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So its been 6mths since I last released a custom component pack, so I'm gonna just give a list of mods that I have WIP or planned.

- Fixed starting positions for 2016 RW arena (including separate version for tag team matches and clusterbots), finished but undecided whether I'll release it pubicly or just send to tournament hosts upon request.
- coloured sawblades, WIP, got to compile skinned GMFs, sort out txt files, test in game and make a preview image.
- A custom disc of two sizes, one w/ a 60cm diameter and teeth pointing out 8cm from the edge, the other has a diameter of 90cm and teeth stick out 12cm from the edge, tested ingame, stats yet to be finalised and skin yet to be made.
- a custom wedge component, made a model in tinkercad and downloaded as STL, but yet to put through blender, thinking about using it on a bot alongside my custom disc, naming both components after the bot.
- A custom arena for my next tournament, gonna start over from what I showed off in RA2 central discord.
- 2020 battlebox.

Fixed starting positions for RW 2016.

My custom disc.  Top is the small size w/ a 66cm saw blade under it, bottom is large size w/ a full size Mechavore disc under it.

The custom arena I was making for War of the Weapons, but will start over w/ for my next tournament.

Frankly I think releasing fully custom components is a compatibility and balancing nightmare and would undo all the good work done with 2.4 to finally standardise everyone's installs so hosts aren't constantly having to look for some component that they don't have installed that someone used on a bot without realising that not everyone has it, especially with 2.5 in the pipeline which could potentially have wildly different component balance.

So I made these.  Read the download description for more info.;down=599


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