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Been here 10 years.

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I had a girlfriend once. Lasted a few weeks then the bitch betrayed me by getting the hard lads after me. All I can say is thank **** the blue bus took me out of town. (I live just outside of Belfast in a place called Newtownabbey) Bus took me to Carrick then took train back home. Currently got a good female friend of mine I talk to on Skype every month who used to live near me but had to move to Sweden cause her dad got a major IT job. But times change. Considering the way my life is at the moment with trying get an A in my IT course, getting bullied by my siblings and trying to squeeze every other moment playing through games I don't want a girlfriend. I mean come on! Why is it all the nice quiet girls end up moving away to other countries while all the girls left here are either ditzy or smoke and drink every night. Its a ****ing pain!


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