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DSL Loses one of their Main members.

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Lucy Foster (Lu-Tze) passed away Oct 3rd.
We will be making a little memorial for her here at DSL which should be up soon.
We found out Lucy was very sick nearing the end of DSL Beta 2 but she wanted it kept a secret and did not want us to fuss about it.
This was the main reason I hurried DSL out the door at the end. she only had weeks left and I wanted to make sure she got to see her work.. which she did .
She had a brain tumor which took her life before she got to get married.
The DSL team will miss her soo much..

:( It's a big shock to read this, I just thought she had disappeared like she's done off and on every and and then. I'm glad she got to see her work though.

Lu-Tze wasn't someone I talked to on a regular basis or anything, but she was one of the few people I've known on message boards that actually spoke to and helped out the other members, something not a whole lot of modders do.

RIP Lu-Tze, you will be missed. :(

i would not have know nearly as much about ra2 and 3dstudio max if it wasent for lucy. She is actually the one who got me out of my shell and gave me the confidence to release my first components. i will miss her chats when i was bored late at night. She had a great sense of humor, and knew how to pull me up when i was down.

the only regret i have is not finishing my fight to the finish arena. she spent countless hours trying to help me get it it to look and work right.

thank you for all of your help and support. You were my first robot arena 2 friend. i will miss you so very much. and i hope to see you again someday

:( Hmm... Death, something you don't hear about too much in forums.
RIP Lu-Tze.

devils elbow:
Wow, that wasn't news I was expecting. Although I rarely spoke to Lucy, she was helpful and had a great sense of humor.




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