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DSL Loses one of their Main members.

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omg I never tough that Lucy was sick... RA2 community have a big hole now... She will miss to everyone.

She was also the one who tried to help me for my first own personnal components ...

Just a suggestion for the memorial

Make a compilation of her single part of RA2 (before DSL)... it should bring memory to most of people of what she did and to not forget her...

Lucy came in RA2 suddenly with great part ans she quit suddenly with some secret that we'll never know.

Sympathy to her family and to everybody...  :?

Goose and ACAMS has saved all her site just in case it went down.. we now have her components here.. we will keep her work alive :)

That was the last thing I was expecting upon reading this thread, I thaught someone was just leaving the forums.

Lu-tze as one of the coolest modders for RA2 ever, she made some great arenas and really fun to use parts. She made components that noone else conceived as possible at the time.

RIP, Lucy.

Diablo/Funky Junkie:
All the greats die young; James Dean, Jimi Hendrix.

RIP Lucy, you'll be missed.

OMG, This is bad news, she will be missed, and i was going to ask her if she could help me make my DRC Arena for RA2..............

RIP Lucy, youll be in our hearts always.....


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