a small form and send it. The person who made the request will then get notifications on people who are interested with the person being able to chose from the people who are interested to do it.
I dunno its weird but it's just an idea I liked since I think it helps the organisation of the challenge matches.

Lots of responses, thanks again everyone! I'm gonna try and summarise your points....

- Sometimes BOTM could have a themed month (Makes the event more varied which I think would be cool)
- People seem to prefer FOTEPX's idea for BOTM (I would like to give this a test run with a checkbox or notification from the person to say "Hey, I updated my showcase and want this robot to be sent for BOTM please!" Might require some testing but think this would be a good direction to go in.)

Challenge Belt:
- Challenge Belt could use a dedicated host (Absolutely think this is vital.)
- Have the title defended once a week (Yup, I think I can agree with this too.)
- Parsec Challenge Belts for the metas (I am down for this, think this could be a great idea!)
- Have Challenge Belt title holders on the front page somewhere (I feel this is important, BOTM winnners get to be on the front page. I'll talk with 09 and see if we can get some restructuring going...that being said I can't remember who any of the title holders are. We don't want to overload the front page though, while Poke's idea is cool...not sure how we'd organise it.)

As an additional idea: I'm thinking of designing Challenge Belt/BOTM themed awards to the people that win these events. Might be another good way to go "Oh, they're holding the belt? Gonna have to challenge for that soon."

This has been very helpful, thanks for all the ideas so far! I've got a good idea what direction to go in but I'm still up for listening to more ideas if you may have them!


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